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  1. That's a good capture as it shows the 5V out dropping to ground. Can you take the unit out and then power on the bench with just power and ground and see if you have the same 5V issue.
  2. Simon

    About ALTEZZA fuel gauge

    It is likely that the upgrade will fix the issue. Its firmware but for a sub-micro that is not field upgradable. You are welcome to send the unit in for this at any time that suit you.
  3. Can confirm that Aux 12 is on pin 55
  4. Simon

    Can Lampda problem

    What you will have is old firmware in the ECU. Upgrade the ECU firmware and you will then have the CAN lambda as an option in the CAN settings.
  5. You can just load the map into the ECU an then check the I/O configuration is a match for the wiring
  6. Simon

    About ALTEZZA fuel gauge

    That is a old one so if its not been back in for a service I would say that will be the cause as the hardware updates won't have been done.
  7. Simon

    About ALTEZZA fuel gauge

    How long have you had the unit for? There is a hardware update that needed to be done for early released ECUs
  8. Internally there is a 0R resistor that needs to be placed for the Ign 5 output to be available
  9. Simon

    Can lambda set up issue

    Try at 500kHz as I have seen a couple of units come through set to that speed rather than the standard 1m.
  10. Simon

    About ALTEZZA fuel gauge

    We have only confirmed and tested on up to 2001 model. It is sold as supporting up to 2001 Unfortunately there is no support for the fuel gauge on the later models
  11. Simon

    About ALTEZZA fuel gauge

    Is by chance your Altezza a face lift model of about 2002 or later?
  12. So those trigger captures are not looking very good at all. In the second one it looks like the crank signal is incorrect polarity. In all of them trig 2 looks to be mostly noise. I would check the wiring to the cam sensor, the crank I would be changing the signal and ground over. Make sure the engine is cranking at a good speed and not struggling on the starter.
  13. Your engine temp is going unstable for some reason and is reading as low as -40 in some places and is then causing the RPM limit to go to 1000rpm and the fueling will also be upset. I would check the connections to and from the water temp sensor and the sensor its self.
  14. For the loosing track of the position it might be that it is hitting the end of its travel during reset. Also if the base step position is to far out on throttle blip it can hang high. On the software it seems to be related to the graphical view of the tables. If you se the layout up with no graphical views open it should be much faster.
  15. ECU will be happy up to 60deg and should be fine if in the factory location. If worried the best option would be looking at isolating / shielding it from the heat and maybe introducing a cool air supply (ducted)
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