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  1. I'll bet that's your problem, tons of EMI from non resistor plugs
  2. wouldn't happen to be running non-resistor spark plugs?
  3. not the ABS sensor, the speed sender, wire it like this:
  4. R154 VSS interfaces just fine to the link
  5. These guys have a ton of experience making the IS dash's work with different computers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/all4swap/?ref=group_header
  6. it seems to be OK, we had an alternator die at the track and the car still ran consistent AFR as the voltage dropped from 14V down to 10V. If you've got a decent setup in the car currently I'd be inclined to leave it alone for the upcoming long drive though
  7. JMP

    Mixture Map

    I also use TP filters based on whatever condition I'm looking to address, varies depending on car and scenario
  8. JMP

    Mixture Map

    my understanding is Overrun Fuel cut > 0.5 will only show cells where overrun is active. I usually set mine to show Overrun Fuel Cut < 1
  9. S14 cluster is independent of the ECU, just needs tachometer feed from an Aux output of the ECU. I'd go back through the vehicle loom to find out what's been messed with to cause the cluster to not work. aftermarket gauges dont typically run through the ECU, they'll have their own senders. Trace the gauge wiring back through the car and see what's disconnected/missing in terms of loom and senders.
  10. are you pressing enter after typing the trigger offset before closing the box? If you type the number and click into the ignition delay box or even click the "done" button it wont stick. You have to type the number, press enter, then click the done button and do an ECU store (CTRL-S) before it will stick. The offset number box will turn blue after you press enter, then it's ready for you to click done and do a store
  11. to test boost solenoids, I just set the output to PWM test and listen for it clicking. Depending on how you have the solenoid plumbed, if you leave the boost control table set to zero, it will run wastegate spring pressure for boost
  12. you can follow the instructions on AIM's site for Link ECU's here: https://www.aimsports.com/download/ecu/racing/LinkG4+Series_100_eng.pdf
  13. JMP

    1uz with itb's

    personally I'd run a storm as a minimum
  14. that's a standalone display that has it's own sensors, it doesn't interface with an ECU
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