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  1. To confirm if an igniter is needed measure between the 12V feed and the signal in, If its low around 1 ohm then an igniter is needed.
  2. It focuses the input closer to the expected knock frequency so you should get less background noise coming through. Making it easier to identify knock
  3. Quad is an option but think you would be struggling to have the I/O available.
  4. It can be done. Assuming intake only being variable you will need 2 Dis for position signals and 2 Aux outputs for the solenoid control. Adding an XS loom often makes this easier as you can then move existing functions to the XS loom and free up the required channels on the main header. Regards Simon
  5. Simon


    No nothing that we do however a dealer would be more than happy to wire it up for you.
  6. Simon

    Trigger setup

    Nothing from us that is engine specific. But you will likely find the default numbers are ok to get it up and running on once you have set up the basics, TPS triggers, timing check etc.
  7. If ignition test is failing to fire the coil, check the continuity from the ECU to the coil. Check the power and ground at the coil. Ideally use a test LED to confirm if you have a pulsed signal in test mode to the coil.
  8. 6kHz narrow band will be ideal
  9. Simon

    Wheel Speed

    It will be around the voltage coming off the VR sensor. The faster you go the bigger the voltage gets. At low speeds you will be below the 1.5volts required to trigger the Di. The best sensor for low speeds in this case would be a hall or optical sensor. Closing up the sensor gap might give you a little gain.
  10. Simon


    All the wireins would do it. Atom and up.
  11. Simon

    Tacho feed

    The hold power will have additional circuitry which will cause issues when trying to use a tacho. Also the tacho I suspect will be looking for a high level signal (coil negative type) so the ECU wouldn't drive with out it being modified.
  12. Simon

    G4+ replacement

    Always working towards the next thing, Only advice I can offer is as with all things electronic the longer you can hold off the better things will get.
  13. Simon

    Fault code 11

    That is good that would suggest the MAP sensor is happy. So we need to check the signal wire back to the ECU header. At the ECU connector you should get the same voltages. Pin 78 as marked is the map signal into the ECU check between ground and pin 78 and see if you have voltage. (This image is looking into the ECU from wire side ) I should check when you are clearing the code you are clearing the codes via the event log. And that your error voltages are correct.
  14. Simon

    Fault code 11

    That sound like you have measured across the power supply and the signal or ground wire. You want to measure between the ground and the signal wire.
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