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  1. Thanks guys, the display scaling being set to 100% sorted the issue with no outline being visible when resizing. I noticed most of the lag at startup is when the top right corner says "calculating", it becomes usable when that starts displaying numbers.
  2. Change your master fuel trim from 50 to 0 Change the Min Effective Pulse Width from 1.0112 to 0.125 Your deadtime table doesn't exactly match what ID have in their ID1000 Link configuration excel file, but it's not too far off in the normal operating range http://help.injectordynamics.com/helpdesk/attachments/4034685630 Your Short Pulsewidth adder table isn't configured but that wont be causing this issue Change the Injector Timing from 470 to 400 From there I'd reduce the fuel master from 20 to around 10 and then bump the Fuel Table 1 figures up until it runs.
  3. Anything WinCE will not work with PClink
  4. WinCE 6 is different to normal Windows, it doesn't run Win32 applications like PClink.
  5. yes, using the charge temp table with the warmup and IAT tables are zero'd out. I've got enough inputs so I think I'll add one in the runner and another pre throttle. More data's always better
  6. No chance, closest you could get is if there's a WinCE OBD2 app out there you could hack into the headunit's OS, then configure the G4+ to output OBD2 and devise a way to get the ECU output into the headunit. An easier way would be one of the many double din Andriod headunits, as then you could run Torque on it and with a Bluetooth dongle on the headunit and a Bluetooth OBD2 transceiver, get it all talking
  7. bumping this one up, is there a preferred position for the IAT when operating in modelled fuel mode? I've just switched a turbo 2zz to modelled fuel mode which is fitted with a Bosch TMAP sensor in the intake manifold, but having a fair bit of trouble getting the AFR to remain consistent (ID1050X's, manifold referenced FPR, fully instrumented with fuel pressure/temp sensors etc). I usually fit the IAT in the intercooler pipe just pre-throttle but haven't done a modelled fuel setup before. I'm considering putting one of the T1 Race Developments fast response glass bead sensors into an inlet runner close to the inlet port. Would this be better for the modelled fuel mode than fitting a sensor pre-throttle? I'm guessing there would be less of a span in the charge temp estimate table with a sensor in the runner compared to pre-throttle Sensor I'm referring to: https://www.t1racedevelopment.com/category/universal-parts/electronics/sensors/temp-sensors/t1-fast-at.html
  8. JMP


    The 1zz trigger mode will fire all plastic-intake 1zz's, they all use the same crank and cam pattern. You may find that you get a premature revcut/misfire using the 1zz mode around 4000rpm (I've never had it work on any of the 1zz's I've done), I use the 2nz mode for the crank trigger and the 1zz VVTI setting.
  9. Tried the basic layout today and it didn't make a difference to mine. Intel HD Graphics 620 controller with driver Win10 Pro 64bit Build 16299. WHQL Drivers, redraw was around the 60hz rate DxDiag.txt
  10. I've got the same lagging problems across many different laptops with pclink+, don't have the same issues with the old VTS or pclink for G4. Most use the integrated intel graphics, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro3, recent Dell Latitude all on latest Win10 build. Most noticeable at start but after a minute or two it becomes usable. I'm sure it's related to graphics as if you try and move/resize a window at any time (even after it's become functional), the window doesn't show while it's being moved/resized which takes a bit of guess-work to get the move/resize right.
  11. in that case, you will need a tach booster, like this: Where it says "Tach in from ignitor", that's the ECU tach output
  12. I might have missed it, but what car is the engine in? Depending on what the tacho originally saw, you may need to add a tacho booster to drive it from the ECU output. I had to do this with my old MX83
  13. that's not how I wire fuel pump relays... put one side of the fuel pump relay coil to ignition switched 12V, connect the other side of the coil to Aux 1 and set Aux 1 as fuel pump with a low side drive.
  14. IMO, any "Tuner" worth their salt can tune a Link, sure it's not as easy as the canned stuff but it's not different to the rest of the major players in the standalone world
  15. are you going to use just the charge temp table or the IAT and ECT correction tables? Looks like you're using all at the moment, which can make things more difficult to get right. Using the STI MAF's IAT isn't ideal but you may have more success using only the charge temp table if you're not going to install an IAT sensor in the manifold or just before the throttle body. It's potentially worth trying to find a better tuner as there is a lot to be corrected in your existing setup.
  16. you can input your own sensor calibrations so you can use virtually any sensor, the Bosch sensors will work fine. For the LSU you will need an external controller and wire that to one of the analogue inputs
  17. run a BSPT adapter elbow out of the block to a line with a decent sender mounted away from the PS/AC bracket, or grab a defi/greddy pressure sender which is already BSPT and will screw straight into the block behind the bracket
  18. I'd go back to basics and get it working in open loop first which will help you get your base table right. The 1000rpm ignition column values at low load wont be helping your idle stability either
  19. Yep, very annoying. I bought a bunch of the plugs by themselves to avoid this issue with the link supplied cables. From Mouser it's part number AU-06BFFA-LL7001
  20. so there's only 2 wires in the plug at the ecu end? or are there other wires in the remaining pins which aren't connected. Can only have the two CAN wires populated in the plug, any other flying leads off the extra pins will cause you problems
  21. JMP

    Slow cranking

    the one I did had caldina ST215 550cc injectors and a walbro pump in the stock dead-end fuel system, stock static fuel pressure which wasn't boost referenced. The map sensor is a generic 3bar GM sensor and IAT is a vipec sensor. MAF wasn't used at all. It also had an LC-1 wideband and the stock narrowband deleted. Idle control was with the stock idle solenoid which is a simple 3 wire solenoid, power, signal and ground. I put wideband's in every car I fit aftermarket ECU's to, used for closed loop fuel trim and logging
  22. JMP

    Slow cranking

    the 1zz turbo I did was a completely stock long motor, has been turbocharged for 10 years now and done more than 100,000km with forced induction. I 2nd Shedley's post about getting the fuel and ignition maps tuned first
  23. JMP

    Slow cranking

    try setting your cranking ignition to 10deg or less. This turbo 1zz had 12deg of ignition timing during cranking:
  24. I don't use either for low load stuff with my EJ257, I just use traditional logging and review through a few iterations. Be wary of the impact your cam timing has depending on how you have your tables configured (tps v's rpm or map v's rpm etc)
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