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  1. Can Someone help with this ? i am trying to do the same thing but no luck whatever numbers i put i always get a very fast rev limit with no sounds
  2. Hi there thx for the response Will try ignition cut tommorow morning yes you are right never notcied warm up enrichment table before ill zero it out after 70 C Ignition idle table is altering ignition depending if the rpm is going over the set point or lower ? shouldn't it be like that ? for knock i figured the worst place to knock or that increases knock frequency and has a higher damage output is on low temp and high temp and between the two i don't mind what happens as long as the temp is where it should be then knock sensors will detect any issue and its f
  3. i tried both but never got a bang on ignition cut so i went with fuel and started geting little bangs stationary with fuel cut but on ignition cut nothing thats why i stayed on fuel cut any recommendation how it should be ? for antilag i am opening idle valve at 99% open can't it work ? for launch i tried from 0 to -20 still didn't get boost and the lower the ignition the harder it is to rev the engine any recommedations?
  4. Hi guys, Hope you are all safe i am trying to setup my rpm limit and als an launch on my M50b29 Turbo engine is capable of 600-900hp running on normal fuel at the moment with three modes 0.8bar/1.3bar/1.8bar ill go into each issue on its own, if anyone can help me set it up i attached my file (i made the tune from scratch so anyone wanting to copy anything from it i do not suggest that cz u might blow up ur engine) -Rpm Limit: the way it is setup now the rpm limit sounds fast while stationary , but the issue is when im driving and i hit rpm limit i don't know if i reached it cz
  5. I got it working yesterday used all 8 can tc on can1 and connected obd2 on can2 but one thing i didn't get is that can tc can only count to 255 after 255 it starts from 0 again how can i make it count to 900 or a 1000? Also tried can digital i put but i have no idea what does the digital input read? Cz i tried to send it true false and high low and 1/0 but couldn't get it to turn on? Any idea what does it read to turn on and off?
  6. Hi adam yes i posted to g4 by mistake i am using a e36+ pnp i dont see the can tc in the ecu settings but still the ecu has two can ports and i am trying to send 9 temp values through can bus from an arduino to the ecu how does those can tc have any parameter or specific can adress or id?
  7. Im running 115200 baud on both with slow connection ticked and i had lowered the 10v rs232 to a 3.3v with a divider and no usb connectiond were made during that stilll it didn't work, After that i loged onto hercules and opened the port manually so that i check if pc link is trying to open that port and yes it seems it takes that port and opens it but nothing hapens On megasquirt the bleutooth connection was faster then the wired serial and more stable thats why i prefer it and its also easy to handle
  8. Hi Simon can i wire exhaust EGT's to the An volt signals or only fit to IAT ? and how is it done ? if i am using K-Type thermocouples because i ran out of Temp signals
  9. Hi guys, i wana read my fuel consumption but i am using traditional fuel MODE , if i switsh to Modelled fuel mode do i need to restart all the values from scratch? VE table,duty cycles... and if i switsh to modelled mode does the MPG formula work automatically ? kind regards,
  10. Hi guys, i connected an HC-06 to RS232 RX-TX on my e36+ PNP but couldn't connect to it on pc link does anyone know what voltage does RX-TX of the can 1 work on and is it possible to connect to pc link through that , should i change any parameters on the ECU ? as i understood that that can port can be used for tunning but it dosen't seem to work with me any help is appreciated, i had experience on this before on megasquirt1-2-3 and it was quite straight forward connect the pins and it ran directly so i know the bleutooth module is working correctly and it is setup at
  11. Hi guys, I setup9 temp sensors reading exhaust, gearbox, diff... And i want to send this data to the link ecu through can bus i already got the can bus shield for arduino, also if there any other way to read them in the link ecu and log those values i am welcoming suggestions as wwellanything other then canbus Has anyone done this before that can shed some light on it? Kind regards
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