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  1. Slick! I've never seen this Ford model before. Hollywood
  2. Hey what's the phone looking device for? Hollywood
  3. Hello all, I have the SupraLink ECU to install into a is300 ECU box. I have the Supra plugs to pin the wires into. My question is, what are the required pins from the is300 harness (least possible to run the engine) and what pins should they go into in the Supra plugs? All the best, ~HollywoodJackson~
  4. Hey so this is where I am at trying to understand the pins I will have to de-pin from the is300 ECU and place in a Supra's ECU plugs that I purchased (plug A with 40 pins and plug B with 80 pins)... A1 Pin - DI 2: Ignition Switch. is300 IGSW (E3-17) - E1 (E6-17) B-O to BR: IG switch on; 9-14 volts A2 Pin - DI 1: Vehicle Speed. is300 SP2+ (E6-23) - SP2- (E6-22) L-Y to R-L: Vehicle is driving; Pulse generation A4 Pin - DI 6: Brake Switch. is300 STP (E4-4) - E1- (E6-7) G-W to BR: Brake pedal is depressed; Brake pedal is released A6 Pin - Ignition 7 (Aux): CE Light. is300 ??? A
  5. Hey, can you tell me what you had to do to delete the ignitor? All the best, ~HollywoodJackson~
  6. With the Plugin ECU to work with the 2002 IS300 2JZGE engine, I think there are only a few wires I may have to manually set. Which pins should I be looking for? Also, with the Wasted Spark, I did see where to change that option. In the Firing Order setting, should it remain 1-5-3-6-2-4, or should I change it to 1-5-3-1-5-3? (cylinder 1,6 fire together; 5,2 fire together; and 3,4 fire together). Thanks in advance! ~HollywoodJackson~
  7. What values need to be changed for the Base Map for the Supra be made compatible with the 2002 IS300?
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