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  1. Finally fix it .I switch it my fuel pumps to Ign.7 and everything working good . Thanks to all One more thing I need help with how to properly setup idle control (original)?
  2. Why do I have 10.5 V on ECE side without anything connect to Aux2?
  3. Thanks again guys Just recognize on my ignition side when ign. OFF I have ground .Is this normal? Im not worry about Aux 9 now because I have to stage it anyway so with your help im doing step by step
  4. On Aux#2 fuel pump Aux#9 off
  5. I did check numerous time all good there Can anyone measure resistance on same ecm between Aux #2 and ground ? Thanks
  6. Thanks man for respond that's how I did it Even my both aux OFF pump still running with key off
  7. Hello to everyone Im new here I have problem setting up my dual fuel pump control ,Im using Aux#2 for pump#1 and Aux#9 for pump#2 , so pump #1 (aux#2) working normal with key on when key off pump still running and I have 10.5 v with key off .Resistance on aux 2 4Megaohms with key off even with disconnected battery 4Megaohms . My positive side of relay wired to ignition
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