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  1. Luckily the Mid-Lock-position for Gen.2 intake cams is actually pretty advanced, so makes it run decently. That is how I did it also. Hopefully we get a firmware update to fix the Gen. 2 intake cam control problem...
  2. Looking good!!! Great motor! You are using a Gen.1 Coyote motor, aren't you? (I found out the hard way that the Gen. 2 is different to Gen.1 from the cam control point of view.)
  3. HI guys! Aren't you using the Quicktune? Saves you to press any keys...
  4. Are you sure your tacho/wiring to tacho is in good working order?
  5. Juho, Muuttaaksesi Offset-arvoa sinun tulee painaa vielä Enter-näppäintä arvon syöttämisen jälkeen...
  6. Jani, I believe KMS CAN Display will work with V44, but you would have to know the KMS CAN configuration. Simon or Scott from ViPEC will have to confirm this. i-series ECUs have pre-configured CAN mode for KMS, so it is very easy.
  7. 4 bar MAP will be here on Monday. So, we will be on it as soon as we get your ECU...
  8. I know a many time Finnish national champion in Dragracing who is running ViPEC boost control only. He also wanted to get rid of the various boxes doing only one thing each. And I know there are others following his steps.
  9. Lekonna, The pinout for the new i-series ECUs is the same as for the V-series ECUs. So, the change-over could not be easier! ECU logging has been improved in many ways for i-series. One of the improvements is that you can choose the rate for each channel. For more details it is best, if you download the new software and browse thru the Help-files. New i-series ECUs are available at the dealer near you. (In your case : http://www.vi-pec.fi )
  10. Jani, We stock the Displaylink. (Displaylinkiä löytyy meillä varastosta.)
  11. I have cured many problems in our customers' engines with Magnecor spark plug leads. Those are the only ones we use. Available from us also for custom applications.
  12. When everything else fails, reading Help File in the software helps you . Try Help at "Mixture Map" and you will find: "· Fuel Load Source - select the log files fuel load source - this must match fuel table 1."
  13. We have this is in stock, if you want to have a play with it.
  14. Warmup, Wait for the firmware update. It should not be too far now. V44 will support an external e-throttle control module with a firmware update. Dealers are now testing a FW version that has this feature.
  15. Here is an old video from summer 2010: http://youtu.be/oQ2549j9S1s Vesa Ruhanen with his Kawasaki is 2010 Finnish Champion in Pro Street Bike. 2012 he won the Championship in Super Street Bike with Kawasaki and ViPEC.
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