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  1. It could well be hardware related. As the ECU temp rises it will expand and if there is a suspect joint its likely to cause issues. There is no firmware control around temp on the Ignition switch input
  2. There might be others that have this down.But I know on some of the earlier BMW applications the BMW mini can stream worked for a lot of the dash data. (e46)
  3. Simon

    R33 GTST IAT wiring

    Temp 1 and 2 have selectable pullups 3 and 4 don't. But if your temp is reading correct you are good to go
  4. Simon

    Can message id

    The Id is user defined. The stream layout can be found in the PC linkhelp file. There are a few different options. Navigation: G4 ECU Tuning Functions > CAN > Device Specific CAN Information
  5. Simon

    G4x xtreme

    Will be a slight increase in price. Trim correction is on the wishlist so not there currently but likely to happen.
  6. Just need to have installed in the ECU. You can check current firmware but connecting to ECU and then going to the Help tab and then ECU info.
  7. Aux 11, through to 16 are not connected to an external connector.
  8. Simon

    Another IAT

    You will need a free temp or AN volt channel. On side of the sensor to sensor ground and the other to the input. If using a AN volt you will also need an external pullup to 5V on the singnal
  9. So do you have a serial link currently? (they are still available) Not all G1 units were able to be PC tuned and it is dependent on the firmware. TO check this see if you can see a sticker on the main micro and put those details up and we can advise.
  10. The Offset figure will depend on which cam tooth has been removed. But this can be found relatively quickly when doing the timing calibration. Also note that you will need to change the wiring for the Tacho to a available Aux output on the ECU as in stock format it is driven from the crank signal on our plugin.
  11. Simon

    rb25 no spark

    It comes down to the coil as to what the needed dwell is going to be. I would assume that table is for stock coils. If the dwell is too short you loose spark energy. If it is too long you risk overheating the coils. I would try increased dwell time and see if it improves. While keeping an eye on the coil temps.
  12. Unfortunately there is nothing existing for that. The other Rover patterns are 3 teeth missing at uneven spacing. Maybe adding a tooth back so it becomes 36-1?
  13. Simon

    G4x xtreme

    Number of and type of I/O will be mostly unchanged. Most of the changes will be firmware based.
  14. The Di input can take a ground signal or a 12V input. The help file in the PC link tuning software covers the physical wiring. You will need to assign the gear shift /cut to the Di input and then also have an Aux output assigned to control the shift solenoid.
  15. It will mean you have a free output ready to wire the Tacho to
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