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  1. S14 cluster is independent of the ECU, just needs tachometer feed from an Aux output of the ECU.  I'd go back through the vehicle loom to find out what's been messed with to cause the cluster to not work.

    aftermarket gauges dont typically run through the ECU, they'll have their own senders.  Trace the gauge wiring back through the car and see what's disconnected/missing in terms of loom and senders.

  2. are you pressing enter after typing the trigger offset before closing the box?  If you type the number and click into the ignition delay box or even click the "done" button it wont stick.  You have to type the number, press enter, then click the done button and do an ECU store (CTRL-S) before it will stick.  The offset number box will turn blue after you press enter, then it's ready for you to click done and do a store

  3. you want the ECU to be reading the same voltage your injectors and ignition system are receiving.  In older toyota's like that I've found tarnished/hot relay and fuse contacts can cause a voltage drop, along with corroded ground points from battery to chassis and engine to chassis etc.  Trace the circuits back one by one through their junction points in the chassis and you'll slowly identify the source of the drop


  4. probably not useful for you but as an indication I've got the following :

    290cc 1zzfe injectors have a deadtime of 0.608msec at 14V

    349cc 2zzge injectors have a deadtime of 0.93msec at 14V

    But as posted above, you can start with around 1msec at 14V and then vary the system voltage adjusting the deadtimes at each breakpoint to maintain consistent AFR.

    I've got a big DC power supply that I connect in place of the alternator when doing that part of the calibration

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