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  1. Simon

    Trig 1 errors and how the ecu reacts

    If you are seeing a trig 1 error it could be from with trigger input. ECU could be seeing a RPM spike and turning on a limit which then takes time to deactivate (settings dependent) If you can take a trigger scope at around 4000RPM it might give some clues.
  2. Simon

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    When you turn the key off what voltage is the ECU seeing? It does sound very much like a back feed.
  3. Simon

    1991 R32 GTR - No spark, ECU disconnects

    Try putting a temporary ground on to pin 16, This is the control pin for the ECCS relay and when at ground the relay should stay on. Then make sure the voltage at pins 49 and 59 stay at battery voltage at all times. Also check you have power to the CAS during crank should match battery voltage
  4. Simon

    Looking for a large Roadrace, Drift or Autocross Log

    Best bet will be to download the software and have a read of the help section on logging both PC and ECU logging this will give you what the system is capable.
  5. Simon

    Link extreme and Dash 2 connection issue

    HI Tom The CANSER lead was intended for serial coms. It would pay to check that you have CAN L and H wires connected right through from the dash to the correct pins at the ECU. As the CANSER has the serial wires connected you will loos you PC coms while the dash is connected. If using CAN it is best to use the CANF connector and wire the CAN wires direct from the dash can lead.
  6. Simon

    Mazda RX8

    Can you put up a copy of the map and a log while cranking. Do you get spark when doing an ignition test?
  7. Simon

    Help! Link G4+ with AEM CD7

  8. Simon

    Ethanol Content Clamp Function

    Have put onto the wish list.
  9. Simon

    Can't connect via usb to ecu.

    Try disconnecting the battery or fully unplugging the ECU and then reconnect and try to talk to it. You can also try a firmware update as this will run via a separate program and might allow connection and upgrade.
  10. Simon

    What trigger to use

    On the V1-2 the cam timing will be critical
  11. Simon

    Installing monsoon into 13b pp help

    Current help file PDF attached Link Help_File_ENG.pdf
  12. Simon

    RPM limit cutting 1000rpm early

    The low voltage could be playing a part as the stock CAS does not like voltages below 8volts. It could also be play developing in the CAS drive and this is causing movement and extra trigger events. On RBs its very common to have this.
  13. Simon

    RB25 Crank trigger G4 P&P

    That would be a suitable set up. Could also do 12 or 24 teeth plenty of options for on the crank. Cam set up would be mint in either option.
  14. Simon

    list index out of bounds (2) message

    If you only have older firmware versions in the list you do not have the current PC link. PC link version should be 5.6.5 5.1 is very old firmware.
  15. Simon

    Identify what can be done using OLD Link ECU

    An LED test light on the input to the igniter will be handy when the ECU is turning on the coil the light should be on (voltage supplied to igniter) and then off for coil not charging. To test igniter if you put 5~12V on the input (disconnected from ECU) then release and you should get a spark. Only hold the voltage on for a very short time as too long and damage to the coil and or igniter can occur.
  16. Simon

    Identify what can be done using OLD Link ECU

    Looks to be a very early G1, Hard to say for sure as the Micro sticker is missing. But given age of PCB is likely to be closest to D42V3 for wiring and set up info. http://forums.linkecu.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2550
  17. Simon

    Misfire Headache

    Also a trigger scope capture would show a lot, I'm assuming it has the 36-2 crank trigger?
  18. Simon

    Mgt Motorsport triggers kit

    HI Thanks for the email. Looking at the trigger scope you have the crank position signal inverted you will need to swap the signal and ground wires at the sensor. I would also suggest lowering the filter level on to level 1 on the trigger 1 setting.
  19. Simon

    MINI Cooper Plug in Unit

    You can post to the forum or email tech@linkecu.com
  20. Simon

    Will link ecu work with audi Haldex 4wd

    Our notes indicate that it should be suitable but is not a application we have actually had confirmed. In other cases/applications Haldex has been confirmed to function as per factory.
  21. Simon

    Variable Traction Control

    You can use a AN volt in put to be one axis on the slip table so that as the dial changes the voltage to the ECU the slip allowed changes.
  22. Simon

    Wheel speed issue

    One test to see if there is any signal on the Di is to set it to a GP frequency input and see if it shows any frequency.
  23. Simon

    Problem with TPS in G4+ecu subaru plug&play

    We have limited space from our forum host so the space for files is limited. The likes of drop box or google drive are good options to share bigger files.
  24. If you use the GTS base file this will get you to the same point as pre restore.
  25. Yes I think you could remove some. Worst case you can always put them back in if required. In our playing around we actually ran our test engine on 4 cells and it was remarkable how well it worked.