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  1. Yes 40-1 is suitable from our end but is not really a common choice. 36-1or2 or 60-2 are the most common multi tooth missing arrangements.
  2. Its a G4+ so you will ned the latest PC link which is currently 5.6.6 http://www.linkecu.com/pclink/PCLink G4+ EN-JP V5.6.6.3601 Setup.exe
  3. Simon

    Trigger Error

    What coils have you converted to and do they have a built in igniter?
  4. Simon


    The plugin base map packaged with the PC link download would be a perfect starting point for that.
  5. We will need to identify the generation of ECU as a first step. As there is different software for the different generations. A photo of the unit with lid off would be the best bet to identify it.
  6. Would be keen to confirm PC link version and the ECU firmware
  7. Simon

    Newbie switch question

    We can deal with either option. If switching to ground then the Di will need the pullup turned on, If switching 12V then pullup will need to be turned off on the Di.
  8. Simon

    B18C Link G4+

    Moving the distributor will effect the rotor offset and you could end up with the rotor not pointing at a HT tower when its trying to fire.
  9. Simon

    Color Cross Hair

    We have it on the wish list but it is going to be one of the lower priority items.
  10. The switch could be wired to a Di and then that will activate a AUX out to switch the solenoid. Should work well.
  11. Simon

    Zeitronix WideBand

    If the unit runs full scale then the way to avoid this is to set you error low value to 0. This will stop the ECU fault code.
  12. Hi, No that is new. It might indicate the corruption is happening during the download. Do you have any PC link connection issues where it might drop the connection?
  13. Simon

    Color Cross Hair

    No changes have been made.
  14. Sensor wise the IATB is the pick its the fastest responding and tends to be more reliable. But its at the cost of being harder to mount. I have seen them in the end tank and working well.
  15. The main board has it all there but it's just not wired to the outside world. You can attach directly to the pins but will void the warranty. Or we can do it for you to retain the warranty.
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