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  1. Map Limit or not?

    From the ECU there are no cuts / limits being applied. Which means its not holding things back due to limits. And given its ok on another system that points to a tune issue it could be so rich its starting to misfire.
  2. Map Limit or not?

    Looking at the ECU log there are no limits being applied (no ignition or fuel cuts) at all. I would say there is a issue on the boost control side of things I would be checking all hoses manifold etc looking for any potential air leaks.
  3. rough idle after changing injectors

    The increase in injector size will be causing it to be rich running. You will need to adjust injector data and the fuelling to compensate for the new injectors. If you post you map from the ECU we can advise the settings that will need to be corrected.
  4. internal voltage

    I would check the terminal connection at the header plug to the ECU. Also check the grounds to the ECU are 100% including chassis and block grounds on the car.
  5. Engine fan questions

    This would think is a fail safe of the unit so that if the wire was disconnected it would run full speed. Our drive is geared to pull the signal low and the Duty cycle refers to the % time it is held low.
  6. 106 injection rate

    Can you take a trigger capture with the ECU and post this will let us check arming voltages and a copy of your map so we can check the trigger settings to match.
  7. trigger sync error

    Falling is correct for 95% of applications and should be the case for this one. Ford and Honda used to use rising spark edge on their igniters. Generally if you have this incorrect the coil and or igniter will let the smoke out.
  8. Car shut down

    Those loges were at cranking speed?
  9. trigger sync error

    That now sounds like base timing if you have fuel and spark then making sure the spark is at the correct time will be next.
  10. trigger sync error

    Multi tooth position should be CAM not crank. So both trig 1 and 2 are CAM The set up in the MR2/Celica base maps will be very close.
  11. 106 injection rate

    Wiring wise that will be fine and the injection rate should be 1/engine cycle. That will fire all injectors once in 720 crank degs
  12. 'Miata Link' (G1)- PWM Air Intake Temp sensor

    Best bet would be to try Flyin Miata as their units were the only ones to get the IAT compensation through their own firmware. https://www.flyinmiata.com/
  13. Iat sensor

    The stock coolant sensor is typically set to Std Bosch NTC, The NTC12 would be set to Delphi AC ECT As Adam notes this is not gong to be a suitable sensor for IAT readings as it is fully enclosed and very slow responding compaired to a IAT sensor with an exposed element. What is the actual ambient temp at the time you are taking the readings as this should be what the IAT is reading on a cold engine and much the same for the ECT
  14. Firmware wise just grab the latest VTS (4.10.2) off the vipec site ant then once you have the unit powered up you can install the matching latest firmware. Is it a wire in V44 or the plugin dedicated RZR unit if not sure a picture will tell us.
  15. Linkplus Lexus V8 Trigger wiring

    The sensors will be wired between ground (shield) and trig 1 /2 Scope wise it will be identical to the likes of a 20V 4age Lexus.pdf
  16. Idle control

    You could set a Virtual aux set to Fuel pump and use this to trigger the GP PWM output.
  17. DI handbrake shared with dash lamp

    I assume the switch is to ground so when on the ground is provided to the ECU and to the lamp? If this is the case the lamp can act as the pullup and the internal Di pullup can be turned off.
  18. Savage cut at high revs

    That sounds like a hose might have come off. There is no function in the ECU to then reduce boost etc if a limit is hit. It will just limit when required and when the RPM or MAP (depending on limit hit) reduces will operate normal
  19. link monsoon trigger setup for sr20

    Have you changed the wheel in the distributor to have only a single slot for the Sync?
  20. audi tt can bus wiring

    You can just twist the existing wires. (CAN L and H as a twisted pair)
  21. Cruise Control buttons for cruise retrofit in older car

    The pullup is within the switch wiring not in the ECU. You will also need a brake switch wired to a Di
  22. Auxiliary Outputs

    With IC spray on Aux Inj 7, the IC spray setting under the Aux outputs will still apply. Regards Simon
  23. Auxiliary Outputs

    Hi Augusto The EVO 9 has Inj 7 wired to the IC spray so can be controlled already. Aux 4 settings control Aux 9 and Aux 9 settings control Aux 10 output. (this is unique to the plugins)
  24. ca18 base map

    The S13-15 maps will be an ok starting point. You will need to change ignition mode to suit the wasted spark but the res of the configuration will be a good starting point.
  25. Help with wiring

    Going off the map supplied you have a G4 Storm based plugin which in theory has no free inputs on the XS connector. I'm assuming you have the 2L cable throttle model not the 2.5L ethrottle