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  1. FIS

    Fury starter control

    Could you check the file, the problem is when start button pushed the fuel pump will on instead of starter motor Starter control: DI 8 start position to momentary switch AUX 8 starter solenoid to starter relay Fury_2jz_rev1.pclr
  2. FIS

    BMW S65 V8 Trigger Mode

    Thank you for the information, could you share how you control 2 DBWs using Xtreme ?
  3. FIS

    TPS Voltage goes down

    Found the culprit !! it was engine vacuum sucked ITB butterflies causing TPS moves close
  4. FIS

    TPS Voltage goes down

    I was wrong...the problem still exist !!
  5. FIS

    TPS Voltage goes down

    I just changed TPS with new one, clean up the body and engine ground points detached MAP, IAT, ETC sensors, IAC, reseat ecu connectors but problem still there. Then came up with idea to move TPS input from AnVolt 1 to AnVolt2 ....problem disapeared!!
  6. FIS

    TPS Voltage goes down

    Just installed Storm in Corolla AE111 with 4ag20v engine and I have issues with TPS voltage as following, I adjust TPS at throttle position close to 0.71V then doing TPS setup to get 0 to 100% position in the PCLink software, when engine run the TPS voltage dropped to 0.5V which makes engine rough when accelerated. Then I tested by readjust TPS position back to 0.71V while engine run, the engine accelerate smoothly, with this position when engine off the TPS voltage become 0.89V (5.7%). The battery input and 5V output voltages are normal in Runtime Values.
  7. FIS

    V88 suddenly lean

    Thank you for the advice and suggestion guys..
  8. FIS

    V88 suddenly lean

    Finally found the problem! It was loose piggyback bypass connector installed before I handle the car.I removed the connector and repair the cables back to standard. Now the car run smooth but I have to recalibrate timing before start to retune everything Still dont get with lean symptom all the way. The piggyback only alter crank and maf signal and I dont use maf anymore.
  9. FIS

    V88 suddenly lean

    I use std injector with 12.3ohm set to saturation. Swapped with known good V88 the problem still there. I use fuel trim to balance the AFR between cylinder. Set the fuel trim off doesnt help, MAP sensor readings was correct
  10. FIS

    V88 suddenly lean

    I am tuning V88 on M3 S50B30, I managed to tune fuel table to AFR target up to 100% TPS, but next morning I started to continue it goes crazy lean to 19. The file doesnt change. I check the things outside ECU like fuel pressure, change fuel filter, clean up injectors and check injectors voltages, everything is fine. My last try was I changed back Vipec to OEM ECU and AFR goes normal. Is it possible the V88 got broken?
  11. FIS

    RX7 FD3S Auto Transmission

    Its 2003 JDM RX7 FD3S A/T with 16bit ECU (Link RX7S7 socket). It has separate TCU, according to 1994 diagram some cables connect between ECU and TCU . Does anyone experienced in installing Link Plugin with this ?
  12. I want to tune i series Vipec Subaru Plug in ECU using PCLink program. I wonder if I can update the firmware to the latest Link firmware?
  13. FIS

    Mitsubishi 6A13TT trigger

    I try again, GTO trigger pattern & cranked run time values: Trig 1 signal No Trig 2 signal No changed to evo 7-9 & cranked run time values: Trig 1 signal No Trig 2 signal No back GTO pattern &cranked run time values: Trig 1 signal Yes Trig 2 signal Yes engine run rough Doing ecu power cycles GTO pattern & cranked run time values: Trig 1 signal No Trig 2 signal No Anyone can help?
  14. FIS

    Mitsubishi 6A13TT trigger

    The engine still won't run using GTO trigger pattern. I tried to alter trigger 2 edge from raising to falling and store (F4). When I power cycle ECU it back to rising. Is this normal?