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  1. 1980's Toyota VSS

    the AW11, AE82, AE92's all have the same sort of VSS built into the speedo, it's a reed switch that outputs 4 ground pulses per revolution. You can fit a later electronic speed sender from an AE101, 111, 112 to the AW's C series gearbox if you want to change to an electronic speedometer.
  2. G4+ Extreme patch harness

    celica or lotus 2zz?
  3. Lotus toyota 2zz

    Storm would run it, the monsoon gets a bit short on outputs
  4. Lotus toyota 2zz

    a 2nd hand vipec v88 would be the most economical which would run it, but a Link Fury would be the best
  5. 1JZGTE Triggers

    non vvti 1jz is wired with injectors batched, 3 drives. vvti 1J uses sequential injection with 6 drives
  6. JSON/XML Representation of .pclr

    knock $100 on average off the cost of the cheapest stuff on the market at the moment and you've got the ballpark of what they'll cost
  7. LS2 "Truck" coils? Was the stock metal cage/mounting bracket that is grounded to the heatsink removed? They're noisy without it and do tend to fire early if you run too much dwell.
  8. JSON/XML Representation of .pclr

    on the subject of code and pclink, are there any plans to port pclink with the desktop bridge to the windows store? Seems straightforward enough and it would allow people to use PClink on all the new/cheap devices about to be released with windows 10S
  9. 2JZ VVTi RPM issue

    have you done the basics, followed the setup guide and checked the offset with timing light, then checked the VVT offset following the instructions in the help file? On my vvti 2J, I ended up with a trigger offset of 205 and a vvt offset of 170. The VVT should be configured as inlet/LH (for both the VVT Aux output cam type and the trig 2 cam type). I ran the solenoid at 175Hz on my engine and it controlled perfectly. Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
  10. 3SGTE ignition / possible sync issues

    try increasing your fuel master to get the AFR closer to lambda 1 at idle, looks to be fairly lean through that log. I'd personally get it running nicely with an idle target closer to 0.95 lambda first then dial it in from there
  11. g4+plug in st205 AIT sensor preferred location?

    something like https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/cPath/129_142/products_id/1597?osCsid=dan4bu5ljd2vkgijgttlmogcr1 Check the thread pitch and depth of your original sensor
  12. g4+plug in st205 AIT sensor preferred location?

    fast acting sensor in the stock location
  13. 2gr-fe vvt setup

    DI1 should probably be Inlet LH, you have DI1 and 2 both set to Inlet RH
  14. USB not working with CAN dash connected

    slight correction, the correct plug is an AU series which is smaller than the BD series. AU-06BFFA-LL7001
  15. 1JZ VVTI ignitors and Link G4+ Storm

    you will need an ignitor with the stock coils. I can't help with the settings for the factory ignitor as I've always swapped Denso COP's into JZ's when fitting link/vipec ECU's