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  1. Simon

    help monsoon evo6 4g63 direct fire problem

    Check your timing offset you might be 360 out and firing on the exhaust stroke.
  2. Simon

    G2 MAP sensor Calibrations

    The fact you have a reading of 140kpa would indicate its likely a 2 bar sensor you have got not a 3 bar. Assuming it is not in a fault mode and that is your fault value
  3. Simon

    LS3 cam sensor

    I suspect that is a typo in the manual I would also expect them to be a 12V power supply as per factory.
  4. Simon

    g4+ Plugin v7sti no a/c activation

    The AC request is a 12 volt signal so the pullup should be set to off. Can you confirm your jumper settings and that the jumpers are making contact (maybe slide them on and off a couple of times) Di3 / AC request is via these.
  5. Simon

    Fan Control Help please

    Im assuming you had the engine running and there is only one output assigned as Engine Fan 1?
  6. Simon

    Holden 304 Ignition module

    Yep spot on. Just check that the coil pack is not a smart one with built in igniters
  7. Simon

    Password protection issue

    You will want a CUSB cable. ECU should have the CANBCB cable attached already
  8. Simon

    Holden 304 Ignition module

    Blue to trig 2 Green to trig 1 Assuming V8 application then tooth per TDC trigger mode, Opto hall for both and pullups on. The Force G4+ seems to be an incorrect ECU choice for this application though as this is not a direct injected motor?
  9. Simon

    Fan Control Help please

    Head to the Engine Fan menu in the Aux outputs section of ECU Settings
  10. The injectors have a hot feed so it is not switch with the Key. But this is not an issue on the plugin as the injector drives will not allow a back feed. However an Aux drive will. The Coil power supply will be switched so this could be used.
  11. Simon

    ECU now locked. Need code urgently.

    Think this is an issue with old firmware connected to latest PC Link software if you roll back to 5.6.5 PC link I think you will be all ok again.
  12. Simon

    BNR34CAS to BNR32

    Will depend on how the wiring has been done. If you find after doing a test ECCS (widest slot) you get a figure of 1 then it will need the switch changed to the alternative. Widest slot should come out as 24
  13. Simon

    Password protection issue

    Any of the link dealers will be able to sort the tuning cable. To remove the password the tune will need to be wiped by either resetting to factory or by loading an unlocked map over the top.
  14. Simon

    Old link - fuel pump issue .

    The V4/5 wiring will cross over for that unit. The Outputs are mostly fixed and not able to be shuffled around. The most common issue on those old units is the solder joints around the main header fail.
  15. Simon

    Turbo Speed Input: G4+ Thunder DI 11-16

    The max frequency on the inputs varies a little but 500Hz is the suggested upper limit. Turbo speed will eclipse this easily, Wheel speed will depend on the tooth count using the ABS signal will generally also bee too high.
  16. Simon

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Can you send or post a copy of your map?
  17. Simon

    Link extreme and Dash 2 connection issue

    Form the side you are attaching the wires to
  18. Simon

    350Z Quad VVTI

    File attached form the PCLink base maps folder included with PC link Nissan 350Z Manual trans quad VVT G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr
  19. Simon

    V88 RB25 Skyline Idle hold issue

    That to me sounds like the Base duty cycle for the idle control is too high. Can you do a log of it holding and then returning to a normal idle. Include this with the PCL file
  20. Simon

    Unlock code help me

    What will have happened there is the Dealer has generated the code using the full serial number including the leading 00s What they need to do is when entering the serial number in to generate the code is leave off the 00s or 0 at the start of the serial number so instead of entering 00123 just enter 123
  21. You will have a back feed to the ECU via one of the Aux outputs. This is where a device has a hot feed that is not switched off with the key such as a boost control solenoid or a fuel pump relay as likely examples. Head to the pc link help file Navigation: G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Auxiliary Outputs > Wiring Auxiliary Outputs
  22. Simon

    Engine won't start , no rpm , no trig2 signal

    There is some noise showing in the trig 2 trace. Could you save the trigger capture as a log so we can then zoom in a bit to check the edges
  23. Simon

    v88 no spark,how to setup trigger audi AAN

    Trigger mode needs to be changed to Multi tooth missing Tooth count 60 missing 2 on crank reluctor. Cam sync mode cam 1x The Dwell is set in the dwell table in the ignition menu. Modified file attached. Timing offset is likely wrong so will have to be set. V88 Audi 5 best guess basic setup.pcl
  24. Simon

    v88 no spark,how to setup trigger audi AAN

    I'm not familiar with that engine but a quick google would make me think its got 5 coils? And given its age would be expecting a 60-2 crank trigger. Can you confirm the number of coils on the engine, Number or teeth on the crank trigger and number of teeth on the cam position.
  25. Simon

    v88 no spark,how to setup trigger audi AAN

    Couple of notes. Firmware in ECU is old if setting it up it would pay to upgrade this now before tuning. Assuming it is a distributor application then yes those settings are suitable.