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  1. It would be relatively unlikely. It will have bugs resolved where possible. But new features wont be added.
  2. Sensor polarity and the arming voltages will be critical it could be that at the 0.6V you are getting background noise I would expect bigger voltages off the sensor when its crank driven. If you have a external scope to actually measure the signal would be additionally useful.
  3. The trigger scope is going to be key. The G4X is much more sensitive to trigger problems if it detects errors it will not fire the ignition. It also has extra checks around detecting the gap that the + didn't do. Where as the G4+ could have issues but continue running with out them being noticed.
  4. Tune and a trigger scope (log) during crank would be the go on this one.
  5. Simon


    Trig 1 error Trig 1 and 2 signal Dwell Lambda Inj PW and Ignition angle would be the main ones, But its often better to do a PC log and log all parameters.
  6. If you head to page 40 of the manual it will have you covered. http://forums.linkecu.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2537
  7. Simon

    Speed sensor

    Switching point on the Di inputs is 1.5V so as long as either sensor is switching above and then below 1.5V it should pick the signal up.
  8. Simon

    Dbw s15link

    Should have this sorted now.
  9. Simon

    Dbw s15link

    Yeah we can modify the board to bring out the required channels but it does require a trip back to NZ for this.
  10. Have you tried going in the other direction with less additional fuel. Check you are getting RPM and no trig 1 errors during crank. Make sure ECU is staying on line during crank. Take a log and post with a copy of your map.
  11. Simon

    galant vr4 2.0t

    Can be done with some modifications to the board.
  12. AN volt 11 is the map signal in the file Adam sent. Once you have loaded the file to your ECU clear the errors and see if it returns.
  13. Simon

    Fury or thunder X

    Fury will be up on the web site as soon as it is. Thunder is a much longer wait.
  14. Not easy to. The cluster uses a unique too Toyota coms protocol. Our Altezza plugin has a bunch of additional hardware just for the Toyota coms. There might be other options but not that I have come across
  15. CAN2 is also terminated
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