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  1. The biggest issue these suffered from was bad earths. Check for any burnt tracks on the PCB or solder joint issues. Often fresh earths were run from the ECU to the block to sort issues back in the day.
  2. You will need to have the PC link software installed. If you have all the data for the injectors then there are tables for dead time and short pulse width that can be filled in. Best start is to get the PC software installed and start working through the help file.
  3. Simon

    cruise control BMW e46

    This is going to need someone that has looked at this or the information available on a stock car. We have not done any inhouse work with the E46 so don't have any information available.
  4. Not that we have seen. It could help if you were suffering from electrical noise.
  5. You will put batt voltage as one of your axis's and can turn other of or might set up for engine speed or maybe load Then the table sets the pulse width of the PWM signal
  6. Simon

    connecting to pc link

    What cable are you using on the end of the CANPCB cable? If using the CANDASH it will drop coms due to the TX and RX serial signal also being in that loom. Way to solve is to remove the TX and RX wires at the PCB connector or use a CAN F connector and only join the CAN wires.
  7. Di7 is the Idle switch on pin 54, Di11 is not connected
  8. Simon

    G4X trigger Error

    From what I can see it looks to loose triggers but suddenly. Arvin 4efte.pclx 4e idle and shut down.llgx Then in the log of it cranking and no start it is getting no triggers again.
  9. You just need a switch wired in to a Di input on the ECU. AC is often used as this is already wired, the switches you mention are not tied into the ECU but you could add one in no problem. The XS loom often makes this an easier task.
  10. It would be relatively unlikely. It will have bugs resolved where possible. But new features wont be added.
  11. Sensor polarity and the arming voltages will be critical it could be that at the 0.6V you are getting background noise I would expect bigger voltages off the sensor when its crank driven. If you have a external scope to actually measure the signal would be additionally useful.
  12. The trigger scope is going to be key. The G4X is much more sensitive to trigger problems if it detects errors it will not fire the ignition. It also has extra checks around detecting the gap that the + didn't do. Where as the G4+ could have issues but continue running with out them being noticed.
  13. Tune and a trigger scope (log) during crank would be the go on this one.
  14. Simon


    Trig 1 error Trig 1 and 2 signal Dwell Lambda Inj PW and Ignition angle would be the main ones, But its often better to do a PC log and log all parameters.
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