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  1. The G4 is able to support basic CAN. (have to run fixed can streams) Early units need hardware changes to enable it (pre 10000 serial) But it will be fine for coms to the AIM.
  2. The button would be wired to a Di, That Di is then assigned to control the Launch control function. A very simple setup shown below switch would have to be active for 1 second to turn on the launch control limit of 4000rpm
  3. That is good news. Thanks for reporting back.
  4. Im not 100% sure on this but I suspect it will need stock ECU back in.
  5. If you are running the injection test function and only get 1 pair operating then check the power supply to the 2 pairs that are not working and check the continuity back to the ECU. Are the injectors off all the time or stuck on? If they are stuck on then likely a damaged injector drive
  6. Simon

    Resistor box remove

    With low impedance injectors the ballast resistors are required as the plugin ECUs do not support peak and hold operation.
  7. Aux 1-8 would be suitable and have week internal pullups. Just set the AUX to GP PWM and configure to suit.
  8. Simon

    About ALTEZZA fuel gauge

    Having not done any testing on the later cars its a little hard to answer. The coils likely improved and generally this required lower dwell times.
  9. Hi Good spotting, this will be corrected in a coming release.
  10. Simon

    G4x Trigger Modes

    The X just uses the Multi tooth mode. Set tooth count to suit and if no sync set trig 2 sync mode to none.
  11. In Opto/hall mode the arming voltage is not applicable as this applies only to reluctor sensors. The ECU is looking for a 0-5V square wave. You could check for this by turning the motor over by hand and see if you can see the voltage changing on the two trigger inputs with a volt meter. The change in voltage should then match teeth positions as they pass the pickup.
  12. Your trigger scope indicates you have a VR sensor on the crank. Change the Trig 1 to Reluctor sensor. Currently on trig2 you just have noise. Is there a sensor wired?
  13. Your trig 1 and 2 inputs need to be swapped over. The 4 way dip switch on the board does this. You just need to reverse the positions.
  14. Simon

    AUX Tacho output issue

    You have two aux outputs assigned as Tacho. You have the one on Aux 4 which would be correct for your application. But you also have one set on Aux Ign 5 If you set Aux Ign 5 to off and store all should be good.
  15. Simon

    N350+ problems

    The settings around the fan control are all user adjustable. When you say lag is it that the fans are coming on at a hotter temp that stock?
  16. To use the stock wheel without a cam sensor the option would be to remove 1 tooth to make it a 12-1 wheel
  17. Its a non VVT setup. Trigger mode will need to be changed as you have a 12-1. Mode will need to be multi tooth missing.
  18. I would tune the engine as per normal using MGP for the main fuel axis (assuming mild cams and not ITBs) Tune for the max boost you are ever likely to run and then you can mover the boost from nothing to full with no worries. For the Ignition MAP would be the preferred option.
  19. Simon

    Monsoon sr20det trigger

    If you start at a offset of -100 that should be a good spot to start from.
  20. For 1. If you have the ability to get the PC connected when its a no start that will give some clues. If there is no RPM signal at crank then that adds to the likeliness it could be a crank or cam. 2. Fitting the stock ECU might help but not sure on how much the ABS shared info with the stock ECU.
  21. That one needs the CAM sync.
  22. Assuming you are on the base map and wiring is stock neither of those will be an issue when it comes to starting. You will however have to change the trigger settings to suit the Kiggly 12 tooth crank trigger. The cam wheel for trig 2 will also need a tooth removed. Trigger Mode will need to be changed to Multi tooth. And settings for trig 1 set to the 12 tooth crank and trig 2 to CAM x1
  23. Simon

    Running Rich

    To confirm if the issue is internal put a volt meter between an ECU ground pin and the 14V in back probing the header and check if meter matches ECU or not.
  24. Keep it to under 500mA and you will be fine on the 5V out. Yes the ground is common.
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