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  1. Simon

    GP Speed - DI 1 - Why cant i change to MPH

    If you set the input as a wheel speed and then display the wheel speed from the chassis body menu. It will then change from kph to mph based on the unit settings
  2. Simon

    Fault codes Errors

    It will need to be set as solenoid. But you will have to use Aux 1 for the ISC Slave function. You will likely have to move the function on Aux 1 to one of the other free drives.
  3. Simon

    CAN info needed

    ECU has an internal termination resistor so will not need one fitted at the ECU end. If dash has an internal termination too then no resistors will need to be added.
  4. Simon

    RB25 plugin ecu problem

    The check engine light will depend on how it has been configured. But generally when configured as check engine it will operate like a typical factory setup.
  5. Simon

    Big Block Chevy MSD locked Distributor Trigger setup

    You will have to run tooth per TDC mode with no sync. Trigger points will need to be close to tdc 0-10btdc Rotor will need to be close to a tower too at this point.
  6. Simon

    Trigger issues

    That disk is an unusual one and I would avoid for our system. One option could be to make one slot wider if you have a way of doing it cleanly on the stock disk. Or look to some of the other disk options available that are 24 and 1 (no missing slots) For the likes of the RB and SR motors.
  7. Simon

    NS15+ Plugin E-throttle?

    Not in standard form as the required drives are not wired to an external connection point. (main header or XS headers)
  8. Simon

    Trigger issues

    Make sure you have run the ECCS test function to check the widest slot. I'm assuming of the slots on the inner ring one is a bit bigger than the other 5? Set Test ECCS Sync to ON. This will put the ECU into a special mode where it will automatically calculate the position of the widest slot. Note that in this mode the ECU will disable both fuel and ignition. Enabling this function will also initialise the ECCS Widest Slot value to 0. 11.Open the Triggers/Limits tab of the Runtime Values window (F12 key). 12.Crank the engine. This will start the widest slot calculation procedure. This procedure will take about 4 seconds. If the procedure executes correctly, the following should be observed: ·The Trig 2 Signal run time value will display YES first, indicating the ECU detects a correct 4, 6 or 8 slot trigger signal. If this value displays as NO during cranking, check sensor output and wiring. ·Trig 1 Signal runtime value will then display YES, indicating the ECU detects a correct 360 slot trigger signal. If this value displays as NO during cranking, check sensor output and wiring. ·Finally the ECCS Sync runtime value will display YES when the process has finished. ·ECCS Widest Slot will change from zero to a value indicating the width of the slot (typically between 5 and 25). 13.If after 10 seconds of cranking the ECCS Widest Slot value is still zero, an error has occurred. Recheck all trigger wiring and test the CAS output. If this is OK, repeat the entire procedure. 14.If the process completed successfully, switch Test ECCS Sync to OFF.
  9. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Cost is the freight to get it to us and back again, Time is typically a couple of days with us the rest is the freight time.
  10. Simon

    Staged tertiary injector

    You can use aux injection control to give you effective tertiary control. However on the stock RX8 manifold the bigger issue is controlling the opening of the valves as they are not a not solenoid controlled I'm led to believe.
  11. Simon

    Problem trying to download Logs

    Can you confirm the ECU firmware and the PC link version info.
  12. Simon

    Switching two fans on one aux

    To relays of the one drive is 100% acceptable. Only requirement is that the current draw is under 2 amps
  13. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Serial numbers 10000 and on supported CAN. Early serial number units are able to be upgraded. The catch is that on the wire in units the TT can stream is not an option to be selected so no easy way to get the required data out.
  14. Simon

    Overrun Timing Control

    You can still do this as on overrun you will generate more vacuum so should be in a similar place in the map (top right corner) where you can retard the timing. The other option would be to activate a 4D overlay table that is based of TPS and RPM as a condition (use a virtual aux)
  15. Simon

    Custom Crank Tooth

    The most common and easiest to work with would be a 36-2 on the crank and 3 teeth on the cam at 90deg to each other. This would then match a Toyota configuration.
  16. Simon

    Megasquirt to Link questions.

    The drives are good for 2Amps and are protected so generally don't fail. The most common fail we see is due to reverse voltage. The GM stepper will be fine however there are some stepper motors out there that are very low resistance and we have seen then burn out. (Test case was a Lotus Elise)
  17. Simon

    Aux injectors on the G4+ plugin

    Ideally avoid wiring the injectors in series, If high impedance then you can do up to 3 injectors per drive in parallel. Low impedance would be a push at 2 per drive. Assuming 8 injectors then primaries on to drives 1 and 3 and then the secondary on drive 2 and 4. Two injectors per drive. Then run as group staged
  18. Simon

    Atom to run ignition on classic motor

    Plenty of love for the old stuff within the Tech support. Have a 1967 Mini on a G4 Storm in my shed and a Mk1 Cortina 2 door keeping it company.
  19. Simon

    Low Oil Pressure protection strategy question

    Aux 5 is set to activate the light if GP limit 1 becomes active.
  20. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    If you could post an image off the scope that will let us advise on the arming voltages. (should be 50-70% of peak voltage of weakest tooth) Make sure the signal is rising through the gap.
  21. I would disable the Idle control totally for the initial set up until you have a tune done. Easiest is to unplug the solenoid. And then get the idle set on the butterfly.
  22. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Looks like there is issues around the crank signal you are getting triggers but the RPM is spiking to 800rpm which I'm sure the motor is not cranking at. You could try increasing the arming voltage at crank to see if it is a noise issue. But the best method will be to scope the signal as you can then see and also check the polarity is ok too
  23. Simon

    Back Feeding Power Issue

    Yep the injectors will back feed on any ECU that has peak and hold function, (Xtreme, Fury, Thunder) so a relay supply is a must have.
  24. Simon

    Dodge SRT10 - injector wiring and trigger setup

    There is an issue in the sequential fuel but will be ok in group mode. We are testing a fix currently to allow semi sequential.
  25. Simon

    trigger input issues with crank

    Think we might be battling a firmware to VTS miss match you are on super old firmware. First step will be to get 4.10.2 firmware in to the ECU.