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  1. Does anyone have the proper PID settings for the drive by wire throttle setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  2. So another update, We now have 4 World Championships using Vi-Pec powered Hydrospace skis.. Mike Klippenstien just got his 22'nd World title abord our Queen Racing built ski winning the Pro Ski Stock World Title.. More to come!
  3. Queen Racing riders in only the second day of competition have already wrapped up 3 World Championships with their Vi-Pec V44 powered Hydrospace Jetskis.. That is now 18 World Championships from Queen Racing using Vi-Pec ecu's!! Thanks to Vi-Pec for the amazing products and firmware to let us dominate!
  4. it still sounds like the fuel pumps are not big enough!! Does each pump have its own dedicated pickup? How do the pumps mate the high pressure together?
  5. haha, after 4 years, you would think I would have noticed that!!! LOL Thanks... That exactly what I was looking for....
  6. I would like to have the rpm limit as a dual mode. So if I have multiple boost maps, I can have rpm limits for each map. When racing Jetskis, I have the skis start in a high boost high timing race mode. After first turn rider flips a switch and lowers boost etc. Problem is is that in High mode, its too easy to hit revlimit and if I raise revs to 10,500 it wont last too long in race chop. So I would like a Di switchable revlimit, to run crazy revs for holeshot, then in map 2 its back to the normal 9100 rev limit.. Simon, any chance of a beta version to test?? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  7. Just a question, what is your fuel pump? How many liters per hour? How many liters per hour is your injectors at 100%? Do you have enough fuel pump to run injectors like this? I would think you would at least need 2 magnafuel 625 to even come close to fueling this thing..??? Also, wht size is your fuel line for the amout of volume this thing will drink, you should have I would think -10 at the minimum and a -12 fuel rail to hold the volume at the head of the injectors...
  8. I have had the sam issues with staging also.. I fought is so much and I started using aux injection instead and have had much better results as it does not pull fuel away from the primarys.. I run my primarys on q16, and my 2300cc secondarys run on methanol, this setup has been a dream and easy to tune... Just a idea for you to try..
  9. Give me a call, I can give you a rundown of what I have tried and done.. Mark 928-302-0986
  10. I have found better results as using the secondary injectors as a aux injection. The problem I had with staged is that the secondarys come on and the primarys turn off, so the fueling was not reall easy to dial in. Using the aux injection, it is really simple and straight forward, adds fuel under boost without switching off the primarys.. My 2 cyl running on meth and aux injection and 1600 primarys, and 3200 secondarys put down 532hp to ground. With the staged, I could never get it to get the lean transition to go away..
  11. Yes, this is how I do it also.. That should be correct for your application...
  12. When is a RZR plug and play going to come about?
  13. You can also build a small canister, 3 in long and a 2 in pipe with caps welded on the ends. Then put the vac line feeding into this and one coming out and it will mellow out the large pusle. It works well with my large bore 2 cyls and ind throttle bodys..
  14. Thanks Scott, since I am a dealer can I get a firmware update? I just got this from the US distributer Neil.. It is brand new, but it was the only thing I have ever purchased that he actually had in stock. So I am not suprised if it is actually very old.. You can send me firmware updates to mark@queenracing.com Thanks
  15. please re do the staged injection so that when the staged injectors come on it wont shut down primary injectors. so we can still control the primary fuel table and have the staged table in full control also. For example if I use staged injectors to inject methanol and keep the primarys for race fuel for cruzing, when boost gets above setpoint it starts in inroduce methanol on top of the fuel, not shutting down the primarys.
  16. I am trying to get my new Display Link hooked up and when selecting the ecu type it does not have any provisions for a g4 or storm etc and I cannot get it to communicate. What am I doing wrong? It has civic link, gts, etc but nothing for a g4. What do I do? Thanks, Mark
  17. I would think that the engineers from VI-PEC would be jumping on this and be able to tell us a proper setting on how to use this!! Simon, what do you say???? Help sould be nice!
  18. I have not finished testing this, sorry I have not had much time. Crazy here!!
  19. I cant get it working properly. I am getting speeds of 6600 etc. not even close.. unless it is actually 16000 ppm..
  20. Yes I have confirmed it is 16000 puls per mile. So converting that it is 9.94 and the di table makes it a even 10. So does this sound right Simon?
  21. I have recieved the unit, if this works it is going to be SWEET!! It is very small and easy to wire in, only 3 wires.. I am hoping that Simon can help with this, The module has a output calibration of 16,000 PPM, which is the same as the autometer speedometers. But under the Di input/speed I dont think the calibration goes this high.. Unless it would be 16 or 160 etc. So if this calibration of 16,000 will work with the software, this will be a killer add on to the system and it is cheap!! Any input will be greatly appreciated..
  22. Hi I was just starting to tune, and the car shuts off and dies, I smell fuel, and it says max fuel clamp, ect is at 150c even though it was only at 60c and MAP is crazy high. I think something went wrong in ecu?? Please help. Thanks, Mark
  23. Thanks! Its on order and I will share the results with everyone..
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