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  1. Hi Adam. Thanks for the tip! It's working, but I think I've found a bug / interesting behaviour with my setup. After re-initialising the table, it sets it up as a 3D table (with RPM and MGP(or MAP?) as the axis). Filling this in with waste gate DC values worked. The actuator pulses. I then made it a 2D table (RPM only) then it stops working. It seems you NEED the second axis. I'm happy enough with the 3D table - but it would be good to understand what's going on here. What I did notice is that when you go from the 2D table to a 3D table (press X and add the pr
  2. Hi guys. So I've updated the firmware this evening on my G4x Storm (version 6.17.8), and also PC Link (6.17.22). I repeated the open loop boost control test. Sadly WasteGate % DC 1 is still showing 0% even though boost status switches to "open loop" once MAP and rpm constraints are met. This isn't just a display issue. The boost pressure achieved is the same as with boost control turned off completely. Attached is the calibration file and a log file (zipped due to upload file size constraints). Please can you shed some light on this for me. Clearly I'm missing so
  3. OK I've just got back from running a test closed loop. The behaviour is similar to the open loop case in that the WasterGate % DC 1 table does not seem to get added into the outgoing wastegate DC command to the valve control (i.e. this feed-forward term is ignored, and I'm only running on the stage 1 spool up then the PIDs). Boost target was a constant 180kpa. WasterGate % DC 1 table was 50% all over. The PID behaviour looks ok (first time I've set this up, so of course it's not optimised). So in both open loop and closed loop cases, the values in the WasterGate % DC 1 table are
  4. Hi Adam. Here's a log from startup and idling for a minute or so. (don't worry about the high idle - I haven't wired in my idle control valve yet). Let me know what other tests I can run for you. Thanks. map_12_openloop_boost_test.pclx startup and idle for open loop boost.llgx
  5. Thanks Adam. Leaving in the trim values of 100% in some places is my mistake. I was playing around with those to be sure they do what I expect once I saw the DC was 0. (i.e. do they add? - in which case I wanted them at 0, or are they multipliers? - in which case I want them at 100%. Looks like they are adders. ) I'll grab a log at idle in a couple of hours. Cheers.
  6. Hi. I'm sure I've missed something simple here, but I can't seem to get the Waste Gate DC% to go above zero. The actuator itself seems to work when in test mode, but when driving the car I can see the WGate DC value is zero the whole time, even when all the conditions to turn on open loop boost control are satisfied (I think). The boost level I am seeing also indicates the waste gate remains closed. Boost Status goes from Off to Open Loop while driving, but WGate DC remains at zero. The help file referrers to Boost Status having more states than this, including RPM Lockout an
  7. Hi. I'm just starting to play with my knock sensor gains. (on my G4x storm). The PCLink help file states that the knock tables should be set to a maximum of 1000 (implying perhaps that the measurements do not go much above that??). My knock levels in my last log show values up to ~1600, and do not appear to be saturating yet. Obviously I want to set the sensor gain to maximise the sensor readings, while leaving plenty of headroom to actually capture the knock. So what is the maximum sensor reading allowable before saturation? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys. Just reporting back on this topic. So it turns out the trigger wheel had come loose. Don't ask! It's a sore topic in our house at the moment. After tightening it up, setting base timing and guessing some numbers for master fuel, it started up first time!! Woohoo! Thanks again for the advice so far. Now on with the fun part! Rob.
  9. Thanks Adam. Good to know the overflow error isn't an issue. I have tried different master fuels a few times (from 2ms to a 20ms). Ignition coils are wired into the correct outputs. The first test last night was coil testing one by one, then the injectors (but without observing the flow - only tested by feel). One observation that I forgot to mention that could be really important is that sometimes on cranking it sounds like the engine jams (accompanied with a large voltage drop). Could this be attempting to fire at completely the wrong moment forcing the engine back? Cou
  10. Hi all. I really need some more help to get this engine to fire up. (thanks in advance!) It's a M50B25TU single Vanos (if that changes anything about base timing). See trigger scope above, trigger sensors look 'ok'. Following review of my trigger scope, @Adamw recommended Sync Tooth = 1. Both triggers show active during cranking, no errors (or only when I stop cranking). I just fitted some VW ignition coils (built in igniters) that deliver a strong spark and these haven't altered the base timing at all. I just checked this with a timing light. Each coil pack fires a d
  11. Thanks guys for the quick response! I have to say the help documentation is some of the best I've ever seen for a bit of control equipment. Keep it up!
  12. Here's the section of the help file that states only the 1st tooth after the gap is used to check the cam sensor state: "·The level of the sync signal is sampled only on the tooth after the gap on the crank signal. This means that the level of the sync signal at other crank positions is irrelevant. For this reason a signal with more than one tooth can be used on the cam as long as the signal level is high at the tooth after the gap on the crank signal on one crank revolution and low on the next crank revolution. ·When the tooth after the gap occurs on the crank
  13. Hi all, I have a BMW M50B25TU engine, with a VR crank sensor and a hall cam sensor. ECU is a G4x Storm. I'm hoping you guys can give me some tips on configuring my triggers. While I'm aware there is a base map for my engine for the G4x, I need to be absolutely certain my understanding of the trigger setup is correct due to a suspected misaligned crank trigger wheel. While making a mark with white paint where the TDC mark is on the crank trigger wheel (to use with a timing light), I noticed cylinder 1 was a long way off actual TDC (maybe 30 degrees or something). I've si
  14. Ok scratch that. It appears you assign the inputs by first selecting a function, then allocating the input pin.
  15. Hi, Having wired in my G4x Storm, I'm just configuring the inputs. For some reason the analogue input settings appear to be locked (there is a padlock symbol on the right hand side of each config window for each channel). I have exhausted my Google search on this, and I can't see anything in the help file about it. Are you able to advise? Config file attached, and screenshot of the padlock symbol I'm referring to. Thanks in advance. I appreciate this is probably a very basic aspect of the software functionality, but I really cannot find the answer! map
  16. Thanks Adam for the reply. No problem. Unlock code received.
  17. Hi, My new G4x storm ECU arrived yesterday and I've reserved the weekend to wire this in, however it wasn't made clear to me that I need an unlock code to even get the unit to read RPM! (it states this in the quick start guide in the box). The company I bought the unit from have offered to assist - but are not in the office today. Am I able to send you the Serial number and receive the unlock code / file (or whatever I need)? Many Thanks!!
  18. Amazing! Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting stuck in. ECU arrived yesterday. Here we go!
  19. Hi Simon, Thank you so much for this. What can I expect from this map? I just need the triggers to be configured correctly (so can go ahead and adjust the base timing) and then the ability to start the car. Of course I have a wide band to make further adjustments. I assume this map has the correct trigger config? (Apologies if this is the wrong terminology - it's my first time doing this). What about the ignition dwell time and trigger edge (+ or -) for the coil packs? Is that set up correctly? Thanks.
  20. Hi. I just ordered my G4x Storm wire-in ECU for my BMW (BMW E36 M50B25TU). I see there is a base map for the G4+ plug-in ECU (BMWLINK - #E36+). File name: BMW E36 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr This file comes with the PCLink G4+ software. Is there a base map available for my engine for the G4X Storm ECU? PCLink G4x software cannot load the above file type. Thanks in advance!
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