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  1. Simon

    Audi TT 1.8 20V Trigger errors

    Can you go to the Help menu and about and check the PC link version and also the ECU firmware version.
  2. Simon

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Hi Richard, This would be normal to me as you are not using the Idle control mode that the status is linked to it is expecting there to be an output for ISC solenoid of stepper.
  3. Simon

    Boost kpa psi or bar

    You only get kpa or psi as an option
  4. Simon

    Link V4 on 3tgte

    2 teeth in crank would match a 4 tooth on cam. So assuming your dizzy has 4 teeth currently then 2 on crank is correct. You will want the tooth crossing the sensor at between 0-10 degrees BTC this will set your base timing (timing motor will crank at) If you can design in some adjustment would be ideal.
  5. Simon

    Can Lambda G4

    Any controller with a 0-5V output would be compatible with the G4 provided you have a free AN volt channel.
  6. Simon

    Hayabusa turbo

    That would be the best way as it avoids using up the AN volt inputs. (which would still need an amplifier)
  7. Simon

    Porsche 964 Ignition modules

    Yep those are totally fine to use with the G4+ Storm.
  8. Simon

    Big throttle body Subaru V7 on V6

    Unfortunately I don't have a pinout for the idle solenoid or TPS but these will match factory, TPS will have 5V ground and signal , The solenoid will be 12V, ground and signal from ECU. In the ECU settings you will need to turn off the stepper setting on Aux 5,6,7 and 8 then one will be assigned as ISC solenoid (the one you have wired the solenoid back to)
  9. Simon

    ID1000's I'm confused

    The short pulse width table has no need to be a 3D table as it is ms based.
  10. Simon

    G4+ monsoon aux and DI

    Correct if either condition is not met it will switch the output off
  11. Simon

    Big throttle body Subaru V7 on V6

    Yep that could be done no problem. You will be going from a stepper idle control to a solenoid so will actually free up a bunch of outputs. Just a case of wiring to suit and then a slight reconfigure in PC link
  12. Simon

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    We are aware there can be improvements made to boost control but it is a major undertaking so is not likely to be done for some time.
  13. Simon

    R32 GTR issues

    The vi-pec ran the same firmware the Link Just the Link units had some stuff turned off. Did you go from V series to a G4+ ? However I would not expect any changes on the Di side. Much more likely there is actually an issue with the input. Getting a scope on to the signal is the only way to confirm this 100%
  14. Simon

    G4 Xtreme Red - ECU Logging

    You could try making the GP output conditional on its self. So that it latches on until the power to the ECU is dropped. Using a virtual for this would also be an idea. From memory the issues we had were when the car was stalled rather than having the power turned off.
  15. Simon

    G4 Xtreme Red - ECU Logging

    There were some issues around logging on the G4 units. First step will be to check that you firmware is current at 4.10.2