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  1. i got this same thing going on with my car currently. the problem is that once the device (Tablet) is in the host mode it will not charge through the same port. however it should be possible to just open the device and depeding on the battery, either remove it completely and just wire the device directly to +5v from a power source or then bypass the power feed from the battery if the power ic is expecting some digital hand shakes with the battery to allow the device to boot up. Frankly i've been too lazy to progress this much further. for replacing the dash, even with the usb connectivity the dash is too laggy to be actually usable when comparing to the actual dash. I got as far as setting the display setup with vipec starting automatically on full screen mode and connecting to the ecu automatically. with modifying an on screen keyboard it would be possible to add buttons for "start logging" and "change display" type of buttons that would be on top of the screen.
  2. yeah i recon this will work. dual boost tables, first one has gear vs rpm as axis with the required boost curves and max boost for each gear, second one has analog input vs rpm as axis with the min and max boost setup for 0 and 5volts. the selection of the boost map is chosen with virtual aux which will become active if gear > 3. like so
  3. So, i've been trying to figure this out: I would like to have a boost map that would allow me to vary the boost pressure between certain values with an analog input, while maintaining the same boost profile for the first 3 gears where i'm the most traction limited. currently my boost target is a non linear ramp that takes into consideration the turbo characteristics to try avoid breaking traction, and the first 3 gears are also limited to lower boost levels. Only way i could figure out to set a variable boost table is to dedicate one of the inputs for a pot and use that as an axis for the boost map, however the gear limit seems to be just percentage, which will not work. depending on the conditions the torque difference that i can support from 4th gear onward will make it impossible to use a fixed ratio to change the first gears. what i would need in a sense is a 4d boost target table for which i could set the axis as the analog in and gear, or something to this effect. any pointers? Maybe i could use a dual table setup where the first table would be guided by a virtual aux that would change if the gear is > 3 ? i'll try this one out first ..
  4. Ok, thanks for this. My maps should be in kpa anyways. br, Janne
  5. If i upgrade to g4+ thunder, is there a way i could re-use my old v88 map without too much manual work ?
  6. well that's a bummer. lost few hours worth of logs just because of this :/
  7. Hi, So there is this pretty annoying thing that has started happening since windows 10 with vipec, if the system hibernates the vts exe crashes when the system wakes up. Any advice here? Its pretty annoying to road tune and then loose all of the data in the log because of this. I'm running the latest sw i could find on the vipec page. best regards, Janne K
  8. Hi, is there a way for me to get vipec to display my fuel pressure from my sensor as a differential from MAP signal ? it would be so much easier to set limits if i would just have to think about the difference. I previously had a sensor that did this for me and outputted 0-5v signal just showing the difference to the map, but it was not e85 resistant unfortunately. to reply to my own topic, it seems you cannot make the fuel pressure show the diff directly but its provided as an option for the limits so there i go. i just change the axis and bobs the uncle.
  9. sorry for the slight OT, but does the support team have some list of recommended e-throttles to use that have been proven to work well ?
  10. Hi all, I was wondering if somebody would have the settings and pinout for Bosch 0 205 003 042 e-throttle available. Its used in Mercedes-bench applications atleast a lot. i tried looking for the data on the internets but came up short :/
  11. nice! 2 questions pop to mind instantly, is the i88 pin compatible with the old v88 ? has the logging rate been improved? i recon the new cpu has native usb instead of the usb-serial controller which should make that bottle-neck go away? secondly, where can i get one
  12. dude, you are correct. i have the 3 wire on on mine, thats why swapping helped me.
  13. switch the wires on the connector?
  14. took a look at my logs from the standing mile event, i get the same spike on the AFR during the changes. http://zonediscgolf.fi/media/supra/kenttaveto_logi.PNG
  15. where is your map sensor located, what kinds of lines you use ect.? what does your fuel map look around the rev area on vacuum where you are experiencing this? i'm guessing it might be delay on the map sensor readings or then the fuel map has too much stuff on the vacuum area. its a nice effect tough, suits the rally car i think
  16. turbo timers make very little sense to me. maybe thats just me, but none of my cars have ever had one. 0 turbo problems. none of the drifting cars around have turbo timers: no problems. those things seem to be just living on the marketing hype, no real benefits in real world applications. not like you are going to do a full pull through all the gears and then just pull over and turn off the car. and even then, i doubt that it would do any good for the turbo
  17. i know man, already requested it like year back. its in the list viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1139
  18. +1 for this one. the tuning ui was one of the biggest reasons i chose vipec, and still would do it. nistune, haltec, aem, tatech .. all are horrible compared to this one. it feels so depressing to see those windows 3.1 uis with in worst case, 1 row of table on each tab. just plain horrible to use
  19. lekonna

    idle help

    All-right, i've been having this problem for a while now: i cant seem to get my idle to work without it oscillating like hell on closed loop. the problem is that i have fair amount of compression and very light drive drain, this means that the normal ignition that i have setup under 2000rpm, the engine wants to keep the revs high. So when i close the throttle, the revs hang high. Normally this would tell me that there is a leak in the system somewhere where the engine gets air pass the throttle body that keeps the revs up, but this is not the case. i think its coming through the idle valve which is connected to the pressure side of pipes after the turbo. The idle valve is bosch 3-wire one. I've even made an ignition overlay map to drop the ignition angle when the TP is 0% to stop the revs from hanging. the idle ignition hits only at under 25kph speed, so if i want to coast to traffic lights with the car on neutral it will do the bouncy-bouncy thing until i get into range of the idle control. With setting the idle ignition control on, i can get the ignition to stay relatively close to the target with a somewhat smooth idle. The problem is that since the air temp variations here in finland are so huge, it means that in the morning i'm idling at 1100 rpm and in the evening when the air is hot i'm stalling the engine. The stepper control for the idle on open loop does not have option to take into account the IAT temp which would help _ a lot _. If i turn on the closed loop control, the idle ignition and the closed loop control will fight each other and result in the oscillating idle, it sucks ass. Is there a way to make the closed loop idle control so slow that the fine grained control would be handled by the ign control and the closed loop would just slowly find the correct stepper position? its tricky to adjust since slight modifications make a big difference, the thing revs like a motorcycle :/ here is my current map as attachment. i've updated the ecu firmware after this point if it makes any difference. I can take some logs of the idle behaviour, try various things ect. just please help me -j konnan2jz_paskaa.pcl
  20. is there still any way to see the actual values of the overlays? i mean, just seeing the lines is one thing, but for example seeing the difference between the items and the actual values on both axis would be the tits.
  21. yeah, good feature would be ability to give custon names to the inputs and outputs.
  22. just use analog input with custom map ?
  23. standing mile with the supra. my oil pressure limit hit at 5th and 6th gear so had to lift off the throttle, so not very good results :/ if somebody has oil pressure logged on fifth and sixth gear pulls on 2jz-gte, please gimme some numbers. would like to know if my 4.2bar is too low oil pressure or too high limit
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