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  1. Simon

    How activated VVT on Vw 1.8t v88TB

    If its on off type then there is no map as such. You set the Aux to CAM switched and then assign the conditions you want it to switch under. This would typically be RPM above and below X Y values and TPS above value. With all 3 conditions needing to be met.
  2. Simon

    2grfe Supercharged- Error:2nd cam pulse

    Crank sensor polarity is incorrect which might impact the cam errors. You are also a version or 2 old on the firmware so I would also roll this up to
  3. Simon

    How activated VVT on Vw 1.8t v88TB

    You will need to set up and output for cam control (aux1-4) once an output is assigned you will get a target table. There is of course other VVT settings that will need to be set to match the application.
  4. Simon

    Problem with random E Throttle fault code 76

    Yep has been bench run to confirm pinout and PIDs. It might also be worth rechecking the TPS calibrations are happy at both cold and operating temps. Might be there is some drift with engine temp.
  5. Simon

    Problem with random E Throttle fault code 76

    Unfortunately there is no setting to adjust the tolerance on this. From memory it is about a 2% difference. And it needs to be different for more than 2 seconds. You could check grounds and power supplies to the sensors to confirm that they are remaining the same. Worst case will be to share a signal across both sub and main. (Warning this does reduce the fault checking / safety features)
  6. Simon

    ST185 1zz Coil + Bosch ev14 1000cc injector query

    Hi Expansion ignition plug is as per on the board markings. Typo is in the manual/help file (The proof of this will be to run ignition test Ign 1 should fire coil 1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4) Ignition 1 is wired to both the main header and the expansion connector make sure you only have a connection on one pin. (remove factory wire from main header) Trigger wise you look to be using the stock 3SGTE CAS which should be set as Multi tooth. This set up will be the same as for the 185 or 205 but you might have to move the offset as this could be incorrect. (distributor application have 4 offsets that will work)
  7. Simon

    G4+ Evo 4-8 Plugin, Speed Sources and E-Throttle

    The slip filter is like a damper function bigger the number the more damping. On the plugin the power supply is pre wired for Aux 9/10 all you need is an aux out assigned as the control (ideal for a virtual aux)
  8. Simon

    3T-GTE Ignition Systems

    I would go with both coil posts to the one cylinder and then treat as a conventional coil set up. We have done this a lot of the multi plug Porsche engines. One igniter channel per coil is required.
  9. Simon

    Ling G4+ PnP Evo 3

    We will need a bit more info to help on this one. The short answer is yes. But what you should do is attach a copy of the map and a log so we can actually see what is happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A
  10. Simon

    350 GM - Trigger Pickup

    Its likely it will have a Optical/Hall sensor with a 8 tooth chopper disk, Which will be ok for Distributor ignition and group fuel.
  11. Simon

    Need Help ST185 (3sgte) PnP

    So you have it that the engine bursts and then dies?
  12. It might not be a direct swap as they might sync from a different point to us. Best to check it with a light. Turn the fuel off and then crank engine move as required to get timing close. Get engine running then recheck at 2000rpm
  13. Simon

    MX5 Link Inj 5,6,7,8 pins

    8 Cylinder, firing order 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2. Pairs as per OEM Toyota 1UZFE wiring. · Injector drive 1 is wired to injectors for cylinders 1 and 7. · Injector drive 2 is wired to injectors for cylinders 2 and 8. · Injector drive 3 is wired to injectors for cylinders 3 and 5. · Injector drive 4 is wired to injectors for cylinders 4 and 6.
  14. Simon

    ISC with E Throttle?

    You are correct and the bigger the throttle relative to the engine size the harder the control get for idle over E throttle. It is a nice option to have a dedicated Idle solenoid particularly if its a smaller cc engine with a large throttle. ECU wise you can have E throttle and then all the idle control done conventionally. All the same idle control options exist on E throttle only.
  15. Simon

    r33 gtr oil temperature enable

    You will first need to confirm if the sender has been wired back to the ECU and if it has what Volt input it is on. You can then set up a cal for that AN volt channel. You will need to know the Voltage to pressure values for a couple of points in the senders range.