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  1. ReDRuM

    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    Thanks for clearing that up for me
  2. ReDRuM

    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    Strangely , I loaded this and I was only able to find firmware for 6.17.8 . I uninstalled the whole thing , and again got the same result My new laptop hates me
  3. If I choose the (correct) Link 3bar MAP sensor from list , do I still need to calibrate. I've tried this but I'm getting the error. Im installing in V1 MR2 / ST185, and Im using Pin 42 as per instructions. I'll double check that the wiring isn't gimped tomorrow... The stock MAP sensor works. Im also getting an error with GM IAT ( chose Delphi ) , using Pin 36 AnTemp 2. The temp reads -40. Again I'll check the wiring tomorrow. What is the difference between the choice of 1kOhm and 10 kOhm in the IAT section? Thanks for all your help . You guys are fast . Cheers.
  4. ReDRuM

    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    Do I just download this then connect to the ECU and update firmware , Or delete PClink then download and then open up the new PLink, connect to ECU then update firmware ?
  5. Master Fuel currently has 14 units ( for stock injectors 440cc ). for the 550cc injectors I would think I need to reduce the number. 550cc ... "20% more fuel" kind of. So Im thinking drop Master Fuel to 11 or 12 ??
  6. ReDRuM

    GM IAT

    I bought a fast responding GM IAT . What is this equivalent to in the IAT calibration menu ( Delphi ? ) ? Thanks
  7. I have a 91 MR2 turbo. I've installed 550cc injectors and the G4X. Instead of the ST185 ( V1 ) fuel maps, can I use the base map for ST 205 ( V2, V3 ) which has 540cc injectors? Can I use the G4+ maps on a G4X?
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