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  1. I've seen 2J's with the stepper wired backwards before, so rpm increased as the idle table numbers were reduced
  2. Doesn't Motec already offer this with their M1 Development ECU's?
  3. revisit the grounding for the LC2
  4. I've got tons of experience with these valves, same as is used on the 1zz, 2zz and v7-9 WRX's. Take the screws out so the back manget/connector section can be removed and check that the mechanism spins freely. It's really common for them to gum up or even become rusted internally and then it doesn't matter what you do trying to control it you will fail. I run then at 250hz and usually need something like a 20% duty control range. Eg, low temps around 60% duty and operating temp around 40% Edit: It may be a two coil type as posted previously, simple enough to check but still worth checking that the control mech can spin freely Edit again: Looking at the ST215 3sgte EWD, the valve only has 1 control wire like the 2zz, 1zz etc.
  5. I don't have any NA basemaps, you'll need to make one yourself based on however the adapter harness has been put together. The monsoon base map would be a good start with the required changes for all the fueling configuration, triggers and dwell Main thing to look out for is the trigger mode, you may find that you end up with a ~4000rpm limit/misfire using the 1zz trigger mode. If this is the case then switch it to the 2NZ trigger mode and an offset of 145 should get you close. The Toyota 1ZZ cam control mode for the vvti works fine, my trigger 2 offset is 51deg ATDC
  6. Sent you a message

  7. I had the same thought, especially when you take into consideration the typical time offset of the wideband reading compared to the other logged values
  8. your log is full of basically the same value as far as I can see. I have noticed in the past that the logging will "hold" and sit on the last value if the screen/pc goes to sleep. What are your power management settings on the tablet?
  9. JMP

    CAN Lambda

    did you drop or knock the sensor at any stage when installing?
  10. JMP

    Question on VVTi on basemap

    not really sure why you're referencing the 1uz basemap for a 1zz... Take a powerfc 1zz vvt map and translate that across to work. In Datalogit or the hand controller, a value of 50 is equivalent to zero cam advance in the Link. So you export the powerfc vvt table to excel, then do some simple math to subtract the table value from 50, and you will have the equivalent Link advance number. The challenge will be the powerfc load values don't correlate easily, but once you see the shape of the vvt table with regard to RPM it's easy enough to get in the ballpark for a Link table.
  11. JMP

    Question on VVTi on basemap

    if you match the axis with your fuel table it will be a lot easier to get your fuel tuning right
  12. on a second look this morning, your tuner has also used both the charge temp approximation table and the IAT Fuel Trim Table, without much correlation between the two. Same with using modeled fuel mode and the warm up enrichment table is still in use as you would in a traditional fuel mode setup. whole map/config likely needs revisiting
  13. your tuner seems to like having massive steps of advance in the timing and vvt tables... Is it a pig to cruise around moving between 1500-2000rpm?
  14. the expensive option is a surface go with travel adapter for permanent power, running pclink. There are some smaller windows 10 8" tablets still available out of china
  15. yes, I've done it many times. Follow the attached guide and it will work perfectly ae86 gze tacho translated final.pdf
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