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  1. http://help.injectordynamics.com/helpdesk/attachments/4066141623 This link indicates that: "Unless otherwise noted, all tables are for BARO referenced 400 kpa fuel systems. If your fuel pressure regulator is MAP referenced, you will need to populate the tables with the 400 kpa values across the y axis." What does this mean? In my settings Injector Rated Fuel Pressure is set as 300kpa, and my fuel regulator is adjusted at 300kpa. Do I need to change Rated Fuel Pressure and regulator adjustment to 400kpa, as well as make corresponding changes in Dead Time table and SPWA?
  2. What effect on VE table changes will make incorrect data in injector (SPWA)setting table? How could I understand which of the data offered by ID will work the best? On the basis of what paramets I can control this in a better way? And what if I simply clear this table (set 0), and how will this effect the tune?
  3. Rustam

    Injector Timing

    Unfortunately I do not have intake cam specs The only thing I know that they are HKS 264 degrees, 9,1 lift I've made an enquiry to HKS, but there was no reply. I've tryed to put different values in injector timing table: 360,400; but I have not seen any changes. However when I've set the value 450, AFR had become richer (INJ timing position - END of injection). I supposed that it should have become leaner, or I've mistaken. Why does it happen? Anyway thank you
  4. I have ID1050x injectors (data for tables are taken from the official ID web), fuel regulator SARD, fuel press gauge AEM Have I made the correct settings? Please look
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    Thank you
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    Sorry I've edited
  7. I have installed fuel regulator (SARD). I would like to tune 3D table. I've set "Fuel pressure" as Y axis, but Help menu says that there should be set "Differencial fuel pressure". Why does Help menu recomends to set "Differencial fuel pressure" insted of "Fuel pressure"? What is the right (or better) parametre for this table?
  8. Rustam


    Does anyone have any thoughts?
  9. Rustam

    Injector Timing

    Link Help says that the injection should be stopped just before intake valve is opened. Is there any option to guess this moment?
  10. Rustam

    Ignition Corrections

    Hello, Оn high gears vehicle is more intent to knock. Does LINK have the opportunity to make ignition correction depending on gears? If yes, how I can do this?
  11. Rustam


    Hello, In AVCS target table default setting of Y axis is TP (main). Don't you think more resonable to use MAP instead? However, if I chose MAP, there is lack of cells (I mean that there are only 11, that is insufficient for acuracy) How to do the best?
  12. Rustam

    Injector Timing

    Hello, Vehicle: Subaru WRX STI single AVCS How to calculate and set the most effecient values in this table (injector timing)? Thanks
  13. Rustam

    IAT Correction

    Thank you, Brad!
  14. Rustam

    Knock trouble

    These are certainly not the exhaust shields. Thanks for assistance.
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