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  1. Welcome back to my own thread. So I've already tested and tried a new power circuit that I've built to power the ecu and i still get the same results. battery > AM2 7.5 fuse > fuse box - EFI 15A fuse (Measured 13.5) > Split 2 way: 1) BATT pin on ecu / Pin 60 on Link Pnp (Measured ~13.5V) 2)EFI Relay > Split 2 way: 1) Circuit opening relay to power fuel pump + giving ECU its power source (Measured ~12.7V - ~12.9V average) 2) Into separate connector to power up EBC, TVIS, IACV/ISC Valve, then lastly ending at the +B pin diagnostic port. Every power source in the car with engine on: Battery ~14V Alternator ~14V Tried out spare EFI & Circuit opening relay with same results. Bypass fuel pump relay (Fuel pump circuit powered by Circuit Opening Relay): Measured about ~12.7V to ecu Built brand new power source circuit and still the same results. I'm at a lost here everyone. Ground side of things everything is fine. Edit: I've also added 2 Ground cables / wires. 1) Passenger side: Head to body 2) Driver side: Head to body
  2. I have my suspicions on that as well. main power from battery goes like this.. battery > am2 40A fuse > engine bay fuse box > 15A efi fuse . *provided picture shows the rest of the diagram* I’ll check that circuit if I have a chance this weekend. Thanks for checking your st205, so I am really having issues then. *facepalms* i wasn’t having any problems at all with the factory ecu and all that. But I guess this is the headache I’ll get for wanting to go a bit faster lol I have back up Circuit Opening, EFI, and Ignition Relay just in case it was just old aging relays. However, the issue still persists. What I have not done yet, it’s to check for corroded ground points from battery to chassis / engine ect., I was thinking this could be my problem.. but who knows I’ll be checking this hopefully this weekend!
  3. Hello everyone, so i might be overlooking this but what's suppose to be the normal voltage to ecu for PIN 71 +14V?? My tuner told me that my the g4+ plugin was not seeing a good amount of voltage so he had made a jumper wire from the alternator positive post straight into the (B) Pin 71 thus ECU getting 14V, and had continued tuning my car like that. I eventually had to take that jumper wire off bc it would leave the ecu activated and drain the battery even after I would turn off the car bc it's straight powered from the battery. Right now I only see ~12.8V to the ecu. With car on i have 14V at the battery posts and alternator positive post to chassis ground. Battery is in front of the car, positive cable runs through the whole length of the car into the trunk where the fuse box is located. In picture provided, it's 13V at the 15A EFI fuse White/Red Wire to (Batt) Pin 61: 12.8V Black/Yellow to (+B) Pin 71: 12.8V Here's a log that I've recorded, ECU voltage varies bc of loads like lights, signals, fan, etc.. Can someone give me some advice? Log 2019-12-15 4;37;23 pm.llg
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