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  1. Have you choosen the correct temp sensor in software?
  2. bsh

    LINK G4x

    I have also noticed the G4x software is slower than the G4 and the G4+ software... I am using an old HP laptop though...
  3. Hi, you can make your own base map, but I would speak to your dealer/tuner to help you out. He can help you ie via Team Viewer to setup and see everything working, setup trigger offset (you must connect a timing light to cyl 1 and communicate with the tuner regarding timing offset) etc... Should be able to do it yourself also, but you must read and understand the excellent help manual in PCLink software and do it yourself.
  4. Just tuned this cool, old E30. Owner knows to enjoy the power as well:) Precision 6266 gen 1. E85. G4+ Storm. #2rbe1drifting 655324DE-C638-4657-AF20-E5D21CF8F059.mov
  5. Hi, I am going to use it with an ecu that dont have scope and there wasnt any pinout diagram in the box. Is pin 1 +? Thanks
  6. Hi, powered it up on the bench and I could do the firmware update without any issues. After it connected with PCLink:) Thanks Adam.
  7. I have the newest version already. Downloaded it today...
  8. Hi, I tried to send to tech support, but got errors because too big pictures. Trying here:) Brand new ecu and not able to connect. The 4.jpg picture is the first message I got when I tried to connect with ecu. Tried with firmware upgrade and not able to upgrade firmware. Find Link usb in devices. Tried with disconnecting Ecu connector and waiting a couple of minutes while rebooting laptop. Any idea? See screenshot: Thanks
  9. Hi, is it possible to use the e-throttle module with only 1 pedal position? Using a volvo pedal with only 1 analog output to pedal main and none for the pedal sub? (pedal assembly also have a pwm output which I believe cant be used?) Thanks
  10. If it is the Weber-Marelli trigger with the 4 tooth on crank, you use the "RS500"-trigger in software. Timing should be pretty spot on.
  11. This is a nice Caterham the customer built the engine and installed the Link Atom 2 ecu himself and I did the startup and tuning. Car runs very well and with an extremely crisp throttle response:) K-series engine with modified crank trigger.
  12. I will just wire in the sync:) Thanks
  13. I will run wasted spark and dont want to wire a cam sync if I dont have to since I will be using the Atom with 4 outputs.. Ok thanks:)
  14. Hi, Is it possible to use this trigger without cam sync? Thanks
  15. 36-1 is like other said the preferred trigger. I have tuned a lot of Cosworths with the stock crank and cam trigger working just fine.
  16. Tooth added, and fired up. Everything seems fine:)
  17. Something mechanical wrong with engine, like cam timing, clogged cat etc? What are the turbo capable of?
  18. Hi, Is there a trigger mode that suits this trigger pattern? It is a Rover with a 18-1, 18-1 tooth on the cank. Trigger sees 17-gap-17-gap pr revolution. Running with no cam sensor and distributor. I started it configured as multitooth missing and 18-1 and as a 2 cyl just to get it running and check new built engine for leaks. Runs/idles very nice, but rpm are double of the actual. I have tried all 3 Rover trigger modes I could find in software, but seems all of them need a cam sync. Thanks
  19. Do you have a stable rpm while cranking about 200 rpm? Are trig1 and trig2 green? (runtimes-triggers to check status) Have you confirmed that the coils are working/wired correctly? You can do an ignition test via the software to activate each ign output. Very nice function. You can do the same with the injectors also, but be careful not to flood the engine with fuel... Btw I love the 2JZ:)
  20. Regarding the ignition table, the cells from 0 kpa and lower, are way off... I would copy the base map table and fine tune from there. (0 kpa to -20 kpa @ 4000 rpm to 5000rpm look decent)
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