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  1. Jzx110 E throttle set up questions

    The hum is normal you can adjust the E throttle frequency to see if this can be reduced, It is typical for it to run warm. What you are seeing in the runtimes is normal.
  2. Link identification !!

    Switch 1 moves 1 tooth 2 is 2 teeth 3 is 4 teeth 4 is 8 teeth The total is the sum of all switches turned on. Generally theses boards were expecting a gap at about 60deg before TDC #1
  3. Link identification !!

    Sequential is not really worth the worry as the ECU reverts to group fire above idle. I would just do a reload and then check timing. (switches on subboard adjust timing. The more on the more retard.) Then adjust master to get a suitable level of fuel at idle and then tune from there.
  4. G4 storm onboard map sensor

    Flick us an email tech@linkecu.com it will depend on the sensor range you want to go for.
  5. Link identification !!

    Circled them in red in the top left corner as picture is viewed.
  6. Can I adjust speedo?

    Its a function in the ECU. On the Digital input there is a calibration figure. Adjusting this allows for different wheel sizes. A Digital Input may be connected to an electronic wheel speed or vehicle speed sensor (typically located near the output of the gearbox, or as an output from the vehicle dash board) to enable speed to be calculated. These Digital Inputs can then be used to configure the Driven and Non-Driven Speed Sources. The Calibration number allows the ECU to calculate speed in km/h. Note: In some cases erratic speed signals can occur due to unusual speed signal shapes. Changing from Rising Edge to Falling Edge or vice versa may help with this problem. This problem usually presents as random spikes of increased speed. Set-up Procedure: The Calibration number is the number of pulses received over a 100 m distance. Method 1: Drive the vehicle at a known speed and adjust the calibration number until the Vehicle Speed Runtime Value displays correct. Method 2: Wheel Speed Sensors Only. Calibration Number = (Number of Sensor Teeth / Wheel Diameter) * 31.83. Note that wheel diameter is in meters (m). Typical values for speed calibration numbers range from about 170 to 280. The maximum frequency the digital input can accept is 500 Hz. Note: Wheel Speeds can be checked in the Runtime Values Digital Inputs tab
  7. G4 storm onboard map sensor

    Preference would be for us to do it but it is something that a someone with suitable tools can also do with out to much trouble.
  8. Can I adjust speedo?

    If you are changing tire size you would be better to rescale the digital input calibration so then the ECU is reading the correct speed and just passing it through.
  9. Link identification !!

    They are 2R2 1watt resistors generally when these are burnt out it indicates another issue, the most common is the unit has been over voltage. Generally there will be other damage that as caused the excessive current draw.
  10. Link identification !!

    That there is a G1 Linkplus to suit a 60-2 trigger wheel reluctor on a 4 cylinder application. The manual can be found http://forums.linkecu.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2537 I also suspect that is not a functional unit as there are two resistors missing on the main power supply input so would be very surprised if it functions at all.
  11. G4 storm onboard map sensor

    Yes this can be done the 4bar or 7 bar options being the easiest as they come in the same package as the 2.5
  12. VAG E-Throttle PID Settings

    What happens if you are on open loop idle control? So that the requested throttle position is static?
  13. Extra secondary injectors on 13B

    Yep just a case of adjusting the staging figures to suit the changed ratio.
  14. Innovate Wideband LC-2 VS MTX-L

    What ECU are you trying to wire the units up to?
  15. F20c trigger setup

    Inlet cam is used the exhaust is not required.