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  1. If you use the GTS base file this will get you to the same point as pre restore.
  2. Yes I think you could remove some. Worst case you can always put them back in if required. In our playing around we actually ran our test engine on 4 cells and it was remarkable how well it worked.
  3. You can choose to remove those columns if you wish. They would come in to play during cranking and initial start up as the motor transitions through to idle speed.
  4. Simon

    WRX10 2007 AUX pinout

    We do not have a Aux wired to that pin but if you have a free Aux any where it could certainly be used to switch a vac pump activated with the anti Lag.
  5. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    The engine is stalling due to the GP limit 1 going active. It has a 60s lock out on it so only goes active after 60 seconds of running. The table is all 0 so once active a 100% cut is in place to stop the engine.
  6. Simon

    Wasted spark confirmation g3 lem

    Yes the LEM has to run wasted as it only has 4 ignition drives. It will be wired much like the image but inplace of the 6 channel igniter you have 2x3 channel units. Igniter wiring will match image For the VR sensor I would expect you will be able to find a pinout from the supplier
  7. Simon

    1jz/2jz Which base map and settings?

    That will be fine. The critical bit is to have a match crank and cam trigger form same generation engines So assuming its all non vvt stuff then the base supra map will be a good starting point.
  8. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    A log will be a good help on this if you can do a PC log of all parameters and post / send this in with a matching map
  9. Simon

    G4 Plug in permanently holding inj 3

    I think on the nissan the injectors are hot fed. So will have a permanent fed to them direct from the battery. Generally when a drive is damaged it will short to ground but I would not then expect a back feed. But I do think there is drive damage that will need to be repaired.
  10. Simon

    Log and issues help

    Sounds very much like the TPS channel is either at ground or 5Vs and it is operating on the fault value of 4.99 I would be checking the 3 wires to the TPS for any shorts or broken wires. If you could also connect to the ECU and then save the MAP and post / sent it through it will also have some clues to the TPS issue.
  11. Simon

    GP Speed - DI 1 - Why cant i change to MPH

    If you set the input as a wheel speed and then display the wheel speed from the chassis body menu. It will then change from kph to mph based on the unit settings
  12. Simon

    Fault codes Errors

    It will need to be set as solenoid. But you will have to use Aux 1 for the ISC Slave function. You will likely have to move the function on Aux 1 to one of the other free drives.
  13. Simon

    CAN info needed

    ECU has an internal termination resistor so will not need one fitted at the ECU end. If dash has an internal termination too then no resistors will need to be added.
  14. Simon

    RB25 plugin ecu problem

    The check engine light will depend on how it has been configured. But generally when configured as check engine it will operate like a typical factory setup.
  15. Simon

    Big Block Chevy MSD locked Distributor Trigger setup

    You will have to run tooth per TDC mode with no sync. Trigger points will need to be close to tdc 0-10btdc Rotor will need to be close to a tower too at this point.