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  1. Simon

    Megasquirt to Link questions.

    The drives are good for 2Amps and are protected so generally don't fail. The most common fail we see is due to reverse voltage. The GM stepper will be fine however there are some stepper motors out there that are very low resistance and we have seen then burn out. (Test case was a Lotus Elise)
  2. Simon

    Aux injectors on the G4+ plugin

    Ideally avoid wiring the injectors in series, If high impedance then you can do up to 3 injectors per drive in parallel. Low impedance would be a push at 2 per drive. Assuming 8 injectors then primaries on to drives 1 and 3 and then the secondary on drive 2 and 4. Two injectors per drive. Then run as group staged
  3. Simon

    Atom to run ignition on classic motor

    Plenty of love for the old stuff within the Tech support. Have a 1967 Mini on a G4 Storm in my shed and a Mk1 Cortina 2 door keeping it company.
  4. Simon

    Low Oil Pressure protection strategy question

    Aux 5 is set to activate the light if GP limit 1 becomes active.
  5. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    If you could post an image off the scope that will let us advise on the arming voltages. (should be 50-70% of peak voltage of weakest tooth) Make sure the signal is rising through the gap.
  6. I would disable the Idle control totally for the initial set up until you have a tune done. Easiest is to unplug the solenoid. And then get the idle set on the butterfly.
  7. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Looks like there is issues around the crank signal you are getting triggers but the RPM is spiking to 800rpm which I'm sure the motor is not cranking at. You could try increasing the arming voltage at crank to see if it is a noise issue. But the best method will be to scope the signal as you can then see and also check the polarity is ok too
  8. Simon

    Back Feeding Power Issue

    Yep the injectors will back feed on any ECU that has peak and hold function, (Xtreme, Fury, Thunder) so a relay supply is a must have.
  9. Simon

    Dodge SRT10 - injector wiring and trigger setup

    There is an issue in the sequential fuel but will be ok in group mode. We are testing a fix currently to allow semi sequential.
  10. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Think we might be battling a firmware to VTS miss match you are on super old firmware. First step will be to get 4.10.2 firmware in to the ECU.
  11. Simon

    Vq30det question

    Yep G4 Firmware supports the VQ30 on stock sensors
  12. Simon

    AIM MXG Dash not working

    In the ECU set up assign the speed in put as a wheel speed. Then in the speed sources select both driven and non driven to that wheel speed. This should get the dash reading speed.
  13. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    If its clocking a trigger error each revolution that would indicate its not happy. This can be an error from either trig 1 or 2 as it uses both signal to determine an error. I would expect trigger settings much like below.
  14. Simon


    Hi Augusto what fuel mode are you running? Maybe attach a saved copy of the MAP so we can take a look at the settings.
  15. Simon

    1jzvvti VVT errors please help

    Can you please attach the full saved map (PCL file) from the ECU. It is very hard to fault find with out all the information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A
  16. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Are you seeing a stable RPM signal and no trigger errors? Can you measure the resistance between the coil positive and the signal input. This will confirm if it has a built in igniter. Many OEMs had the igniter in the ECU not at the coil or external.
  17. Simon

    RX7 S7/S8 PNP Ignition Channels For Leading and Trailing ETC

    Correct coils with the igniter built in are good to go.
  18. Simon

    1jzvvti VVT errors please help

    Would also be very handy to get a trigger scope/capture so we can confirm the VR sensor wiring is correct.
  19. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Are the windows in the distributor different sizes? (2 short 2 long?) and I'm assuming 60-2 on the crank. What coils are you using as many of the VAG coils did not have igniters built in and it might be that you need an external igniter. Currently the coils could be limited to 2Amps and in turn giving a very weak spark.
  20. Simon

    Power Ground I'm Confused

    And Temp, VR sensors etc
  21. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Ideally at this point you would put a scope on to the trigger input to see if you have a signal from the sensor. I'm assuming you have the triggers configured correctly for the VR sensor and the correct tooth count
  22. Simon

    Sequential on 36-1

    With the CAM sync set to none you will get a 50/50 hit rate if it happens to be on the correct stroke it will run.
  23. Simon

    Subaru Impreza WRX 2001

    The available connections on the XS looms has also changed as Aux 9/10 have been made available for E throttle conversions.
  24. Simon

    Subaru Impreza WRX 2001

    If its a late ECU we have moved the Tacho to Ignition 5 make sure Aux 4 is off and then set Ign 5 to tacho and you will be good. PC link is lagging behind the PCB revision so help file is not current.
  25. Simon

    MINI Cooper s Wideband sensor wiring

    The OBD port is not wired for CAN from factory so you would have to manually wire this up if you want the OBD function.