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  1. This solved it. I'm still going to upgrade to a Bosch at some point. The Chinese wiring colours were wrong. Followed this and ignored colours. Works fine.
  2. Awesome. This is certainly a useful post for others too. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much. "Avoid allowing lubricant in the pressure port" how is that possible when its going in an oil way!! Haha. Couldn't find one in the UK with the lead so it's coming from Oz. Think it's a gen Bosch lead too.
  4. Ordered the Bosch. I like the fact I'll have temp too. I'll get it into the bay with wires long enough. I assume there are wiring diagrams online for it? 5 wires. I'm guessing pos. Neg. Feed pressure. Feed temp. What's the 5th?
  5. Thanks so much. I'll have a look. I think you're right and ill upgrade it. Very helpful Intel on the different sensors.
  6. Yes it might be. I'll check tomorrow Issue for me is sensors are a tenner. Or £190 for link. Wheres the middle ground?!?
  7. If set to an oil pressure gauge. Its Kpa but I converted it to psi. If I set it to 0-5v gauge I can see the voltage coming in from the sensor. That's beside the point though. I want to know why noth sensors seem stuck at a given voltage when given pressure. Or if I've wired it wrong etc....
  8. Yes it was set to cal6 which was set as 0.5v = 0psi 4.5v = 150psi As the sensor settings said. But the issue is why isnt voltage changing with pressure?? Rev it and it doesnt move. Surely it should respond quickly?
  9. Generic Oil Pressure Sensor wired in as: 5v+ out of ecu (red blue wire) - Tested this GND: from ecu (green wire) - Tested this signal: Wired to AN4 (white black stripe wire) - Continuity checked this When I setup the 150psi sensor to show in Psi it doesn't move, shows 24psi when engine is off, start it and it doesn't move. I have two oil pressure sensors here, changing the ecu settings to show a 0-5v input display rather than KPa to test the sensor. I plug one 10bar sensor in and I get a reading of 4.26v I plug in the 150Psi sensor and I ge
  10. That's the kind of comment I wanted thanks. I guess if its higher then things like unnecessary connections. A partially broken connection or termination issue would cause the resistance to go up? Thanks
  11. From the main plug into the ECU. Getting a resistance value of 100 ohm which from what I've read is about correct showing its joined and the buffer gives that value??
  12. Hi there. I'm helping a friend on his 350z plug in which has twin turbo. It has two link canbus lambda sensors plugged in as well as 6 EGT sensors one per cylinder. He says he thinks one lambda stopped working first. Now the lot failed. Or perhaps all at once. Hes continuity tested all wires and they seem fine. I'm no CAN bus guru at all. But how can I isolate and test each part or the system? Is there a way to fire it up and test it or find faults in it other then resistance checking? I bet you'll say oscilloscope and we dont have one or the knowledge. Ideas?
  13. No I've not. How did you get to the bios?? I've not managed that yet! Did just get my MGP display done tho. Thanks to you!
  14. I cant seem to find boost to display. Well done on the other bits. Is MGP your boost?? Manfold gain pressure??
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