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  1. Yes, the basemap is set, I am on stock wiring, cam wheel tooth has been removed. I believe you sent me the values for it last time.
  2. Needing some help with these fault codes. I just switched over from a stock Evo 9 computer to the LinkG4 and so this how far I've gotten. I'm trying to start it for the first time(also has Kiggly 12 tooth crank trigger.) Any help or pointing to the right direction would be great. Thank you! I'm not sure if these fault codes are stopping it from turning on but it a start for me.
  3. Great! Thank you very much!
  4. Hello I've been searching for a few hours now and I can't find the inputs I need to calibrate the Kiggly 12 tooth crank trigger for my Evo 9 LinkG4 pnp ECU. Any help would be great! I posted a picture of the Haltech inputs for example.
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