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  1. Adam, Thanks for this. I will test the ABS sensors to the Di3 again and will turn off the pull up. From the ABS sensor wires, I taped one of them to the Di3 and the other to the Fury's ecu sensor ground. Cheers,
  2. Hi Vaughan , As I understand, the R32 factory speed input from gearbox drives an old style speedo cable. It is different from the R33 and R34. As for wheel speed, I tapped the wheels speed sensor (LR) from the connector to the 4wd Atessa ecu. I havent been succesfuly to get a good reading. I dont the signal is strong enough. Currently without the cluster, there is no 'vehicle speed'. This is required for the ABS, Atessa and HiCAS. I need to find another way to get vehicle speed. I read online that the R33 speed sensor from the transmission can be installed in the R32 box. I will
  3. Thanks Michael. My last challenge is trying to get a vehicle speed from the wheel speed sensors. I checked the resistance of the wheel speed sensors and they are within spec 1.3-1.4 K ohm. I connected the wheel speed sensor to a digital input and the other to the ECU sensor ground. However, I cant seem to get a reading. I swapped them over and still no luck. I must be missing something. Di3 configured as below for reference.
  4. Adam, Thanks for this. I will give it a try today and let you know. Cheers
  5. Hi Simon, I need some advice to enabling the Atessa 4WD with the Fury ecu. I have wired in the Haltech 4wd adapter to boost the TPS signal to the Atessa 4wd ecu . With this GTR 32, we have removed the stock cluster and replaced it with a AIM dash. I also noticed that I need to run a rpm input signal to the Atessa. I now need to push a rpm output from the Fury to the Atessa 4wd ecu. Can I use the spare INJ 7 output a 'tacho' signal for this? Tacho configuration should look like this ;
  6. HI Simon, I found this from Haltech https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-038001-nissan-attesa-4wd-tps-adaptor/. Would this be the same purpose?
  7. Thanks Simon!. I will work to build this. I will update this thread on how I go. Thank you!
  8. Thanks ! I have Aux 7 -10 spare that I can use for the gp pwm output. I am not sure how big a resistor would be needed for this. Any advise is much appreciated. Cheers,
  9. Hi all, I recently installed a Fury G4+ in a 1989 Skyline GTR R32. Motor is up and running and all is remaining is the TPS signal to the stock Atessa controller. I have been reading online that I can share the current TPS singal directly to the Attessa ecu and I will need to possibly output the TPS signal via the Fury AUX for the Attessa . The vehicle now runs on 2WD as the TPS signal is not connected to the Attessa ECU. I have attached a diagram of the Attessa ecu pinouts. There are 2 TPS input signals. Can someone advice what is the best way to get the TPS signal to the Att
  10. Adam, thanks for your support on this. Although the AIM dash is receiving the data from Fury now, I am still getting the CAN error everytime I connect to the ecu. I just connected and the CAN2 errors are blow from the runtimevalues when the ecu is connected.
  11. Here is the basemap. We started the car fine with this map yesterday. Hadi R32 GTR Basemap 210120.pclr
  12. Adam, I can now receive the data from the Fury and is displayed on the AIM via CAN 2. However, I noticed there is still an error as below. Can you please advice.
  13. Adam, My sincere thanks for your help. My apologies for missing out the obvious. Mistake was mine entirely. The Dash and ecu are now working. It is wired to CAN2 as you clearly highlighted.
  14. Adam, It is connected to Connector B pin 27 and 28 on the Fury. I will retrace the wiring and check it again this morning to confirm.
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