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  1. HI Simon, I found this from Haltech https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-038001-nissan-attesa-4wd-tps-adaptor/. Would this be the same purpose?
  2. Thanks Simon!. I will work to build this. I will update this thread on how I go. Thank you!
  3. Thanks ! I have Aux 7 -10 spare that I can use for the gp pwm output. I am not sure how big a resistor would be needed for this. Any advise is much appreciated. Cheers,
  4. Hi all, I recently installed a Fury G4+ in a 1989 Skyline GTR R32. Motor is up and running and all is remaining is the TPS signal to the stock Atessa controller. I have been reading online that I can share the current TPS singal directly to the Attessa ecu and I will need to possibly output the TPS signal via the Fury AUX for the Attessa . The vehicle now runs on 2WD as the TPS signal is not connected to the Attessa ECU. I have attached a diagram of the Attessa ecu pinouts. There are 2 TPS input signals. Can someone advice what is the best way to get the TPS signal to the Attessa unit for it to function? Thanks in advance.
  5. Adam, thanks for your support on this. Although the AIM dash is receiving the data from Fury now, I am still getting the CAN error everytime I connect to the ecu. I just connected and the CAN2 errors are blow from the runtimevalues when the ecu is connected.
  6. Here is the basemap. We started the car fine with this map yesterday. Hadi R32 GTR Basemap 210120.pclr
  7. Adam, I can now receive the data from the Fury and is displayed on the AIM via CAN 2. However, I noticed there is still an error as below. Can you please advice.
  8. Adam, My sincere thanks for your help. My apologies for missing out the obvious. Mistake was mine entirely. The Dash and ecu are now working. It is wired to CAN2 as you clearly highlighted.
  9. Adam, It is connected to Connector B pin 27 and 28 on the Fury. I will retrace the wiring and check it again this morning to confirm.
  10. Hey Adam, thanks for helping me with this. I am running 5.6.7 firmware on the Fury. Base file attached for your reference . I also upgraded the AIM strada MXG 1.2 to the latest firmware and also the RaceStudio 3 software. The Link Fury CAN H&L are connected to the 14pin connecter pin 7 &8 ( diagram below ) However, I am still getting the CAN errors as initially reported. Appreciate any help on this. MXG 1.2 Strada.zconfig Hadi R32 GTR Basemap 190120.pclr
  11. Thanks Adam for the prompt response and support
  12. Gents, I configured the Link fury ecu and AIM Strada MXG as per the AIM documentation. I cant seem to push the simple data ( RPM, ECT, etc) from the Fury to the AIM dash. I am getting a CAN error below from the Fury. I am pretty sure I have the CAN- and Can+ wired correctly. Appreciate any advice on this; Configs: Dash config: CAN ERROR:
  13. Hi, Thanks for sharing this info for setting up the trigger. I have just setup the same PRP crank and cam trigger kit in a GTR R32 also. The motor is running Direct fire igniton and Sequential fuel injection. I would like to check the Ignition Main setup and R35 cvoil spark duration. 1. Spark edge should be 'falling' but I wanted to check and confirm. 2. I am also using R35 cop's with this. Do you know if the spark duration for this coils? Thanks in advance.
  14. Richard, thanks for clarifying this. JMP, thanks for sharing the documentation. I tried searching online yesterday on AIM website but clearly missed it. Cheers
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