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  1. Do you have any trigger errors @7000 rpm?
  2. bsh

    LS3 cam sensor

    Thanks Yes will try swapping wires:)
  3. bsh

    LS3 cam sensor

    I have them wired as per Stevieturbo`s diagram as it was the on I found on the web. I will try your pinout Adam, but the LS3 isnt listed in the text. Your wiring recommends +5V, Stevies +12V. Why are you using +5V? GM says 12V for their sensors. Btw I have the Grey sensor.
  4. bsh

    LS3 cam sensor

    Hi, I just wired a Storm to a LS3, but cam signal is dead, about 1,8V all the time. Crank is fine. We suspected the cam sensor was dead, and tried another one they had and still the same... I just wired in a GT101 and all ok. Engine started right up. I suspect that the sensor pinout I found is wrong, or both sensors are dead, which is unlikely...? Anyone have a 100% correct LS3 cam sensor pinout they want to share with me, as I would prefer to use the oem sensor? Thanks
  5. SOLVED... Can H and Can L was put in wrong place in Connector...
  6. Hi, Anyone have a detailed how-to setup for both the AIM Race software and PCLink software? Tried With some old guides I found, but cant get it to work... Thanks
  7. bsh

    Stutter over 50% TP

    If Your afrs are fine and voltage to Your coils under load are fine, and Your coil grounds are fine, I still suspect you are having a spark misfire. Are you running the vw 4 pin cops? Adjust gap to 0,50 mm and see if it makes a difference. Tip: You should type in English so all people here do understand:)
  8. bsh

    trigger setup

    Ecu settings- Triggers. See below. Choose Your sensor, either hall or reluctor. Are you running wasted spark or Direct spark? Sequential fuel?
  9. bsh

    Stutter over 50% TP

    Hi, I dont know what ignition you are running, but I would try to lower the gap on the electrode on Your sparkplugs to about 0,55-0,60 mm.
  10. bsh

    Idle up and down!!!

    Check that your ign angle is pretty steady@idle. Also check that your afr are pretty steady.
  11. Do you get any trigger errors while this happening? Press "R" and look under "triggers" and see if the trigger error counter are counting while revving to 6000 rpm.
  12. Does the triggerscope show both crank and cam signal? Under runtime values, are both trig 1 and trig 2 showing a green OK? Have you unlocked the ecu with the password from your dealer? (will not start without ecu enabled)
  13. bsh

    Volvo V70 Petrol 1998

    I have installed and tuned both Volvo (60-2) 5 cyl and Audi 5 cyl (135T), but only manual gearbox. I believe you must piggyback the auto gearbox.
  14. Some more pictures/info:http://gatebil.no/roger-halands-toyota-starlet/
  15. Built in trigger scope is an excellent tool troubleshooting trigger problems:) Have also seen cars with modified OEM triggers because other brand standalone ecus couldnt handle the stock signals, and customers had to modify their triggers. Link ecus actually support the most of the common triggers out there very well.
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