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  1. 2jzge na-turbo.pclr
  2. Didn't work changing to 80hz 33/66/100%DC. Made it idle super lean and very hard to start
  3. No it hasn't been bypassed Yes the stock fuel pump ecu is still there Yes the base map was loaded but this is a +t so had to change a few things. The fuel pump control is set to off and it was tuned that way. Changing it to 80hz 33/66/100%DC will it need to be retuned?
  4. Yes 2jzge+t supra with plugin ecu
  5. Hi guys, not sure if it's normal or not but should the fuel pump always run even when the engine isnt? I've looked in the ecu setting for fuel pump prime time and it says 3 seconds but it just continually runs when key is on and engines not running. Thanks
  6. Excellent. I've done that and seems much better. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi all, ive been having issues with warm start. any idea what could cause this? will crank for awhile then will stumble into life. ecu is Supralink pnp g4+. have attached a log file and tune file thanks in advance. start issue.llg 2jzge na-t tuned.pclr
  8. you my friend are an absolute legend. its idling sweet. have adjusted the base idle so its idling at 750 ish rpm and changed dwell from duty to ms. and also adjusted master fuel which seems to have brought the lambda up too. just need to get it tuned properly now. thanks heaps for your help. 2jz+t first test drive.llg 2jzge+t base map.pclr
  9. So I could potentially use the pin from the factory o2 sensor as I have a wide band wired in with an expansion loom and just re pin to B60? Thanks alot for your help, really appreciate it.
  10. here are the files. thanks for your help 2JZGE+T IDLE ISSUE.pclr 2JZGE+T IDLE ISSUE.llg
  11. So I set all the base timing but still cant get it to idle so not really sure how to go about it.
  12. Hi all just wondering how to wire in a boost solenoid to a supra link pnp? Can it be wired in using an expansion loom? I'm doing 2jz na-t so there is no factory boost control. Thanks
  13. Yup I've calibrated TPS and MAP. Adjusted master fuel, not too sure how to set base timing, only adjusted it at dizzy with timing light.
  14. *Update: Have managed to get it started. Will rev but will die if I dont catch it with the throttle when coming back down to idle rpm. Is this just a tune issue or idle control? Thanks.
  15. Hi there. Wondering if anyone has a base map for 2jzge+t in my jza80 just to get it started to get to tuner. Running standard injectors, standard pump and aftermarket reg. Still running dizzy setup too. ECU is supralink pnp. Thanks in advance
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