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  1. di 8. SO with the frequency being used does it still use the table?
  2. What I want to do is have the system arm over a certain IDC but then I want to control the amount to spray based on MAP/Rpm signal from the table I set up. But only after IDC criteria has been met Ie: 45%> @Adamw
  3. Will do. I am just in the testing phase here so map 2 of fuel is still identical to map 1 and the flow amounts are just test amounts at the moment. Just wanted to verify things work. I did do some reading and Richard from Aquamist posted on somewhere I saw that the later systems just used it as a light and not a failsafe but I could bee wrong and I cant find where I read that. attached is my layout too so you can see what I see. Also in Aux 1 pwm settings there is frequency setting and you can choose constant or table. The constant setting uses a Hz rating. The other is table. Am I right that when using the hz setting it just goes 100% and table uses a percentage to pulse? Meth.pclr E85-G4-Layout.llf
  4. SO bringing this back from dead. I have mine setup and working well. That being said the water level sensor will not trigger a map switching event like I thought it should. Turning the system on and off switches between map 1 stock and map 2 meth respectively But I thought closing the water level sensor which also throws the light on the gauge would trigger the switch back to map 1 as well.
  5. So you have thumpers adjustable none adjustable cam gear roflmao. I'll give that a 355 a try. Dont recall your build on any of the Mini groups most of them are all lxm hugging and stickers though.
  6. logging stops at key off so dont know how much your going to get. shutdown.llg
  7. Here is my Tune give it a look. Adjusting timing didnt do much that I could tell. r53_tvs900.pclr
  8. If I change timing will that adversely effect other areas of fuel map?
  9. It takes about 1-2 seconds it seems to disconnect. video-1586183583.mp4
  10. I have been setting up my r53 to my specs and on shut off I have been getting some Dieseling on when key is cut. Where should I begin to look. Its not a lockout issue as that is set to 150 and is doing great on the ISC side of things.
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