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  1. Samueljon

    G4x can files

    i have a dash2 with a CAN adapter (I had the pro software open to just to check I wasn’t being stupid) it seems to have every other Ecu on their drop down menu
  2. Samueljon

    G4x can files

    Unfortunately I think that’s for the dash2pro version and not the simpler dash2, it doesn’t seem to want to load onto my dash2, I get a warning come up telling me it’s a dash2pro file and it can’t continue sam
  3. Samueljon

    G4x can files

    Trying to link my Race Technology dash2 with the g4x but it doesn’t seem to have any files in the can section of the link download, searched about but couldn’t seem to find an answer. Thanks in advance
  4. Yup that’s what I ended up with, it’s just upside down wrong way round compared to the g4+ thanks for your help! And fast responses Sam
  5. It’s for an air temp sensor, I’ve copied the link from which it was purchased https://shopbhp.com/products/copy-of-cosworth-yb-air-temperature-sensor-ats04?_pos=1&_sid=27ba36ec3&_ss=r
  6. Yeah they’re exactly the same sensor wired the same. Thanks for the help
  7. Perfect thank you for the quick response, this is what I’ve currently got to work with from what my friend has sent over. So it’s just a case of switching the table?
  8. Hi, recently installed my link g4x and I’m trying to make a cal table for an air temp sensor. My friend has a link g4+ and has sent me his cal table for the same sensor, I’m just wondering if these can be copied across between the 2 ecu’s thanks sam
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