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  1. It might be getting upset that there is a Tacho signal without the engine actually running.

    For the speed side you could try with the pullup turned off and see if you still have a signal. Also check the main connector is fully seated as have seen it where it has bent a little and the connections have not been 100%.




  2. With multiple devices on the bus make sure all are on separate IDs and are all operating at the same speed. 

    The Dash has the option of having a terminating resistor in circuit or not. Make sure dash is on the end of the bus and terminating resistor  is on and no other devices have a terminating resistor.


  3. As much as the above suggestions will work there is still an issue in the wiring that should really be resolved as it effects more than just the ECU.

    With the likes of the fuel pump being supplied from this feed you will also have a slow fuel pump and then in turn low flow.

    There is every chance the factory is allowing the car to run and there is enough flow for a stock application. But start pushing things and there is every chance you will find other issues. 

    My advice is diagnose and sort the issue properly rather than looking for a work around.



  4. The MAP sensor on the late V6 wrx changed to what we consider the V7 map sensor.

    Other thing would be check the RPM reading is stable at around 200 on crank. If its jumpy or way off then it could be the dip switch settings on the board (for the trigger inputs)  need to be changed to the alternative positions. 



  5. Hi all

    We have found that the 5.6.6 software is not happy connecting to firmware versions prior to 5.6.5. and the tune can be lost if not saved prior in PC link 5.6.5. 

    We have decided to remove this update from the website for the time until we can resolve the issue.