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  1. There would be a couple of things to watch. 

    Make sure the throttle is calibrated correctly so that it is not driving against the end stops.

    Have the max opening at 98% so its not driving hard to hold 100% 

    Reduce the min and max DC clamps on the throttle control. 


  2. Assuming that the ECU is on V4 or V5 firmware then when you set the unit up as 6 cylinder and wasted spark it will force Ig3 to be ignition and then the Aux channel will have the option of Shift or Tacho.

    Internally the ECU then needs the dip switch configured to suit or on older units there is a resistor and wire link that need to be set correctly.  (we can check this if you take a photo of the ECU with sub-board removed)



  3. A typical situation would be that if the min clamp is to low, the ECU will be reducing the idle by lowering the DC. It will work fine down to say 30% but as you drop below 30% the valve starts to open again getting more open as you reduce the DC which causes the idle to increase and the ECU pulls even more.

    If the solenoid is full closed at 0% DC then there is no issue with a 0 clamp its only in cases where the valve starts to open at lower DC.

  4. If the CAN lambda is the only device on the bus make sure you have a terminating resister fitted at the unit.

    Also make sure the unit has a nice clean power supply as they do play up if the supply is overly noisy  

  5. 2 teeth in crank would match a 4 tooth on cam.  So assuming your dizzy has 4 teeth currently then 2 on crank is correct.

    You will want the tooth crossing the sensor at between 0-10 degrees BTC this will set your base timing (timing motor will crank at) 

    If you can design in some adjustment would be ideal.


  6. Unfortunately I don't have a pinout for the idle solenoid or TPS but these will match factory, TPS will have 5V ground and signal , The solenoid will be 12V, ground and signal from ECU.

    In the ECU settings you will need to turn off the stepper setting on Aux 5,6,7 and 8 then one will be assigned as ISC solenoid (the one you have wired the solenoid back to)