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  1. You will have a back feed to the ECU via one of the Aux outputs. This is where a device has a hot feed that is not switched off with the key such as a boost control solenoid or a fuel pump relay as likely examples. Head to the pc link help file Navigation: G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Auxiliary Outputs > Wiring Auxiliary Outputs
  2. Simon

    Engine won't start , no rpm , no trig2 signal

    There is some noise showing in the trig 2 trace. Could you save the trigger capture as a log so we can then zoom in a bit to check the edges
  3. Simon

    v88 no spark,how to setup trigger audi AAN

    Trigger mode needs to be changed to Multi tooth missing Tooth count 60 missing 2 on crank reluctor. Cam sync mode cam 1x The Dwell is set in the dwell table in the ignition menu. Modified file attached. Timing offset is likely wrong so will have to be set. V88 Audi 5 best guess basic setup.pcl
  4. Simon

    v88 no spark,how to setup trigger audi AAN

    I'm not familiar with that engine but a quick google would make me think its got 5 coils? And given its age would be expecting a 60-2 crank trigger. Can you confirm the number of coils on the engine, Number or teeth on the crank trigger and number of teeth on the cam position.
  5. Simon

    v88 no spark,how to setup trigger audi AAN

    Couple of notes. Firmware in ECU is old if setting it up it would pay to upgrade this now before tuning. Assuming it is a distributor application then yes those settings are suitable.
  6. Simon

    Subaru E-Throttle Dead and Codes

    Yep the AP tracking is going to be an issue and then the ECU is turning off the E throttle relay which the Subaru has external to the ECU so it can actually be controlled.
  7. Simon

    Surging idle off throttle

    Leave the lambda error at 1. Assuming all lambda functions are turned off it should have no effect. Increase your master fuel number and see if it will hold an idle. Being on ITBs you will need to change the main fuel table to TPS.
  8. ECU will have to have to be set as wasted spark. On ignition 4 when in wasted spark mode make sure its function is set too off and not ignition.
  9. Simon

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    If the state is changing in the runtimes the DI is happy. Just realized this is on a thunder and the hold power control is an independent circuit. So a Di is not needed the Ignition switch signal should go to the dedicated pin in the C plug.
  10. Simon

    Trig 1 errors and how the ecu reacts

    Grab a trigger capture and we can have a look at the signal and make some suggestion. PCLr file with it would be great.
  11. Simon

    Rpm > 6200rpm on aux 11

    We would need to see the MAP so we can have a run on the bench and confirm.
  12. Simon

    Trig 1 errors and how the ecu reacts

    If you are seeing a trig 1 error it could be from with trigger input. ECU could be seeing a RPM spike and turning on a limit which then takes time to deactivate (settings dependent) If you can take a trigger scope at around 4000RPM it might give some clues.
  13. Simon

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    When you turn the key off what voltage is the ECU seeing? It does sound very much like a back feed.
  14. Simon

    1991 R32 GTR - No spark, ECU disconnects

    Try putting a temporary ground on to pin 16, This is the control pin for the ECCS relay and when at ground the relay should stay on. Then make sure the voltage at pins 49 and 59 stay at battery voltage at all times. Also check you have power to the CAS during crank should match battery voltage
  15. Simon

    Looking for a large Roadrace, Drift or Autocross Log

    Best bet will be to download the software and have a read of the help section on logging both PC and ECU logging this will give you what the system is capable.