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  1. JMP

    Differential Fuel Pressure

    Excellent, thanks for that! I figured there was a setting somewhere I'd got wrong
  2. JMP

    Differential Fuel Pressure

    Hi Guys, Did some initial tuning on the weekend on a new G4+ Xtreme installation on a 2zzge and noticed something strange in the logs with the Differential Fuel Pressure being stuck bang-on 300kpa all the time. ECU on FW Engine has a map-referenced dead-end fuel system (radium tank with built in FPR, vac line run from engine to FPR) The log shows the fuel pressure on AN Volt 4 tracking as expected (even thought it's lagging very slightly behind MAP), but the expected small variance in differential doesn't show up. It's setup in Modelled Fuel Mode, 300kpa base pressure. Only a 3D fuel map at the moment and Charge Temp Estimate table hasn't been configured yet Any thoughts on how I could get this to read correctly? I'd like to get it sorted before doing too much more with the fuel map on this one as the base pressure needs to be increased as we ran out of injector in the top end. Thanks Jason post dyno link.pclr dyno log.llg
  3. JMP

    Slow reacting

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Onboard Intel HD Graphics 620, i5-7200 CPU, 8Gb RAM, SSD, 100% display scaling, USB3
  4. JMP


    add a map sensor to the system
  5. JMP

    Air temp sensor location

    I've got the IAT sensor mounted in my intercooler pipe just before the throttle, but have recently purchased some of the T1 Race fast response sensors (basically glass bead NTC thermistor potted to a 1/16npt housing) https://www.t1racedevelopment.com/category/universal-parts/electronics/sensors/temp-sensors/t1-fast-at.html I'll be installing a T1 sensor into the TGV delete's right near the port face. With both installed I'll be able to see the difference between the two and then decide which will be best to use when I switch my setup over to modelled fuel mode. I'm expecting if the T1 sensor works well I'll be able to have my charge temp table mostly biased towards IAT
  6. JMP

    Laggy PCLink software

    Thanks guys, the display scaling being set to 100% sorted the issue with no outline being visible when resizing. I noticed most of the lag at startup is when the top right corner says "calculating", it becomes usable when that starts displaying numbers.
  7. JMP

    Fuel map no change

    Change your master fuel trim from 50 to 0 Change the Min Effective Pulse Width from 1.0112 to 0.125 Your deadtime table doesn't exactly match what ID have in their ID1000 Link configuration excel file, but it's not too far off in the normal operating range http://help.injectordynamics.com/helpdesk/attachments/4034685630 Your Short Pulsewidth adder table isn't configured but that wont be causing this issue Change the Injector Timing from 470 to 400 From there I'd reduce the fuel master from 20 to around 10 and then bump the Fuel Table 1 figures up until it runs.
  8. JMP

    PC link - Windows CE based double din radio

    Anything WinCE will not work with PClink
  9. JMP

    PC link - Windows CE based double din radio

    WinCE 6 is different to normal Windows, it doesn't run Win32 applications like PClink.
  10. JMP

    About the mounting position of the IAT sensor

    yes, using the charge temp table with the warmup and IAT tables are zero'd out. I've got enough inputs so I think I'll add one in the runner and another pre throttle. More data's always better
  11. JMP

    PC link - Windows CE based double din radio

    No chance, closest you could get is if there's a WinCE OBD2 app out there you could hack into the headunit's OS, then configure the G4+ to output OBD2 and devise a way to get the ECU output into the headunit. An easier way would be one of the many double din Andriod headunits, as then you could run Torque on it and with a Bluetooth dongle on the headunit and a Bluetooth OBD2 transceiver, get it all talking
  12. JMP

    About the mounting position of the IAT sensor

    bumping this one up, is there a preferred position for the IAT when operating in modelled fuel mode? I've just switched a turbo 2zz to modelled fuel mode which is fitted with a Bosch TMAP sensor in the intake manifold, but having a fair bit of trouble getting the AFR to remain consistent (ID1050X's, manifold referenced FPR, fully instrumented with fuel pressure/temp sensors etc). I usually fit the IAT in the intercooler pipe just pre-throttle but haven't done a modelled fuel setup before. I'm considering putting one of the T1 Race Developments fast response glass bead sensors into an inlet runner close to the inlet port. Would this be better for the modelled fuel mode than fitting a sensor pre-throttle? I'm guessing there would be less of a span in the charge temp estimate table with a sensor in the runner compared to pre-throttle Sensor I'm referring to: https://www.t1racedevelopment.com/category/universal-parts/electronics/sensors/temp-sensors/t1-fast-at.html
  13. JMP


    The 1zz trigger mode will fire all plastic-intake 1zz's, they all use the same crank and cam pattern. You may find that you get a premature revcut/misfire using the 1zz mode around 4000rpm (I've never had it work on any of the 1zz's I've done), I use the 2nz mode for the crank trigger and the 1zz VVTI setting.
  14. JMP

    Laggy PCLink software

    Tried the basic layout today and it didn't make a difference to mine. Intel HD Graphics 620 controller with driver Win10 Pro 64bit Build 16299. WHQL Drivers, redraw was around the 60hz rate DxDiag.txt
  15. JMP

    Laggy PCLink software

    I've got the same lagging problems across many different laptops with pclink+, don't have the same issues with the old VTS or pclink for G4. Most use the integrated intel graphics, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro3, recent Dell Latitude all on latest Win10 build. Most noticeable at start but after a minute or two it becomes usable. I'm sure it's related to graphics as if you try and move/resize a window at any time (even after it's become functional), the window doesn't show while it's being moved/resized which takes a bit of guess-work to get the move/resize right.