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  1. Tacho will be fine on the ignition drive.

    The Dwell is calculated off the firing event and will vary a little as the RPM moves around.

    Unstable dwell can however also point to a trigger issue. If the timing is also unstable then likely a trigger issue.

  2. The coms issues come about when the TX and RX for the serial coms are connected to unused wires. 

    If you wire in to the ECU on CAN 1 then use a CANF connector to wire to and only use CAN L and H and you will be fine. On CAN 2 there is no risk at all to effecting the USB coms.

  3. We are still delivering what we say its just unfortunate that for this application is not performing to a level you are happy with. 

    Its not a bug as such as it is doing exactly as we have requested it to do.

    There are always areas to improve and over time this can happen. 

    I'm just saying that it is not going to happen instantly.




  4. I passed through to engineering and they confirmed this is the case and is expected operation

    Unfortunately there is more to it and its not a simple change by any means. 

    Unfortunately for the time being its going to have to stay as is. 

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