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  1. ECU will be happy up to 60deg and should be fine if in the factory location. If worried the best option would be looking at isolating / shielding it from the heat and maybe introducing a cool air supply (ducted)
  2. Simon

    Dropped knock sensor...

    One off the bench is measuring in at 4.9M ohms so I would say yours is fine.
  3. Check the firmware on the ECU there have been a couple of issues around the stepper control All should be sorted in 5.6.7 firmware.
  4. Simon

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    Di1 has the pull down and Di3 is wire to the ECU hold circuit. So both will not be suitable for regular Di operation.
  5. That can support will not be engine dependent. So effectively any engine could be used. OEM support is limited and often there are signals that we can not replicate exactly.
  6. Simon

    Dropped knock sensor...

    Is it one of our sensors we supply or another type?
  7. The find can devices is only geared to identify Link ECU product (CANLambda) it wont work on other 3rdparty products. You can customise the pages of the dash via the AIM software but you are limited to the set layouts they provide.
  8. Check the actual voltages on the two signal wires. You can do this with a volt meter or watching the runtimes in the ECU. You want to first confirm you are actually seeing a change in voltage as the pedal moves. Also check the error voltages on the AN volt inputs are set correctly.
  9. Simon

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    EvoLink has might have issues if trying to control 4 coils as it has additional circuitry on the ignition 4 output. There is also a pulldown resistor on the Di1 input. But as far as triggers go this should be fine.
  10. When going to retrieve the log is it with the engine running or stopped? We have seen cases where the logging has been working but PC link has not picked it up for some reason and other cases where it has not started. The best results seem to be if you set the logging to latch on based on a input triggering a virtual Aux.
  11. Its fixed to time current but we can add to the wish list
  12. Simon

    link g1 into civic

    It would need a sub-board change to suit the Honda. This can still be done for the honda application.
  13. Simon


    Stock knock sensors are fine to use they earth through the sensor body, Where as a 2 pin requires a ground to be connected to it. Stock is an on off type switch so is open circuit or to ground, the 3 pin sensor will do a 0-5V output and will require 5V and ground to operate. The signal will then be wired to a AN volt input
  14. Best option to stop the back feed would be to change the power supply for the solenoid to a Key switched supply.
  15. CAN 2 and a different case is it.
  16. Yep they would be very good dwell figures to use for the modern coils.
  17. The S13 plugin that is a 76 pin header is a direct fit for CA18 models.
  18. If you apply a pressure of vacuum to sensor do you see the signal voltage change?
  19. Simon

    plug in g4+

    3 years is a long time in the electronics world I would wait.
  20. Simon


    On a kitcar application I would suggest going for a wirein unit the likes of the G4+ Fury being an idel pick for that application.
  21. You need a free Di 1-8 for the ethanol sensor to be wired to. Head to the help file in PC link Wiring Information > Input Signal Wiring > Digital Input Wiring > Ethanol Content Sensor Wiring
  22. You would wire the speedo signal to a free Aux output and assign it as Speedo. You can right click on any setting to bring up the help file information for that setting.
  23. You can show it as a 0-100 figure via a AN volt and a cal table.
  24. Simon


    If there are multi pullups the switching of the signal might not be as clean and causing issues. In that image you can see the signal is starting to look a bit ugly already.
  25. Simon


    Can you check the signal with the trigger pullups turned off in the ECU. As the signal is showing a 12V wave which would indicate there is a pullup in the AEM CAS unit. Then save a trigger capture as a log and attach.
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