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  1. On that map Aux 1 is set up as Idle speed control solenoid. The frequency is rather low however for this task. For the firmware you will need to go through all the firmware changes since the installed firmware which in this case is 4.7.1 When you run the update it will automatically bring up the notes on this and ask that you read them.
  2. V44 won't connect to VISTA

    The Vi-pec was produced by Link for Ray Hall to distribute as his own brand. It was targeted to higher end market and had some additional features over the equivalent link models. The V44 had a 4 bar map Vs 2.5 on the link and it also had Peak and hold injection control. There were also some extra software features such as mixture map tuning. Regards Simon
  3. Hi Howard Looking at the map I think the issue is that you have Cyl1 and 2 Knk Level Gains at 0 I would put these at 1 and adjust as required to get suitable levels and even across the cylinders. Regards Simon
  4. Gear detection with high stall convertor

    Hi That will be a hard one to resolve as the ECU calculation relies on no slip between the engine and wheels. To allow for this you would have to be able to monitor the slip across the stall converter. Which firmware wise we are not able to do currently.
  5. What model and whats this wiring ?

    It is a G1 LEM (looks like a late model one so could be V5) you will need a serial link to allow PC tuning. We still sell the serial link units. Any dealer will be able to help get you one.
  6. Sequential Staged Injection

    Each individual drive will do (in saturated mode) 5amps continuous. For what you are looking at doing will be fine and can be set up as sequential stages for the fuel mode.
  7. V44 won't connect to VISTA

    It hasn't picked up the driver correctly. If you right click on the device and uninstall it, Disconnect and then reconnect the USB and the drivers should be searched for and assigned. The PC might need to be shut down and restarted to complete the process.
  8. First step will be to check in windows device manager to see if you have the ECU showing and if the drivers have installed correctly.
  9. Custom trigger setup

    To do what you are looking for would require a custom trigger mode to be hard coded. Which currently we are not in a position to be able to offer the engineering time to implement and are also reluctant to do for non factory trigger modes. I think the best option would be to use the 60 tooth crank wheel and replace the CAS disk with a single cut out replacing the 6. Regards Simon
  10. 1UZ-FE update

    The PossumLinks are dedicated Subaru units and are not able to be used on alternative applications.
  11. 3sgte Misfire

    On the stock set up I think they close the valve. We do not so you will have a boost leak if it is not plumbed to the intake between the throttle and turbo. This way when on boost the pressure across the valve will be equal.
  12. 3sgte Misfire

    The IAC will remain at the base position for all times other than when throttle is closed and it is controlling the idle. The IAC should really be plumbed back into the intake between the turbo and throttle butterfly. For some reason Toyota did not do this factory.
  13. Turbo speed sensor to limit boost?

  14. Rb25 link plugin non starting issues

    Can you flick up a copy of the map to match that log.
  15. Direct Spark on Cam Sensing

    You will be fine to use just the CAM sensor 24 and a single sync pulse was standard on a number of Toyotas for years. Its no different to 12 on crank and 1 on cam. Only note would be that with only a cam trigger any movement between the crank and the cam (gear/belt/chain lash) will cause timing movement.
  16. Rb25 link plugin non starting issues

    Check the timing on a HT lead between the coil and the plug on number 1 cylinder. Using the timing loop always seems to give issues. I would expect the timing offset to need to be around -82 for a factory CAS in stock position.
  17. Turbo speed sensor to limit boost?

    If you set up turbo speed to replace the RPM axis on the target table you could then trim the target based on the turbo RPM. The catch with this is that it has to be turbo speed (RPM) the table will not accept a frequency input direct.
  18. G4 lightning

    Quick start attached. Lightning Quick Start Guide b&w G4 Link.pdf
  19. Turbo Speed Input: G4+ Thunder DI 11-16

    Looking at the raw frequency would at least allow you to monitor it and then calculate out the RPM figure
  20. Turbo speed sensor to limit boost?

    What is the current boost control set up? Open loop, closed loop current axis set up? One option might be to use the turbo speed to replace the engine RPM axis
  21. Map Limit or not?

    From the ECU there are no cuts / limits being applied. Which means its not holding things back due to limits. And given its ok on another system that points to a tune issue it could be so rich its starting to misfire.
  22. Map Limit or not?

    Looking at the ECU log there are no limits being applied (no ignition or fuel cuts) at all. I would say there is a issue on the boost control side of things I would be checking all hoses manifold etc looking for any potential air leaks.
  23. rough idle after changing injectors

    The increase in injector size will be causing it to be rich running. You will need to adjust injector data and the fuelling to compensate for the new injectors. If you post you map from the ECU we can advise the settings that will need to be corrected.
  24. internal voltage

    I would check the terminal connection at the header plug to the ECU. Also check the grounds to the ECU are 100% including chassis and block grounds on the car.
  25. Engine fan questions

    This would think is a fail safe of the unit so that if the wire was disconnected it would run full speed. Our drive is geared to pull the signal low and the Duty cycle refers to the % time it is held low.