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  1. Hey guys, I am doing a E-throttle conversion on a Evo9 using EvoX throttle and pedal. Can someone please provide a wiring diagram for this? Looking for details on where each cable from the throttle body and the pedal needs to be connected. I am using a G4+ evolink with e-throttle control, main board revisoin 1.4, top board G4+ Xtreme . Thank you for the help.
  2. Thanks Adam, appreciate the help. Ill look at the serial number, if its 10000< then what? Would this expansion loom do the job and give me all the pinouts I need ? Or is this the correct connector so I can make my own? https://otakugarage.com.au/product/canbus-connector-kit-for-link-g4-plugin-ecu/ It would suck to have to buy two expensive cables just to get two wires out.
  3. Thanks for the info. Is there pin out info somewhere that would tell me where I can tap into the ECU with the AIM display?
  4. Since the AIM MXS display uses CAN and I believe the G4 does not, is there still a way to hook up the display? The G4 is a Evo9 plug and play. Thanks for the help
  5. Hi, Where can I find the base map and will this ECU support everything? The goal is to do a custom loom.
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