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  1. G4 storm onboard map sensor

    Preference would be for us to do it but it is something that a someone with suitable tools can also do with out to much trouble.
  2. Can I adjust speedo?

    If you are changing tire size you would be better to rescale the digital input calibration so then the ECU is reading the correct speed and just passing it through.
  3. Link identification !!

    They are 2R2 1watt resistors generally when these are burnt out it indicates another issue, the most common is the unit has been over voltage. Generally there will be other damage that as caused the excessive current draw.
  4. Link identification !!

    That there is a G1 Linkplus to suit a 60-2 trigger wheel reluctor on a 4 cylinder application. The manual can be found http://forums.linkecu.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2537 I also suspect that is not a functional unit as there are two resistors missing on the main power supply input so would be very surprised if it functions at all.
  5. G4 storm onboard map sensor

    Yes this can be done the 4bar or 7 bar options being the easiest as they come in the same package as the 2.5
  6. VAG E-Throttle PID Settings

    What happens if you are on open loop idle control? So that the requested throttle position is static?
  7. Extra secondary injectors on 13B

    Yep just a case of adjusting the staging figures to suit the changed ratio.
  8. Innovate Wideband LC-2 VS MTX-L

    What ECU are you trying to wire the units up to?
  9. F20c trigger setup

    Inlet cam is used the exhaust is not required.
  10. Question about the jumpers

    Most likely a mistake during packaging missing putting one jumper in. Make sure it hasn't dropped off in the bag and might still be in there. The jumpers are relatively common and often used in PCs so a very good chance one can be found locally.
  11. Some confusion with onboard knock control

    Only trims will be the cylinder ones if you have set it to trim cylinders individually. However if you only have one trim table and all cylinders assigned to it then it would operate as a global trim.
  12. CAN dash setup

    No resistor in the candash cable but it does have the TX and RX serial wires connected which will cause issues with the PC coms when connected.
  13. Denso type ISC valve problem

    You are on a monsoon so there is no setting it will always be lowside driven.
  14. Daihatsu L700 VVti Wiring Problem

    XU1 is the signal from the ESC, XU2 is the ground and XU3 is the power supply.

    Same rules apply can only run USB or Serial not both together. However CAN and USB will work but must have no wires on the TX and RX pins on the same header.
  16. CAN dash setup

  17. Engine fan control

    We are finally at a point where we are back to a full team and have cleared the back log. The benefit of the forum though is there are a lot of clued up people and dealers such as Clint there to help.
  18. SUBTOY36

    For the black top then sub24new would be required sub toy 36 would suit the caldina 3SGE
  19. launch with speed sensor

    Main bit will be having a non driven wheel speed input into the ECU. Then have a read through the PC link help file on all the options to get an understanding of what the settings do. Navigation: G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Motorsport > Launch Control
  20. Anti Theft set up for Altezza

    You would need to assign a Di as anti theft and then have a switch or device (alarm) activate this.
  21. info on this model

    Its a G1 LEM likely to be V1/2 vintage and likely to not be able to be tuned with PC. So will need a hand control. CAS will need to be modified to be 1 tooth per TDC and a single sync tooth.
  22. Crank trigger tooth count

    Its unable to on a generic option. either tooth can be removed. Are you on a plugin unit or a wire in. One thing to consider on the plugin is that the Tacho signal is driven from the crank signal so if changing to a high tooth count you will need to move the Tacho signal on to a free AUX output.
  23. Red flashes at steady speeds

    Best bet would be to check with an external listening device. I suspect it is fine but you wont know unless confirming with another listing device.
  24. Altezza conversion

    Hi what ECU are you running, to have a working fuel gauge the plugin must be used in modeled fuel mode. Would need a Log and PCL file to advise more on the RPM issues
  25. loading a start file for my 1uz cressida

    You will need to make sure that the relay (ecu controlled) only has power to the other side of the coil when the key is on. If you have a look at ECU back feeding in the help file it covers what is happening. Navigation: G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Auxiliary Outputs > Wiring Auxiliary Outputs