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  1. René mentioned he was able to perform the update by reinstalling the Link software at its default location. The engine is running again - Thanks guys.
  2. Hi, A friend tried to update the firmware on his G4+ Xtreme and things went wrong. Here is some message error he gets on his laptop : "ECU is running in........BOOT MODEWarning: Last update was not complete. Engine will not start in this mode. Continue with update to boot main code.Current ECU firmware information -----------------------ECU firmware version : Version : 1.6Board S/N : (note : I blanked this)ECU type : (note : I blanked this)Read the version notes before proceeding" As he launches the update, he then gets : "an error ocurred which interrupted the firmware downloadplease run the firmware loader again.Cannot create file "c:\Program Files (x86\Link G4\PCLink G4+\Firmware\tempqw". Access refused" Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Agreed, Dave helped me many times on several issues and always got me through. Without his nearly constant availability and his assistance, the Vi-PEC/Link G4 software would not be such a pleasure to use. Thanks Dave.
  4. Thom

    Unlock ECU

    Got the code earlier today from Link UK. Thanks!
  5. Thom

    Unlock ECU

    Hi everyone, I am helping out a friend to set up a Link G4+ Extreme on his Audi RS2 and when launching the software online we are asked a code to enable the ECU. Can someone please point me towards the right person to contact to get this code. Sorry if this is not the right place for asking this, but since I am a Vi-PEC user I thought I would try here. Thanks, Thom
  6. Agreed Dave, and sorry - I had overlooked the initial issue, but it made me think of an issue I have, and which I think coud be relevant to this topic, if you don't mind me posting here : I do not get any wheel spin in 3rd or 4th gear, but since the turbo loads quite a bit earlier in 4th gear, I was thinking that it would be great to be able to use separate values of PID for 3rd gear to improve spool in 3rd gear. Since this is not possible, and if I follow the logic behind the existing two gear trim tables, then I can increase the trim in 3rd gear by pondering the duty cycle table to get a sharper boost build up during Stage 1 and 2. However, by doing this, will D be still high enough to avoid any boost spike in 3rd gear? Inversely, isn't P still going to be "too high" for 3rd gear? The point I'm trying to make here is that we use the same P & D values for boost curves between gears that will necessarily not have the same sharpness from one gear to another. Sorry for splitting hair, but Close loop boost control used to give me a hard time until I eventually figured out I needed a soft WG spring, and I have become a bit maniac on this topic ;-p
  7. Hi Dave, Here is what's mentioned in the Help file : "With a base duty cycle of 50%, a proportional gain of 5.0 and a current error of 10kPa, the base duty will be trimmed to 55% = (50 + (5.0 * -10 * 0.1%)" Since P directly ponderates the value of the base duty cycle, trimming the DC table (in function of gear or whatever) has the same result as modifying P would, but the Maths show, looking by the formula, that ponderating P (& also D) in function of gears would allow smoothening the boost curve with more finesse than ponderating the base duty cycle in function of gears, especially during the most relevant Stage 2 of the closed loop algorithm, when both P & D are active.
  8. Trimming boost with either the Boost Gear Target Trim Table or the Boost Gear Wastegate Trim Table kind of throws out of the window the logic behind the PID settings from the closed loop boost control, as pondering the values in both tables before peak boost is reached is pretty much like modifying P & D. As far as I have noticed it is not possible to trim P & D directly in function of gear, but this would make things a lot easier when controlling boost in closed loop...
  9. Hello, Is there a way to dial in some kind of deceleration enleanment using the rate of decrease of TPS percentage? Thanks
  10. Hi Dave, It works, thank you. Really sorry to hear about your health issues, a double stroke is something serious!! Best wishes for a full & quick recovery. BR, Thom
  11. Thanks Dave. Yes I know it works for a Dial Gauge, as explained in the Help files, but surely there must be a way to adjust this with a Digital Gauge as well, as when I'm not Online the gauge shows a black background...? Thanks.
  12. Hello, I have searched for this through the help files with no success. When setting up a Digital Gauge, there is no mention on how to adjust the level past which the data will be displayed in a red background colour. The closest I think I have found to this topic was adjusting the values in the "Fault Settings" window, but it made no difference, and my EGT digital gauge keeps displaying in a red background even when EGT is below 500°C... Thanks.
  13. Thom

    idle help

    Hi, What model of Bosch 3-wire solenoid do you use? On my car I use the old Porsche style unit, which allows for a very good finesse of adjustment. It is running in closed loop, with PID all zero'd as they have never needed to be adjusted. I did have the problem with the RPM staying "high", above 1600 rpm, when closing the throttle (with the car still moving and dpressing the clutch), but solved it by reducing the Speed lockout to a very low value (3 km/h). What happens if you try a value lower than 25 for the Speed Lock Out? Engine CR is 8:1 Then on another car I still have the same problem with the engine speed not going back to idle level when closing the throttle with the car still moving. If I'm in overrun mode (TPS 0%) then depress the clutch to let the engine go down to idle speed, it will keep running at 2k rpm until I blip the throttle again, after which it will run down to idle speed. That is using a 4-wire stepper motor. Idle is running in Open Loop as PID idle settings don't seem to have any kind of effect whatsoever over the Open Loop mode. I suspect faulty grounds and/or a stepper motor that is not reactive enough. Engine CR is 11:1
  14. Yes, that may be incorrect. I can't remember the actual size, but exhaust valves are 40mm. Exhaust runners may be very close to this value.
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