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  1. Twist the two wires for the cam signal going to Digital 1. Twisting two wires together will reduce the chance of interference. I make the twisted wire by taking two wires about 2m long and put one end in a vice, and the other a electric drill. Ray.
  2. rayhall

    evo9 pnp issue

    Send me the map that is in the ECU, that was giving you problems. rayhall@turbofast.com.au
  3. rayhall

    evo9 pnp issue

    The plugin ECU come with a base map. The engine will start on this map. Maybe the wrong map was loaded. Make sure you have these settings. Trigger Setup->Trigger mode = Mitsubishi EVO 7-9 Trigger 1 Type = Optical/Hall Trigger 1 Filtering = Level 2 Trigger 1 Pullup = On Trigger 1 Edge = Rising Trigger 2 Type = Optical/Hall Trigger 2 Filtering = Level 2 Trigger 2 Pullup = On Trigger 2 Edge = Rising Calibrate->Trigger Offset = 0 deg
  4. Normally people use a fuel pressure sensor in the fuel rail. We sell a 10bar (150 psi) sensor for this job. The fuel pressure can signal can be used to turn on a warning light or add extra fuel. I think you should add a sensor as this is the expected method for detecting problems like this. Ray.
  5. rayhall

    FAO admin

    Denis, I have no way of doing this. I would just register again.
  6. You cannot use a dial back timing light on a wasted spark engine. Use a plain timing light to set the timing. At the same time set the ignition delay. The timing will not move after this. The most accurate timing lights are the ones that do not have dial back and cost no more then $49.95 Ray.
  7. If the V44 has a blue light on the connector end of the ECU, the ECU has 4 amp injector drivers. No ballast resistors are needed. If does not have the 4 amp drivers, then yes you will need them. Ray.
  8. rayhall


    Yes I also find the power of the PC has very little to do with the PC memory logger. It is noise on the USB cable that causes the low log rate. I use a dog of a laptop to tune. Some cars the rate is good, others it sucks. Because of this I use the ECU memory logger.
  9. I have looked on the AutoMeter website and cannot find any technical information on the sensors. If the sensor was one in the software pick list, then both the Vipec and the AutoMeter gauge would read wrong as both the gauge and the Vipec have pullup resistors. You could use a Volt input so you only had one pullup. The gauge would also need to have a 1k to 5 volt pullup for it to read correctly. Too many problems... Use separate sensors.
  10. Yes tune the ignition correctly and use the same fuel all the time, and you do not need knock control. Some third world countries like the USA do not have consistent fuel.. Never understood this as in other countries the fuel it all made the same. Ray.
  11. rayhall

    Immobilizer ?

    Connect it to a digital input, and select it as Anti-Theft. Ray.
  12. The plugin ECU do not have internal knock amplifier. You can use an external amplifier and have knock control.
  13. rayhall

    Immobilizer ?

    I would need to know what the alarm signal was. Is it a analog voltage, on/off or digital signal.
  14. The two resistors with one connected to ground is called a voltage divider. This website has a calculator to give you the volts. http://www.raltron.com/cust/tools/voltage_divider.asp Yes 1 volt is more then enough difference. Ray.
  15. Yes by adding combinations of resistor you can get four different voltages. The 10k resistor should always be used. Change the resistor connected to ground get the different voltages. Ray.
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