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    [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    is that when the screen has gone off or does the tablet go to sleep? There's quite a few power management settings in Windows that could cause it to stop logging while the screen is off
  2. JMP

    ECU afr not matching stand alone gaugue

    I grounded my LC1 to the engine block, ground offset is a massive pain with them
  3. JMP

    ECU afr not matching stand alone gaugue

    I'd trust the ECU reading more than the gauge, a 1V span for your AFR is quite small and will be massively impacted by any ground offsets. When you connect to the LC2 with the laptop, how does the reading in the innovate software compare to what you're seeing in PClink?
  4. I've had it working on Windows 10 via USB with no issues, just followed the instructions in the 1st post. That was on the g4+ plugin in my daily driver and on another g4+ Xtreme. It didn't work on my G4+ Storm as that doesn't have the datastream mode required
  5. JMP

    VVTi - link to TP% or MAP?

    I'm working through a new map for a turbo 1zz I've been tinkering with for many years. When I next get to the dyno I'll be trying a 4D fueling setup, with MPG for the main table, TPS for the 4D table, and TPS for the VVT table. Will be tuning the main fuel table with the VVT and 4D tables zero'd out, when the main table is done I'll then do the VVT and 4D tables after that. If that doesn't work out nicely I'll give it a go with TPS as the load axis for the main fuel table with a BAP/MAP XOver equation load source. Have had the turbo setup running for years with the VVT load set to TPS and Fuel table as MAP, but looking to make it a bit cleaner
  6. JMP

    Questions about the capabilities of a WRX9+ G4+

    using a single tuned map you can easily have it range between 300-600hp, simply by leveraging Link's boost control. You don't need to be switching fuel and ignition maps for different power levels. What ECU does your tuner recommend?
  7. JMP

    Question about IPW adder table

    you after the ID1300x or ID1300x2? I used the figures from ID/T1Race for a set of ID1300x2 with an xtreme and they work perfectly
  8. JMP


    you need to check how you've got your ECU logging configured along with the mixture map configuration. Also keep in mind you have the math function available for single cell tuning by pressing the M key when a cell in the fuel table is selected
  9. JMP


    I'd avoid using the auto tune function if you're not using a dyno to progressively work through the map. On the street it will just make a mess of your map and it looks like you're already getting some very large steps in the fuel map around idle. Mixture map with decent filtering is a better solution for street tuning
  10. JMP


    looks like you'll need to do some configuration of the knock control setup, you've got cylinders reading way over your knock target at idle. To add another row/column to any of the tuning tables, select the table and press X, then hit the green plus icon for the axis you want to add to and type in the value you want.
  11. JMP


    I'd get it running and let it warm up, then adjust the master so the fueling is roughly right, then you can start the fuel map tuning. The 1zz turbo I'm currently working on has Deatschwerks 60lb injectors on the stock returnless fuel system and it needed a master of around 8ms for the idle cell values to be around 30 for a petrol AFR of 14.4 in traditional fuel mode
  12. JMP


    you didn't have the either CAN channel setup to receive lambda from the AEM. I followed the instructions in the Link help file for the AEM gauge and set it up on CAN2 to receive User Stream 2, as your config already has some stuff setup to transmit on CAN1. Don't use closed loop fueling while you're trying to dial in the fuel map, you'll just end up chasing your tail. Only enable closed loop once the fuel map is fully tuned. 1zzboomlangwith5barMAPrepinned_CAN2_Configured.pclr
  13. JMP

    What ecu for dual DBW

    a Thunder would be my choice, no need for external controllers or extra complications: https://www.linkecu.com/products/wirein-ecus/g4-thunder/
  14. JMP


    does the map sensor calibration succeed? the vacuum reading at idle seems off. The turbo 1zz I've got here idles with a MAP of 25kpa , yours is idling around 85kpa. If it was my car I'd rewire your harness to have the ECT and IAT sensors connect to the analog temp inputs instead of the AN Volt inputs. Then you can use the built-in Bosch NTC calibration and 1K pullup resistor
  15. damn, was looking at a dash solution for one of them so I'll use an Arduino with the can stream to get this working which may turn out to be a better long term solution
  16. went to test this on one of my cars that runs a G4+ Storm Black today and noticed there's no datastream option in the Configuration Window of PCLink, checked on another car I work on which also uses a G4+ Storm Black and it was also missing there. When I checked on my daily driver that uses a G4+ Plugin it does have the option. Is there a limitation on the G4+ Storm, or some other way I can get it to work?
  17. Awesome, thanks Adam! I'll have a look through the list to see if it's possible to display the lambda coming in via CAN
  18. JMP

    Trig1 error when VVT control on

    Have you tried the "Mx5 VVTi" trigger mode with both triggers set to rising?
  19. that's really disappointing, the main reason I was wanting to use it was to display lambda
  20. had the same issue with AFR not displaying, I'm waiting for a new tablet to arrive before I look into it more
  21. JMP


    You need to use a map sensor for it to work. Your engine will have a 36-2 sensor which will work perfectly. It's a massive pain to change the trigger wheel on the crank if you wanted to change to a 36-4(timing cover off, timing chain off etc). It's unusual that boomslang configured the loom to use AN Volt inputs rather than the dedicated analogue temperature inputs, hopefully they have wired in the pullup required when using the regular AN Volt inputs for temperature sensors. Adam's file is still setup for a 3bar Link MAP sensor connected to AN Volt 2, I've updated it with the configuration for your AEM 3.5bar sensor. Your next steps are - wire the map sensor to the AN Volt 2 and connect it to the plenum post-throttle body. I use the port on the plenum which used to go to the charcoal cannister VSV. - load the provided file and perform a TPS and MAP sensor calibration. - do a base timing check with a timing light to ensure the ignition offset is correct (your map is set to 140, I find most 1zz's are around 145) - Get the engine running by adjusting the "Master Fuel" number under fuel main if it doesn't fire straight up - Ensure the AFR is in an acceptable range with your wideband (you have a wideband connected to the fury right?) - Use the Cam Angle Test in the VVT Setup menu to confirm the Trigger 2 VVT Offset is set correctly (your map is set to 47.7, the last one I did ended up at 51) - Configure the Trigger 1 and Trigger 2 Arming Threshold tables using data from the Trigger Scope With all that done it will be ready to start tuning and you will have very few further issues. On the 1zz's I've done, I use the "Toyota 1ZZ" Cam Control Mode combined with the "Toyota 2NZ VVTi" trigger mode. I've never used the "Toyota 2NZ-FE" Cam Control Mode your map was configured with. 1zzbasemapBoomslang (3).pclr
  22. JMP

    Wheel speed issue

    what sort of speed sensor do you have connected to DI5? Is the pullup enabled?
  23. will borrow a HoloLens from work to see how it looks on that given it's supported
  24. JMP

    Ecu disconnecting under load.

    non-resistor plugs in the engine?
  25. JMP

    4age 16V smallport questions

    If you're doing a patch loom, I'd strongly recommend grabbing something like a G4+ monsoon or storm, then you have more options to take the ECU with you in the future. Base maps for the 4age's are pretty simple, follow the 4age config info in the help file, put some sensible numbers in the ignition table, grab a fuel table from one of the other NA 4 cylinder base maps supplied with pclink that use traditional fuel mode and use the default cold-start/warmup enrichment settings. You could also take the opportunity to modify the wiring for the injectors to change it from batch fired to sequential. Turned out I still had a copy of an ECU header plug for the gen 1 MR2 so that's also attached for your reference