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  1. llabmik2, nice build and so good result and flat curve with smoothing 0. I like it
  2. Or may be is it possible to calculate Slip parameter between "Engine RPM" and, for example, "Input shaft RPM"?
  3. Hi, may you add to the software or how can I to do now next: 1) I need to read gearbox mainshaft speed in RPM, what function to choose for Digital Input, only Turbo RPM? 2) I need to calculate slip of clutch between Engine RPM and Mainshaft RPM, is it possible? thank you in advance
  4. What for used Digital input "Brake switch NC" or "Brake switch NO" and for what function we may use it?
  5. Maybe somebody tried to use 4D overlay Ignition table for traction control with %Slip Axis?
  6. 460whp Subaru STI, 2.5 sleeved block, Kelford 272 cams, Gt35r turbocharger, 1000cc FIC injectors max out duty w 2 walbros, Vi-pec ECU w Digital knock box
  7. Hi all, I think we all need more than 12 maps, thats are available in software, and have a question. I see, that one map is "Data Logging" when ECU logging enabled. When I turn ECU logging OFF - this table becomes available. Is it real, to not use one map for ECU logging function. Second question is - can we have faster ECU logging rate? 50hz is very slow, really. And main question, if we use ECU logging - we want to know what happened lately with car, so we need the latest log info. Can Vipec do loop logging function? Do you have any plans to realise it?
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