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  1. ah, thatd be it, meant to be di 5, which is clutch switch. And yes, my oil pressure sensor failed me a few days ago..
  2. Hi Guys, i have a really odd issue i have run into, after staring the car and the ecu going through an intial cycle, each time the car revs out to around 4400, i get an ignition cut. It does not matter if the car is warm, cold or driven for 10 or 20 minutes before hand, as soon as it hits 4400 it cuts igntion. In my protection setup i have a map rpm limit set at 4500 for ect from -30c to -10c. I assume this is activating as i cannot find anywhere else. I have logged multiple times and the ecu does not state that it is entering a protection mode and i cannot work out what it is, im really stuck on this one. It wouldnt be too much of an issue but have recently started some drag racing and the car is shutoff until just before the run, each time the rpm is hit it cuts and is severly hurting my et. I have attached a log and the current map. At 44seconds into the log the cut is present. Any help would be greatly appreciated Kyle_V26 new deadtime.pclr Log 2020-01-15 9;03;25 am.llg
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