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  1. Thanks for the reply. Fuel is now turned on, that is probably all that has chnaged. Will run again once I have my LAMBA CAN setup and log it. Will updtae firmware as you suggested shortly.
  2. Hi, I have finally got my LINK Monsoon in and trigger calibrated, I turned the engine over this morning to fire it up, it started but only for a few seconds and any throttle kilss it! I am running 4 x Siemens 630cc injectors, my master fuel value is probably way out as I don't know where to start with this! If anyone could take a look at my tune and give some pointers, it'd be greatly appreciated. Link RX4 EP fuel.pclr
  3. Problem solved, Hall sensor was wired incorrectly!
  4. I finally finished the loom and wired everything up, but now that I am trying to set base timing, I found I was not getting any spark! I first thought it was my timing light but changed that and nothing! I then noticed that there was no RPM signal being generated, hence no spark! I am running an FFE trigger which was working on my last ECU (Megasquirt) so have reason to believe it should be fine, I have checked continuity of the wiring, Pin 7 (Green - white at end of harness) goes to white on Hall sensor, Pin 8 (Black) goes to black on Hall sensor, 12V on the red wire, even when cran
  5. Thanks for the input, I had wired PIN 24 &25 this was because of what was written in the Installer I/O Table - 'Wire these separately, Typically one to engine, one to chassis'.The coils will have been wired to the housings, this is how they are currently and will change the ECU relay to what you suggest but might have to keep the fuel pumps wired to separate relays as the bussman board I'm using is a bit tricky to un-wire.
  6. Hi Guys, I've recently drawn up a wiring diagram for my Monsoon that'll be replacing my Megasquirt, have got things ready to go, but was hoping someone could take a look at my drawing and see if you can spot any issues before I start work on the loom.
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