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  1. Update, I've been able to test a few more value tonight, getting there. Here is the latest setup and result with the log. Any comment welcome. Simon-Gagnon-Subaru STI V10 G4X Xtreme Plugin-V1-3-6.pclx ECU Log 2020-07-10 9;51;21 pm.llgx
  2. Awesome tx for the info, really helpful. I did more test with the PID set to 0 yesterday to find proper WGDC. Here are the logs and the update values. I'll test some more today and post after. I want the turbo to get back to wastegate boost level ~200kpa pass 8k rpm, so I put the WGDC to 0 pass these RPM. Not sure it's the best way to do so, still testing. ECU Log 2020-07-2 123 9;31;21 pm.llgx
  3. here is the tune. Your right it takes about 20 to get 220kpa, but when I set the WGDC too close to the target it overshoot all the time. Simon-Gagnon-Subaru STI V10 G4X Xtreme Plugin-V1-3-3.pclx
  4. I've done a lot of reading and spent a few hours in the car doing some tests. Followed the guideline in the help file. Looking for ideas to help stabilize boost, currently chasing my tail. Can't seem to get the PID correct. Even with low number like P=0.2, D=0.1 it still overshoot at first then I have a few oscillation. With higher WGDC and P=1 and D=0.8 I had major oscillation from 15psi to 20psi. It's an EWG with base boost target of 200kpa/15psi. Testing at 220 for safety, end target would be 230. G25-660 on a destroke 2.35 with 9.3 compression ratio, spool pretty fast. Activating stage 2+3 end up doing some oscillation when stage 3 kicks in with only 0.1 for I value. Looks like stage 2 only works better or I didn't figure how to set it up properly. Reducing the WGDC at about 10-20% under the real target seems to help. Attaching a log with my latest setting (goes with Boost setup.png, P=0.6 and D=0.5). Also attaching another test I did with slighly higher WGDC and lower value on the PID. ECU Log 2020-07-1 115 8;55;46 pm.llgx
  5. Awesome tx for the info, I'll test this out tonight.
  6. Currently trying to setup my LC, but I have backfire that are quite noisy while holding the RPM stage. There are rules with sound limitation, with backfire I won't be able to use it. Any idea how I could set it up to avoid this issue? Attach are the current setting and a log I did. ECU Log 2020-07-1 109 5;49;55 (LC Test) pm.llgx
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