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  1. I mean new firmware features for existing G4X ECUs. From what I hear, the Thunder is still quite a long way away.
  2. OK thanks. The FuryX may not be for me after all as I'd run out of outputs. I'll have a think about XtremeX + CAN Lambda but that kinda kills the budget.
  3. I understand it's hard to disclose what you're working on just in case they take longer than expected or get canned but any chance of letting us know what's in the pipeline for the G4X?
  4. I'm not too keen on using a precious output on an e-throttle relay trigger. If e-throttle control is ever lost, couldn't the ECU just cut fuel, ignition or both instead?
  5. Does moving the APS % runtime out to another table to feed values into the final e-throttle target table like this have any impact on any safety features? I'm definitely wanting more control than just one 3d table.
  6. I noticed today that with non-linear Y axis values, using the interpolate vertically function, it interpolates presuming axis row spacing is equal even if they aren't. It's be great if the feature could factor axis values.
  7. Is CLL in "Auto Mode (Wideband)" suitable for full load operation? There are lockout settings that are set up to lock it out at full load but do I have to lock it out? Many factory and aftermarket ECUs work well with closed loop wideband under all load conditions including WOT.
  8. Can this be done now with the new firmware by doing a GP PWM out and assigning it to one of the "CAN Aux" channels and simply not using any actual CAN aux devices?
  9. Nice! This feature sounds great.
  10. How would non-interpolated work when you have for example?: 1000 2000 40 0 1 80 1 1 Would the "cutoff line" follow straight between those diagonal cells? Would 60kpa at 1500rpm be 1 because that's what I would need?
  11. Nice. I look forward to it!
  12. I know with a perfect tune, short term fuel trims alone are fine, BUT, we don't always pick up issues immediately like a failing fuel pump or blocked fuel filter without a fuel pressure sensor present. I'm sure there are many other cases where the tune gets thrown out. a LTFT table would not only be great for better fuel control in such cases, but also a great table to regularly check up on and either 1) integrate any small changes into the main fuel table or 2) quickly identify an issue. What are the chances of adding this to the G4X to-do list?
  13. After a bit more playing with this, can I request that you consider implementing a dedicated "cam switch" feature? This could apply to Nissan VTC on SR20s and TB48s as well as Honda VTEC, Toyota VVTL-i etc etc. It would be nice to have setpoint setup with the same (or more) control as the arrangement screenshotted in the first post as well as user definable lockouts (eg. don't engage below X speed, X MAP)?
  14. Thanks. I'm waiting for the G4X Fury so can't test but it looks like I have options for VTC.
  15. That'd be great. Even just allowing a Y axis config so we can assign a switch status to it would be great.
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