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  1. Simon

    EVO 8 base map problems

    For the AC Fan go to Auxiliary Outputs Ign > Ignition Drive 4 then set the polarity to Low. For the water spray this will need to be configured. Ign 5 drive controls the IC light Aux 2 controls the IC spray relay Di 5 is the IC Spray auto request Di 3 is the manual IC Spray input. All of these will need setting up as they are not pre configured in the start map.
  2. On the Atom you don't have the same issue as there is no serial output. (assuming atom II) I would initially start by powering the ECU on the bench and then see if you can connect.
  3. You will need to connect to the CAN port on the plugin PCB This can be done using a CANPCB cable + a CANF connector See Wiring Information > Communication Wiring > CAN Bus Wiring in the PC link tuning software help file.
  4. If you head to the PC link help file then G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Auxiliary Outputs > Wiring Auxiliary Outputs there is a section that explains what can happen
  5. On ITBs you would likely just use 1 or 1/2 cycle option.
  6. Ign 4 is connected to all 3 pins Pin 20 is EFan HiSpeed for EVO 456 (EVO7,8 No Connect) Pin 32 is Condenser Fan (Hi Speed) EVO 4-8 Pin 34 is Condenser Fan (Low speed) EVO 4-8
  7. Simon

    Tune file corruption

    That's one possibility ruled out. You can also use the compare function to check the maps If you were to connect to the ECU first and save map. Then jump of line from ECU and open and compare the just saved and the going to be loaded map and check any differences are as expected. Then load to ECU and see if any change once stored and then power cycled.
  8. Simon

    Tune file corruption

    What is your PC link software version?
  9. That catch is going to be the hot feed to the injectors and this combined with an ECU with peak hold capable drives. You need to change the 12V feed to a key switched supply so that power is removed from the injectors at key off.
  10. Simon

    G4+ gtr plugin ecu

    You will have to trace it through from the ECU end. Pin 35 at the ECU is the signal from the Front AFM and is connected to AN volt 5 Pin 27 is the signal from rear AFM and is AN Volt 4
  11. @Serkan Thanks for getting back to us with that info. Good to know it was resolved.
  12. Most of the CAN lambda issues we are seeing are due to, Having noise on the power supply to them, or not having the terminating resistor in place if only device on the bus. First batch had a couple of issues but only 25 of them were released and would have been over a year ago so unlikely.
  13. Simon

    1jzvvti base setup?

    Once we have released it globally there will be in the next PC link release. Japan are doing the testing for us.
  14. Simon

    G4+ gtr plugin ecu

    Yes there is but you would normally just replace one of the factory narrowband 02 inputs
  15. It is likely getting noise on the trigger signals so could be a coil breaking down causing noise and then the RPM error. I'm assuming this is an older install and it has developed over time.
  16. Pullup should be off as it is a VR sensor. However you might still have issues depending on how the ABS is using the sensor.
  17. Simon

    OSS with Link Extreme

    Yep that would be the set up to go with. The second wire connects to sensor ground.
  18. Try setting the Di input to Frequency, Pullup I would expect to need to be off. Edge is not likely to matter. then see if you have any frequency. If you don't then next step would be to scope the output of the GPS to see what sort of wave form you have.
  19. Essentially the issues is something electrical as the ECU can only work with the signals its given. The ECU looks at the calibrated % reading off the 2 signals and if it drifts by more than 2% it will start to clock errors. Once it hits 100 errors it will shut the throttle down. (takes roughly 2 seconds to do this if in constant error. The target is all based off the TP main reading
  20. What type of sensor is being used/ VR or HAll/Optical? For a VR sensor you need to get the speed up enough to have the positive voltage go above 1.5V before the Di will register it.
  21. Simon

    G4+ gtr plugin ecu

    Low, Medium and highspeed modes
  22. Simon

    RPM 65535

    Check the power and grounds to the cam sensor and also where the tooth is relative to the gap on the crank. You don't want the cam tooth at same time as the gap / tooth after gap is gong past crank sensor.
  23. The Red cased Xtremes did not have CAN 2 they only have CAN 1
  24. Simon

    RPM 65535

    As something to consider it might not be the sensors them selves. The timing between them could be an issue (Sync happening very close to the gap on crank) Or it could be a coil / ignition issue where it is breaking down and radiating noise. (arcing out of coil / lead and not firing the plug)
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