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  1. Im not sure how to check that? But looking to learn how to diagnose the fault. My tuner is busy until the end of April so I'm attempting to fix it myself. I have no previous experience with with looking at. ECU logs, which is why I posted up my log file here to see if anyone can help me read them. I just had Can lambda fitted last year, and car has been running very smooth until now. Can you take a look at my logs as I do not have a clue what I'm looking for? Many thanks...
  2. You sound very certain it's a misfire! So far I have replaced the spark plugs, tomorrow I need to buy new coil packs at a cost of £100. If it's not the coil packs or spark plugs what next?
  3. New plugs put in gapped to. 0.5mm as specified by the tuner. Unfortunately still getting same problem. Car is running just under 600bhp when it works. What to try next, could it be coil packs? Here's another video of the error. The boost controller is hard to read (bouncy recording) but it looks like it is not holding boost and jumping erraticly. Thanks for your help. 1_VID_20200218_122352.mp4
  4. It runs fine if I put the boost on low! I have new plugs but not coil packs. One other thing I have just noticed is it does not fire on all cylinders when I first start the engine, but a minute later its working fine. This has only happened twice so far. Thanks for your help.. I changed the plugs recently, but not pulled them to check, will do today. I do not know how to measure fuel pressure, never done this before. I will certainly check the gapping on the plugs though and thinking of getting some new coil packs? Thanks Rob
  5. Here is the video of the same log. VID_20200218_223738.mp4
  6. Hi CJ Here is a new log. Put my foot full to the floor for about 2 seconds, really worried about damaging the turbo or engine. This time it still does not boost properly, just seems to surge a bit. I also have the video from inside the car so I will post this up as well. The main event happens at between 3.40 and 3.50. Can you tell anything from the log? Thanks again. Log 2020-02-18 10;40;32 pm.llg
  7. Hi CJ I will run the test again tomorrow and post up the log. This time I will hold my foot flat to the floor for 5 seconds and then release. I'm sure that will then show the power loss I am experiencing with the throttle at 100% TPS. Unfortunately the boost controller is a greddy bspec 2 and does not record logs. Thanks for your help..
  8. Hi CJ, Thanks for looking. So what's happening is the wastegate sounds like it is opening early and the car looses power immediately. When this happens my reaction is to take my foot off the throttle as it feels like something has gone wrong with the engine. The boost will come back on almost immediately and the car will start to pull again until again it reaches a certain level of boost and then the same will happen. To make this happen I have to put my foot too the floor or 3/4 way down and it happen a second or so later. On the bit you highlighted it has already occured just before. In the graph above the boost cut is felt at 27, 32, and 38 seconds approx ( at the peak on the green rpm graph). I did it three times on purpose to record a log. As soon as it happens I probable also released the throttle. If I keep my foot to the floor the boost would surge off and on violently and does not feel good for the engine and this is not shown on the log. I have a separate boost controller with solenoid, I'm now wondering if that could be the problem or a worn waste gate? Thanks again Thanks, it's not the clutch. Just had it replaced and know exactly what you mean by slipping clutch. It has a brand new twin plate in it. You can here the waste gate chatter and the boost cut when it happens... The same happens when it hits the map limit set at 8000rpm, it just cuts to prevent damage.
  9. Hi Adam, Thanks for looking, as you can probably tell a complete beginner at this. One thing is for sure, the car definitely cuts boost or fuel on its own and this definitely occurs at just before 30 seconds, then again just after 30 seconds, and then lastly at just before 40 seconds. It can be seen as a drop in rpm on the engine speed navigator window, and also as described above. I'm sure I uploaded the correct log, should be just over 3 mins long. That's all I know. If it's not the ECU that is cutting boost, I guess it must be a faulty part such as waste gate or boost controller? Thanks again for your help..
  10. Btw It's in the first minute of my log file, you will see fuel/ boost cut 3 times. My foot is to the floor but the car goes no where....
  11. Hi Adam, What I'm getting is immediate loss of power when I put my foot down. The waste gate is opening early which cuts the boost and feels like I hit a wall. Trying to work out what is causing it and if the ECU has any data that could help diagnose it. When I only put my put down half way the car boosts as normal, it's only on full full boost it sounds like the wastegate opening. Could be a faulty waste gate I guess. Just wondering if that would be confirmed in any way on the ECU? Thanks again...
  12. Hi I have an evo 6 which has been running fine at 580bhp until recently I have started to experience boost cut/fuel cut. My tuner is very busy at the moment and so i have started to try and solve the problem myself. At first I found the tps sensor was faulty and had left errors on the ECU, so i changed it and recalibrated, but still getting boost cut although errors are gone. I then checked for boost leaks and found a few minor leaks around the BOV and one of the boost hoses. These are now fixed but I am still getting fuel cut. I have a separate boost greddy b spec 2 boost controller and CAN lambda installed. Is there any way to tell from the ecu what the problem is? I have recorded a log file while the fault occurs and it flashes on Limits flags word and over run fuel cut when the fault occurs. There are no ECU fault codes. Can any one help. Do I need to post my map or is the error log enough? Thanks for anyone who has the time to help.. Log 2020-02-10 6;12;55 pm.llg
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