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  1. Simon, can I get this map as well? Thank you eurness@gmail dot com Thank you
  2. You guys are stating that you can log at 50Hz... my maximum logging rate is 20Hz. Simon, Is mine slower because I'm using a PnP v44 box?
  3. When you change the Y Axis on a Table and then "init" the axis the values will not show up on the axis after you click OK. You have to go back to Axis Setup and "init" the axis values for a second time and then they take. Maybe this is an issue with my computer, but maybe not.
  4. Problem solved. Was plumbed correctly and wired correctly... and wastegate dc doesn't need inverting. 17psi spring makes 22psi. I had to get the cahones to set the map limit higher... And higher yet.
  5. R/TErnie

    EVO9 V44 pnp

    I have a very similar problem with my PNP Evo 9 box. I went through the VVT Setup procedure. During the TEST of the VVT the runtime values for the cam angle of each counted tooth only stabilized by using a value of 6. (not 4 as suggested here) My lowest reading value of the 6 was 53 degrees ATDC, which I configured my DI#1 offset to match. I left the Trig 2: V VTi - Offset value at 235 degrees ATDC. After switching VVT Setup Parameter "Cam Angle Test" from Inlet LH to OFF the ECU system status changed from "OFF Cam test running" to "active". Furthermore the Target and position are following each other quite well. So it would appear that the system is functioning... but with Errors. After reading this thread my thoughts were to go back and set the cam angle test to 4, find the lowest value of angle ATDC via the runtime values, and put that value into the DI#1 Offset value, and use 235 degrees (as I believe this is the original setting?) for the Trig 2: V VTi - Offset value) Please let me know if I'm on the right track and that my assumptions/assessment is correct. Thank you -Eric Urness
  6. yeah I can do that. I don't know why I haven't thought of that. Brain fart? thanks
  7. I had it plumbed correctly... MAC 3 port EBC solenoid. Port 1 to Turbo (boost source) Port 2 to top of external gate Port 3 vent (use sintered iron filter) Ports 1 and 2 are connected and is the designed direction of flow through the solenoid. Port 3 is a bleed port. To get it to work with the way the vipec controls I need port 3 to the top of the gate and port 2 to vent. I'm saying that a lot of people use the GM 3 port, AEM/MAC 3 port, Grimmspeed, etc. 3 port solenoids and they're all hooked up the same way I did it. I don't think everyone else is wrong... -Eric
  8. The EFR turbochargers come with a reducer (8x) on them already, but that still requires a 3kHz capable input for their smallest turbo on kill mode. Any way we could get this 500Hz input some steroids to get it to read with more resolution... or without an addition add in electronic box? I really like simple. thanks -Eric
  9. 1) Master fuel should be adjustable below 4ms. 2) Master fuel should also be adjustable to tenths of a millisecond. for example... 4.1, 4.2, etc. Then you could get rid of your percent trim. Reason for #1. ID2000's I tuned Stu Hagen's Supra recently on id2k's and we were at peak 57% IDCs. Values in the fuel table at peak torque were right at 60, no more. The problem is there is no real injector option between 1000 and 2000.... so people who need 1300cc's worth of injectors, but 2k cc injectors and then we can't scale the maps using max resolution. I know it's nit picky, but hey it's a suggestion. Reason for #2. Unless it's difficult to implement, seems easy, but may not be as intuitive as you have it setup currently. Thanks again -Eric Urness
  10. Is there an easy way to invert the Boost Control PWM output? 100% Duty Cycle in my maps is wastegate spring, and 0% is MAX boost. I'm plumbing my 3 port differently to accommodate for this for a temporary fix in open loop... but without the flow rate through 1-2 ports it will not perform well running it in closed loop. Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks as always. -Eric Urness
  11. Perfect. I'll do that for Stu and myself. Thank you again Simon.
  12. Just wanted to second the want/need for more maps.
  13. The expansion connector harness for the Evo 9 is as follows. Red - 5v Green - Ground White - AnVolt 6 All other wires are disconnected.
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