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  1. Okay, so just cut off the 12V , put the DI on and one to ground ( Sensor or car ?) , the other one just empty ?
  2. Hello, i want to use my antenna switch as a map switch. I know i need to wire one to DI , but i think i get the way wrong how it needs to be grounded. is that correct way ? Kind regards car is a r33 gtst
  3. Starderby

    Sensors to Link

    done like that. i cutted the pin 30 wire and crimped it back together with the iat and wideband ground - is that okay ? thank you all
  4. Starderby

    Sensors to Link

    Hey, thanks. wideband is connected as written. The Link manual says it is factory IAT Sensor in GTRs , but I have a Gtst , so that should be empty .. Sadly I can’t turn ignition on, because when I opened the case of the oem ecu I Found a burned Platine ( I don’t know when this happened, car ran fine - oem ecu is now on it’s way to my tuner, so he can tell me which part is broken ) so I don’t want kill my link...
  5. Starderby

    Sensors to Link

    Thank you guys, so i‘m now at the car. i discovered, there is a grey wire in my PIN 36 - what is that for ? i wanted to put the pin 27 ( afm signal ) to Pin 36 and hardwire my IAT to that cable. Pin 29 should stay in position and hardwire the brown wideband wire to it. do i connect the ground wires to all to pin 50 ?? sorry guys , I’m such a noob, but it’s the only way I have to get my car to the tuner
  6. Starderby

    Sensors to Link

    Hi everyone, car is r33 rb25det. i want to wire my sensors ,that are requiered for the Link. It was planed that my tuner does this, but now it’s necessary that i do this ... i want to wire: IAT Sensor to Temp 2 (link) pin 36 wideband AEM Volt 6 (link) pin 29 Where do I put the ground wires to ? Just a proper place at the chassis ? where can put a Zada Tech oiltemp to ? kind regards
  7. thank you, that helps !
  8. Hello everyone, i'm a newbie to the game. My car will be mapped by a professional. I think about buying an AEM Water Meth kit and wonder if my tuner can do a Failsafe by using the "Boost Safe" Wire from the AEM controller. Do i need something for this, or does he just need to wire it into the G4 ? Hope you guys understand what i mean AEM Manual
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