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  1. Adamw you are a genius! The impossible happened and you made it possible! Thank you so much!
  2. Thanks for the reply adamw, I will try that.
  3. I don't know if I'm doing this right but, after trying the 470ohm resistor. I pulled those out and tried a value 10 times less than the pin resistance (389). The closest I got on hand was 10ohm (close to 40 ohms). So after I popped in a 10ohm resistor on just (one) coil, the others were disconnected. On test mode I got the coil to click but no spark came out of the plug(plug was free airing and ground to head). I gave up but then tired to just crank the car with fueling off and I got the coil to fire! So after loading up each channel with a 10 ohm resistor then bunching up the other side together and crimping it to a wire that goes to +5v out on expansion loom. I get 5 volt output error code 74 and still don't have spark.
  4. The resistance between coil pins 2 and 3 is 0.389
  5. I have moved pin 2 on coil packs from chassis ground to the sensor ground on expansion loom, still no luck. I don't know if a multimeter can keep up with the output signal on the ignition wire but i believe i measured -0.62 when ecu is not on ignition test mode and switching between 4.77 to 4.89 ignition test mode is on Also measuring resistance between pin 2(ecu ground)and pin 3(ecu signal) on the coil(unplugged) i got .389
  6. Hello, thank you Adamw for the response, went to go source the resistors with no luck so I ordered them online. They finally came in and went to go install them with no luck on getting the coils to fire. Things I did Added a resistor on each wire that goes from the ecu ignition output to each coil( i did it right after the ecu plug) On the other side of each resistor are twisted together crimped go towards the 5v out on expansion loom Coil pin out: Pin 1 12v Pin 2 ground to chassis Pin 3 to ecu Pin 4 ground to head Ecu spark edge is set to rising Coil doesn't even fire on ignition test mode(coils are brand new from ngk)
  7. Thank you Simon for the reply, The diagram on ecu manual is what I need to follow then? Its says to use 470 ohm resistors but does the watts matter? Ignition x I'm sure its means each individual ignition out from ecu. The little box with the word igniter is each coil i would assume. The last thing is will I be able to use the 5v on the expansion loom for all 6 channels and other sensors being connected to it without stressing it out? I'm sorry for the newbie questions.
  8. Hello, I have wired in new audi r8 coils and cant get a coils to fire, is my link ecu able to directly drive these coils? I'm using the bmw link g4 pnp and audi r8 coils(ngk u5014)
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