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  1. Wiring in the sensor can be done easy enough to a free AN volt channel however there is no easy way to have this active automatically. At best a change over switch could be used.
  2. Simon

    AC problem FD rx7, LINK G4+ plug in

    The AC control all hinges on what the Di signal into the ECU is doing. When the request is active we will activate the AC clutch. When the request is removed we then disengage the clutch. On the RX7 the request signal tended to sit a bit high so we have a 10K pull down resistor and a diode in series to lower the voltage that the micro sees. Ideally you need to measure the voltage at the AC pin (79) and see what that is doing on the factory ECU and then compare to on ours.
  3. Simon

    S5 13Bt Trailing ignition problem

    Are you using the stock S5 igniter? If so this functions slightly differently to a conventional igniter and has a toggle pin that controls which coils will fire. It is not supported by us and the solution would be to change to a S6-8 setup or a standard 3 channel Bosch or equivalent igniter.
  4. Simon

    Sr20 plug in dash options.

    Assuming its an I Series unit you can treat it exactly the same as for a G4+ The V series will still work but set up will differ slightly
  5. Simon

    G4+ Thunder engine bay installation issues

    For the ECU side they are tested up to 70C, 80C will be pushing it for sure. Getting some shielding in there and some cold air flow would be ideal.
  6. Simon


    If you can see the USB in device manager but the PC link is not connecting try the firmware update process and see if it will detect. If you are running a dash or any other device off the CAN / serial port make sure these are unplugged. Make sure you are looking for the right com port also.
  7. Simon

    Can't set correct timing

    What's the voltage supply to the coils like are you seeing an excessive volt drop to the coils under crank so spark is reduced? Is fueling in the ball park, Not excessively lean or rich?
  8. Simon

    2004 Sti misfire under load V88

    Make sure all filters are on level 1 / low and you might need to lower the arming voltages at higher RPMs.
  9. Simon

    Windows tablet multidisplay

    Has to be windows to run PC link
  10. Simon

    R33 gts G4 plug in to G4+ plug in

    The onboard logging and some of the additional features, But it depends if you want / need anything in terms of running the engine its much the same.
  11. Simon

    Corrupt file

    I would be looking at the run times to see if there are any hardware block errors. Did you happen to save a copy of the file as it was while it didn't run? The AN volt issue I would start by checking the error values are correct after the map reload.
  12. Simon

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Send an email to tech@linkecu.com and we can get you sorted. Or alternatively you can roll back the firmware to 5.6.5 using the 5.6.5 pclink. (firmware can be changed with our PC link not needing to connect)
  13. Simon

    Nissan R32 RB20DET - G1, Coil / Tacho info needed

    It is geared to drive high impedance injectors directly, for low impedance then a ballast is needed. A low impedance is around 3ohms and high impedance is around 12-13ohms. Stock non GTR injectors should be high impedance.
  14. Simon

    Subaru V5-6 IAT

    I suspect as you mentioned that B136 pin 19 is the Stock IAT. Will soon know if you turn the function to IAT and see if you get a reading, If no connection the input will go to 5Volts and throw an error.
  15. Simon

    Nissan R32 RB20DET - G1, Coil / Tacho info needed

    OK she is an old one as it is pre PC tuning so will have to have a hand control to tune it. It is fixed for 3 channels of ignition, So tacho will be on the Aux drive if available at all. I can not find any info on the firmware as it looks to be a one off special to give 3 bar map scaling.
  16. Simon

    E throttle noise.

    There would be a couple of things to watch. Make sure the throttle is calibrated correctly so that it is not driving against the end stops. Have the max opening at 98% so its not driving hard to hold 100% Reduce the min and max DC clamps on the throttle control.
  17. What do you have for a cam trigger? If there is no cam trigger then in you trig 2 settings make sure the sync mode is set as none. I'm assuming the ECU has been unlocked also?
  18. Simon

    Can't set correct timing

    What coils are you using? And if they are not smart coils do you have an external igniter fitted? Stock CA coils will need an igniter external.
  19. Simon

    G4+ plugins ac compressor not engage

    Two parts to check. Make sure the AC request is operating (Di) You can check the output drive by using the test on mode and see if the clutch engages.
  20. Simon

    Nissan R32 RB20DET - G1, Coil / Tacho info needed

    Assuming that the ECU is on V4 or V5 firmware then when you set the unit up as 6 cylinder and wasted spark it will force Ig3 to be ignition and then the Aux channel will have the option of Shift or Tacho. Internally the ECU then needs the dip switch configured to suit or on older units there is a resistor and wire link that need to be set correctly. (we can check this if you take a photo of the ECU with sub-board removed)
  21. Yep they likely will and be sure to respan the TPS
  22. Just enough to let the motor sit at a low idle with no load on it. It will be a case of trial and error.
  23. Do you have a speed lock out set up for the idle speed control? You also want to have the main butterfly open enough that the engine will idle at a lowish RPM even when the ISC is 100% closed. But a min clamp could also help too as it will limit the amount the valve can close
  24. A typical situation would be that if the min clamp is to low, the ECU will be reducing the idle by lowering the DC. It will work fine down to say 30% but as you drop below 30% the valve starts to open again getting more open as you reduce the DC which causes the idle to increase and the ECU pulls even more. If the solenoid is full closed at 0% DC then there is no issue with a 0 clamp its only in cases where the valve starts to open at lower DC.
  25. Simon

    Can Lambda problem

    If the CAN lambda is the only device on the bus make sure you have a terminating resister fitted at the unit. Also make sure the unit has a nice clean power supply as they do play up if the supply is overly noisy