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  1. The low value - Higher idle is only applicable on stepper motor idle control. This is due to it measuring the steps from fully open.

    On a solenoid that the Toyota has it will be a smaller number gives a lower idle.

  2. The factory ECU is using totally different hardware to the link. It also doesn't have the ability to use outputs for different functions. Due to the flexibility of the outputs on the Link we have to have flywheel protection on all Aux drives and this gives the path for back feeds.

  3. The BMW has built in igniters in the ECU, the stock coils do not have an igniter built in. The Audi R8 coils have an inbuilt igniter. 

    To make these work you would need to wire in external pullup resistors and change the spark edge in the ECU.

  4. Only check there is that there is a lock out for a little bit after start up. So would only expect it to read after a bit of running.

    Set up really is just turn on the Di to Ethanol Sensor and pullup on. And you have this done.

    Then it is just down to wiring and sensor.



  5. 1 hour ago, Keksas said:


    I have the same problem on my link g4+ pnp e36 one ..

    im trying to connect the ecu to my loptop and its saying unable to connect to ecu check power to ecu and check com port..


    Have you confirmed you have power to Pin 54 of the E36 ECU?

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