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  1. You are right on my ECU it is the same as your photos. Validation removed - and not the first time I have been misled by a FSM :| Looks like I have a G4+ which is not what I thought I was getting. Luckily the shop is willing to send the G4X when they get some in, which they said they have had a hard time doing. Not that rushed though to be honest. It is 110 out right now in the Phoenix summer, so really not too motivated to be out in the garage working.
  2. I will admit I feel slightly validated as the above pinout shows B9 (AUX1) as ISC Open which is what I was seeing in the FSM and described above. So the G4X looks like AUX1 is ISC Open where as G4+ shows AUX1 as ISC Close. Odd. I couldn't find the G4X manual other than: http://linkecu.com/documentation/TST185X.pdf which doesn't have that pinout.
  3. Thanks for both of the replies, that helps a lot. Regarding AnVolt 4 - In the photo I see it listed for two pins (attached). This is what is in the manual that came with the TST185 and the latest document on the site. I was just confused that AnVolt 4 is listed in two places. Either way not a big deal. I will just use PIN34 for KNK and not worry about the AFM which won't be used. This is off topic but I am assuming I have a G4+... is there a G4X PlugIn for the GEN2 MR2 (USDM)? This is surely showing my ignorance but I have seen it listed in the descriptions as G4X but every where else it says G4+, so I assume it is + not X. I have one more question relating to pinouts. Are the pins listed above every pin that is used by the link? The stock ECU has quite a few extra pins for what looks like sensor ground (E01, E1) and then Power (+B, BATT) - Are these not needed with the Link? Basically can I omit them from the harness?
  4. I was comparing the pin outs in the MR2Link V1 installation manual with my 1991 FSM Wiring Diagram and I found a few things I was hoping to get clarified. 1. In the MR2Link V1 it shows AUX 6 as A/C Request for PIN 63. This has no connection into the ECU. I believe this is typically for the a PIN labeled "ACT" but the 1991 MR2 Turbo does not have this. I assume I can just leave this as an open AUX for future use? Is there anything else I need to wire as an AUX for the A/C with the Link ECU? 2. I saw this elsewhere but PIN 34 in the MR2Link V1 shows AnVolt4, the FSM has this as the knock sensor. I assume AnVolt 4 is actually for the AFM (which will be deleted anyways). 3. AnTemp 3 is shown at PIN 45 which is the EGR Temp Sensor. If I want to use the GM IAT here I would assume I just wire it to this pin. 4. The Open and Close Solenoid in the MR2Link seems to be reverse from the FSM. AUX 2 which is listed as ISC Open in the MR2Link is wired to PIN 18 which is labeled RSC (ISC Close) in the FSM. And AUX 1 which is ISC Close in MR2Link is wired to PIN 5 which is RSO (ISC Open) in the FSM. If this is in fact reverse, should I swap these or is this configurable in the PC Link software?
  5. Hey everyone, just wanted to create this topic as way to kind of track my progress on getting a Link ECU (TST185+) installed on my MR2. I purchased the PlugIn ECU however I will be running a full custom harness and lots of changes to the stock configuration. This is just sort of a fun side project so it will be a learning opportunity as well. I am probably in over my head but I work slow and methodical so I think I can work through and learn what I need. Anyways I just got the ECU and while I wait for the machine shop to finish up the engine I am going to start planning the harness. The plan is to leave anything that doesn't directly involve running the engine alone and basically have a dedicated engine harness. Why I chose the PlugIn? Well I like the idea of keeping things as OEM looking as possible. Although I will be adding a lot of things like a COP set up and removing the distributor for a CAS, the idea is to make these things look as OEM as possible. It seems the PlugIn ECU provides more than enough I/O for what I need, but I'll just need to significantly change the configuration. Here are sort of the major changes or additions to the OEM set up: TST185+ ECU DW Injectors (820cc) (18U-00-0078-4) Denso COPs (6731300) Hall Cam & Crank sensors (Racer X) Link 3bar MAP Link 3 way Boost Solenoid GM IAT (3/8 NPT) w/ KO Racing Cold Start Injector Adapter Plage Walbro FP Remove EGR Remove Fuel Pump resistor Remove OEM o2 Remove AFM There are still a lot of unknowns for me. I will probably ask a lot of noob questions after thorough research. Here to learn. My goals for the car are stockish power. Not looking to run more than 1 bar of boost on a CT27. I have a ton of supporting mods such as: 4" Intake (Racer X) 3" Downpipe (Berk) 3" Exhaust (Berk) Upgraded IC Core and Piping (TCS) CT27 (ATS) Rebuilt Engine* The rebuilt engine is in progress. I picked up a JDM 3SGTE with a spun rod that had JE pistons. The machine shop is checking it over and will advise what is salvageable. I have the stock GEN2 3SGTE that the car came with I will use as a fall back.
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