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  1. Thanks very much, stupid mistake :/
  2. Just checked my dash config and everything is as it should be, ecu stream is indeed LINK - CAN_BUS_BASE_LCC here are a few pics
  3. Thanks for the reply, There you go Audi TT map.pclr
  4. Hi there, recently purchased a link mxs strada 1.2 dash and cannot get any measured data from the ecu, the ecu in question is Audi TT Link G4+ I am getting a few can 1 errors on my ECU, I am pretty sure all the can settings are correct. Am I correct in saying it’s only pin 3 and pin 4 of the canF plug that needs to be connected to can Hi & Lo and that no additional earths need to be added to the CanF adapter? Might I add that I have already tried swapping the hi & lo wires to check I didn’t have them round the wrong way. any help or advise would be much appreciated
  5. Thanks for the help, sorry for the late reply I’ve been busy with other things lately! Good job I haven’t connected anything to that pin lol, going to charge the battery and investigate today, pretty sure I buzzed the coil live wire to pin 121, could be wrong tho, I will post findings
  6. Hi thanks for the reply, I traced the wires and they both come directly from pin 118 and 121 of ecu, I have also checked all fuses and relays inside the car
  7. Hello all, The other day I was driving the car and came to a set of traffic lights and the car suddenly stopped, might I add the hazard lights came on constant, not flashing! And could not restart the car on investigation the TT LINK was not sending out 12v to the coils via pin 118 or 121, so I have ran my own wire for the time being to a switched 12v supply to get me going Also what does the ecu require in order to supply 12v to coils? Is there a crash detection wire on ecu? I ran a Vcds code scan and I had a crash code although I haven’t crashed, just wondering if this could
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