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  1. Simon

    CAN Lambda

    Try powering the unit of a jump pack or stand alone battery and if you can try another sensor.
  2. When you click capture on the trigger scope make sure the motor is turning over before you hit the capture button
  3. Yes it is now ok to run the current release.
  4. Were the boost condition also met? as it is in that image you would need to be above 150kpa for it to first activate
  5. Simon

    V1-2 wrx ecu

    You have a number of options. You can use a Link CAN lambda unit and talk to the plugin via CAN, You can use any 3rd party controller that support a 0-5V output and feed this in via a AN volt input (replacing the stock narrow band input is popular) 3rd party controllers that use CAN are also supported.
  6. Simon

    Random RPM Spikes ATOM2

    A image of the trigger signals will be the go. As you have the Atom you don't get the onboard trigger scope so will have to use an external scope or a higher spec ECU to do it
  7. I wouldn't over think the master fuel just lower it till its running ok and tweek as the engine warms up to keep mixtures ok at idle. Can then tune from there.
  8. Simon


    The ECU needs to see a change in voltage level to the Di for the AC request. Ie 12 volts when off and then 0 volts when on. Di then needs to be set to suit this (pull up off on level low) Then you will have a Aux output to control the AC clutch. Have a good read through the PC link tuning software help file. Plenty of wiring and set up information in there
  9. Yep pullup on and falling edge.
  10. On our plugin we swap the ground and signal from the factory CAS. (Honda use the signal inverted to what we do) B15 and B11 are actually connect to ground. You need the signals in on pins 12 tooth to B16 1 tooth to B12
  11. 1. Wont matter as with nothin on it there is no result of it being active or not active. 2. Yes that would be my pick.
  12. If you leave the control solenoid unplugged you will have the cams sitting at a safe position. (or just have the Aux turned off)
  13. It would pay to check the throttle calibration as the TP main and Sub look to be offset by 2.5% at idle which is Not ideal. As an initial start I would back of the Proportional gain to 6
  14. Simon

    Atom Idle issue

    1. yes atom can control the ISC solenoid 2. Yes the A plug is pin compatible 3. Of course First step would be to unplug the IAC and see how it idles
  15. No is the short answer. To and from the ECU there is no provision for any of the Auto coms.
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