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  1. Inshan  Post you .pcl file, ill look at it and see what your tuner has done and show you the avcs looks like on a 2002 jdm sti I tunedon our dynapack dyno last week.  Dynotech Industries
  2. Got to your fuel table Right click the load axis Select axis setup Under Y axis select 'TPS main' Push init axis button Push Apply button Done
  3. Hi Ross do you have a good base/starter map for R33 G4 plugin RB25det
  4. What firmware are you running? Try upgrading to the latest, as it works fine for me 4.8.5  Send me your map flashtune@vodafone.co.nz and Ill take a quick look for you  Phil
  5. ptharris

    EVO 9 Air temp sensor

    Same as the Bosch mate. Â However I would highly recommend fitting a new Link item to the intercooler pipe just before the throttle body. The std 1 in the inlet manifold will suffer from heat soak!! I have tried and tested this on my own Evo 9. Â Phil
  6. ptharris

    RC Fuel Injectors

    7v=2.36 Â 9=1.320 Â 10v =1.17 Â 11v=0.95 Â 12v=0.8 Â Â 13v=0.67 Â Â 14v=0.56 Â Â 15v=0.46 Â Hope that helps
  7. I can confirm i have the same problem with latest Â Phil
  8. Have you carried out a MAP/BAP calibration?
  9. Just buy the link 3 port soleniod and wire to the active soleniod wiring (not the passive) Â Done this on my Evo 9, works perfect and I use close loop boost for accurate boost control
  10. Gear calc can be calibrated from speed DI input
  11. Thanks Ashley Yeah i noticed that table, it is labelled as table 8 and all values were half my target as you say Keep up the good work!! Phil
  12. And here is screen shot with firmware 4.8.0 Thanks Phil
  13. Hi team Just updated firmware from 4.8.0 to 4.8.1 (Evo 9 plugin G4) Went through settings to double check everything and boost target table is now missing! (I have attached screen shot below) Keep up the good work, Thanks Phil
  14. ptharris

    Locked ECU

    ^^^ + 1 If he still wants to lock it he obviously has something to hide If thats the case I would chose another tuner
  15. You must tune with IAT corrections enabled!! The std IAT settings work well in most cases
  16. Load up you map into PC Link, press Ctrl E The set up Ecu parameters box opens, set parameters to your desired figures. Save Should be good to go Phil
  17. Hi guys. Does any one have a base map for a 1jz non vvti. Car is Std but with gt35/40 single turbo. Any help is appreciated. Please email to ptharris@ihug.co.nz
  18. In Pc link help it says 100 parameters are logged (roughly) I see only 59 in my parameter list
  19. Hi guys How do i add more parameters to log via internal logging? I want to log items like WGDC IAT fuel corrections IAT ignition corrections Antilag fuel Antilag ingnition ETC ETC Is it limited to just the items listed as you can choose when logging via laptop fine Phil
  20. use the search feature mate, it literally took me 2 seconds to find it http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/technical-drawings/S04/view?searchterm=evo+afm+wiri
  21. Off, i will get 1 now with it on
  22. Hi Cameron With the over run fuel cut turned on, i still experience the bucking at around 2000 - 1500 rpm on the over run. Over run fuel cut is set at 1600 rpm on warm engine Any ideas? It is going on a hub dyno tomorrow for fine tuning of the timing and afr's. But tuner isnt sure he will have time to look at this issue on the road after (he is very busy and doing me a favor getting me in tomorrow) Attached my map
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