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  1. I can make you a base map. It is unlikely anyone will have the exact map you require. Ray.
  2. The AIM does not communicate at 115200 baud. Change it to the recomended rate. Ray.
  3. Options for triggering. Wasted spark and group fire injection, then select the Buick 3.8L trigger. Connect Trigger 1 to crank 18 tooth signal and Trigger 2 to the three tooth signal. Wasted spark and group fire injection, then select multitooth. Connect Trigger 1 to crank 18 tooth signal and Trigger 2 to the 1 tooth crank signal. Select Sync Mode: Crank Pulse x1 Sequential. If the engine has a single cam tooth, then select multitooth and connect Trigger 1 to the 18 tooth crank tooth signal and Trigger 2 to the cam signal. Ray.
  4. This is from the Engine Specific information in the manual. Configuration Engine Type Piston = Cylinders/Rotors 4 Firing Order 1-6-5-4-3-2 Ignition Setup Ignition Mode = Wasted Spark Spark Edge = Falling (Dwell Edge = Rising) Ignition Delay = Installer to set Trigger Setup Trigger Mode = Buick 3.8L Trigger 1 Trigger 1 Type Optical / Hall Trigger 1 Filtering = Level 2 Trigger 1 Pullup = On Trigger 1 Edge = Rising Trigger 2 Trigger 2 Type Optical / Hall Trigger 2 Filtering = Level 2 Trigger 2 Pullup = On Trigger 2 Edge = Falling
  5. I have been trying to find information on these coils so I can give you an answer, but have not found anything. I think the coils have a base that is the igniter. If this is the case and there is no dwell control smarts, then the Vipec can drive them. If the igniters are not "dumb" then you would need to replace them with a CDI or Bosch dumb igniters. Ray.
  6. Plugin ECU are no different to the standalone V44 and V88. Make sure you have the baud rate in the Vipec, set to what the Race Technology uses. Ask them what the Datastream Mode setting has to be set too, 1. Continuous 12 Hz 2. Continuous 25 Hz 3. Requested Short 4. Requested Long Also make sure you are using 4.6.9 firmware.
  7. They do not come with the ECU kit. Ray.
  8. Adam, You will need the CAN/RS232 flying lead cable
  9. Latest information from AIM ****************************************************************************************************** Hi Ray , GP_PRESS_AN_Voltx.doc is incomplete in some fields , can you complete it ? I need to know how to convert "RAW" value for the GP Press AN Voltx channels with all types of sensors that can be connected to the ECU, through this analog/configurable channels. Sometimes I receive request about the complete implementation of this ECU Channels , so I want to found a better solution ... I can not change RaceStudio2 , so it is no possible to din
  10. Firmware version 4.4.1 or later has a totally new way to report errors. Errors are displayed at the top of the screen in a red bar. To clear errors that are not current press the Esc key. To see a list of all the errors press the E key. If there is a current error it cannot be cleared until you fix the cause of the error. The error bar will cycle through the list of current errors. When you do a firmware update to 4.4.1, you will get various errors relating to analog inputs. The reason for these errors is the software now has minimum and maximum values you need to set correctly. If you d
  11. Gary, You are correct. I was thinking about VVT Solenoid, when Cam Solenoid was mentioned... :oops:
  12. No, as Cam Solenoid is only for VVT cams. Ray.
  13. The VVT options in the software selection are for Variable Valve Timing, and not cams that switch positions. The RB25 does not have a VVT cam. To control the cam a GP Output is used. The conditions for the switching are then setup. Ray.
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