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  1. Simon

    R32 GTR issues

    The vi-pec ran the same firmware the Link Just the Link units had some stuff turned off. Did you go from V series to a G4+ ? However I would not expect any changes on the Di side. Much more likely there is actually an issue with the input. Getting a scope on to the signal is the only way to confirm this 100%
  2. Simon

    G4 Xtreme Red - ECU Logging

    You could try making the GP output conditional on its self. So that it latches on until the power to the ECU is dropped. Using a virtual for this would also be an idea. From memory the issues we had were when the car was stalled rather than having the power turned off.
  3. Simon

    G4 Xtreme Red - ECU Logging

    There were some issues around logging on the G4 units. First step will be to check that you firmware is current at 4.10.2
  4. Simon

    K6A Trigger setting

    Crank signal is the incorrect polarity and you will need to swap the wires at the sensor to change this. Do you have a CAN sensor at all?
  5. Simon

    Problem trying to use ABS sensor

    Likely the voltage output from the sensor is still too low to register. The faster you spin the wheel the bigger the output will get and I suspect eventually give a signal.
  6. Simon

    Link Extrem can Setup configuration with AEM CD-7

    Flick them in to tech@linkecu.com
  7. Simon

    Subaru impreza link g4+ v1-2 digital inputs

    Yep that would do the trick or you can also use a 12Volt in as well just the configuration of the Di will change to suit.
  8. Simon

    CAN to OBD2 on Evo 8

  9. Simon

    GDI + ford Ecoboost Trigger

    There is a very good chance this will match the Holden V6 Ecotec Series II trigger. To be sure we would need a scope trace showing the CAM and crank signals together.
  10. Simon

    Subaru impreza link g4+ v1-2 digital inputs

    If you head to the menu above for Pin Functions Image attached.
  11. Simon

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    I assure you all we will let you know once we have it out. Would rather have it all well sorted so we don't make the same mistake again.
  12. Simon


    Hi All This is the spot to ask any questions about the product prior to purchase. Any technical help questions should be posted in the Vi-pec support forum.
  13. Simon

    What IAT Sensor works best for my needs? 1999 Silvia S15

    Just the sensor and matching plug you will need wire it back to the ECU
  14. Simon

    What IAT Sensor works best for my needs? 1999 Silvia S15

    Yep identical in as much as the ground and signal come and go from same points. (plugs are different)
  15. Simon

    Launch Control Fuel table

    Yes it is an additional percentage and a 0 will give no change
  16. Simon

    What IAT Sensor works best for my needs? 1999 Silvia S15

    The Bosch one is slightly faster reacting and the cals are slightly different (Just a different sensor selection in the ecu)
  17. Simon

    G1 V5 NB Oxy calibration

    It will be limited to 0-2.5V but is expecting a 0-1 volt signal
  18. Simon

    What IAT Sensor works best for my needs? 1999 Silvia S15

    The IATB is my pick as far as response goes but it is the harder one to mount. Wiring wise one side of sensor to sensor ground and the other needs to head to a AN temp input.
  19. Simon

    Older Link D423SGTE on 190 GT-Four Celica

    That unit there is essentially a V3 G1so all the manual for the LEM G1 V3 will apply. Its not PC tunable so all done on the hand control. http://forums.linkecu.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2550
  20. Simon

    Reverse Polarity

    The IC is a TPIC2701 and the resistor is a 1R, 1Watt
  21. Simon

    R32 GTR issues

    It might be getting upset that there is a Tacho signal without the engine actually running. For the speed side you could try with the pullup turned off and see if you still have a signal. Also check the main connector is fully seated as have seen it where it has bent a little and the connections have not been 100%.
  22. Simon

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Should being the key element in that. We have put in a couple of other fixes so taking a little longer. But it is very close I have been running a test version for a few days now and all seems happy.
  23. Simon

    Aim MXS Strada Dash disconnecting

    With multiple devices on the bus make sure all are on separate IDs and are all operating at the same speed. The Dash has the option of having a terminating resistor in circuit or not. Make sure dash is on the end of the bus and terminating resistor is on and no other devices have a terminating resistor.
  24. Simon

    injector duty cycle %400 !!

    Pico Scope work well and we have sold these in the past. But there are many others out now. Others might pitch in with what they have found good.
  25. Simon

    injector duty cycle %400 !!

    You are going to have to get a scope on to the trigger signals to see what is going on other wise we are just guessing.