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  1. FIS

    G4+ CAN Receive Digital Input

    Thanks Adamw
  2. Hello, I use one of the switch in ECUMaster CAN keypad/ PMU for cranking switch function. In Fury ECU I put CAN DIG #1 in Receive User Stream to get cranking switch status from keypad/PMU, I wonder how can I activate DI1 as Start Position?. If I set DI1 to Start Position will ECU expect resource from real switch connection to DI1 ? Appreciate for help I can't try by my self at the moment since the keypad has not arrived yet
  3. FIS

    G4X quick tune

    It was base on my experience with Vipec V88 couple years ago, after quick tune F10 using single lambda sensor (fitted after exhaust collector) up to 4000 rpm the value was close to AFR target. Since I still have enough time to play with this car I put another 6 lambda sensors on each cylinder tube (its 6 cylinder engine), the result was all cylinder lambda values are not equal, some richer some leaner than target but cylinder 5 and 6 was significantly lean. To get all about equal I trim using fuel trim table with AFR target as reference. It takes long time since its edited manually by comparing the log result of the cylinder respectively. With modeled fuel mode Is this possible to fuel trim using similar method of F10 quick tune?
  4. FIS

    G4X quick tune

    Does quick tune F10 can be used in individual fuel trim table?
  5. FIS

    Link Plug n play in G4X

    With G4X platform is there any plan to add the new plug and play ECU ? such as EVO X, Subaru 2008+, new Civic type R
  6. Thanks Adam, I found transient ignition retard was -49 and -50 in 0 and 500 rpm cells.
  7. I just install Vipec V88 on 2jzgte vvti, I scope cam and crank trigger they were in the right polarity, the trigger offset is 204 deg the engine can crank and run easily even its rough, ignition timing in 'Run Time Value' was - 36 deg. With engine still run I opened 'Calibrate' page, double click 'Set Base Timing' option suddenly engine run smooth (timing lock 10 deg), I re wrote the offset 204 hit 'done' the engine back to rough idle. I tried offset 200 with no luck.
  8. FIS

    BMW S85 V10

    Thank you
  9. FIS

    BMW S85 V10

    Can anyone help me with BMW S85 V10 setup? I saw Link has S85 trigger pattern, what about drive by wire, ignition system, vanos controls etc...
  10. FIS

    AIM MXS CAN protocol

    Sorry for late response just got chance to try this afternoon. The result is AN Volt input setting should match with the parameter with the one changed in CAN frame (Mass airflow) other wise AIM wont display anything. In my case I set AN Volt 8 to MAF meter, choose Cal table1 (not used by other parameter) and match the input voltages with actual AN Volt 8 inputs. In CAN setup page change Mass airflow parameter to AN Volt 8. For AIM I use math channels to get values needed
  11. FIS

    AIM MXS CAN protocol

    Got it . I will try this tonight. Thank you
  12. FIS

    AIM MXS CAN protocol

    Hello Adam, Thank you for reply, I also want to put Analog Input 0-5v which represent of Normal/Tiptronic status. I add its parameter to frame14 of Link CAN. Then for AIM display I use your AIM CAN stream copied from forum some times ago and modify it , the result is none of parameter values appeared on display, I go to CAN stream page there is no parameter list appeared. Please see my file what is wrong. Thanks again. LINK_G4+ Generic test_@20181201_045711_008858.xc1
  13. FIS

    AIM MXS CAN protocol

    Booter version 01.16.12 Firmware version 01.26.42
  14. FIS

    AIM MXS CAN protocol

    Update: Problem fixed using 'math channels' to multiply lambda channel by 0.1 and change display lambda channel to math channel > lambda
  15. FIS

    AIM MXS CAN protocol

    I set on CAN Fury channel1 to transmit 'Link - AIM MXS Strada' but lambda reading was 10x bigger, can I have the latest xc1 file to correct this problem? Thank you
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