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  1. Sadly the wiring is very different. You can retain your existing wires but will need to do a big pin shuffle over to the LinkPlus arrangement. Simon
  2. Hi we do have the ability to do the VANOS on the S50 engine. We don't however have any starting cam timing numbers. The likes of Thor Racing in the UK might be able to help you. Simon
  3. On Version 2.5 you have the option of going higher than com4 It should show all available com ports. So if you USB to serial converter lock in as com 5 this should be fine. Simon
  4. You need to check all the power supplies and the earths to the ECU. When the remote drops out this is a sign that the ECU has had a loss of power. Simon
  5. Trigger Mode is Multi Tooth Tooth count 12 on crank Sync on Cam Trigger one and two should be set to Reluctor For offset someone who has one of these up and running might be able to get you close. But it will have to be checked with a timing light.
  6. Colours are : White - Sensor ground Green - Sync / Trigger 2 Red- 24t / Trigger 1 Yellow - Second unused sync. Simon
  7. You could try Chris at Wirelink in Christchurch +61 3 3417070
  8. It is by design. Only the runtime values will change. All tables will remain metric. Regards Simon
  9. You can replace the reference pin sensor with a cam sensor and then select cam for your trigger two input through the trigger menus. Simon
  10. Hi Matt What colours do you have coming from your dissy I might be able to match them up. Base map is going to be a harder one. Best bet here is going to be to talk to some tuners and they might help you out. Simon
  11. Simon

    Audi A4

    The motor is a DC motor and we do not have the hardware to drive this.
  12. Simon

    Aux output puzzle

    This will be due to the fan still having a power supply when the ECU is powered down. You need to make sure the fan's power supply is also removed when the ECU looses its power.
  13. Simon


    He has been known to post now and then.
  14. Simon

    Audi A4

    This is the one form of Idle control we can not operate. Your best bet will be to look at fitting a conventional air bypass solenoid.
  15. You will need to go to your Aux outputs and check the one configured for Tacho. There is a setting called Tacho Multiplier that needs to be set to 1. If this is on 0 the tacho will not work.
  16. Simon


    That would have been David from D-Tech motorsport.
  17. The first area to look at will be the arming voltages in your trigger menus. You might need to lower these from about 4000RPM and up. Also try reducing your filter levels on trigger 1 to level 2 or 1 if they are not currently. MSD ignition is good for making lots of electrical noise so the running of shielded wires for your triggers will be a must. Simon
  18. This is firmware to suit our old LEM V1/3ish using an adapter board. If you are not using the adapter then you can upgrade to version 5 which will allow the use of coil packs. If however the adapter is being used then you will have to retain the factory setup.
  19. TPS should always be set from the TPS menu and not through the zone table. TPS closed throttle is often 10 or 20 and TPS wide open throttle will normally be 100 unless TPS is being used for the row steps. Adjustment is done using the adjust keys on the remote.
  20. Hi Have to say I'm not sure. It's a code I don't recognize what model ECU is it installed in? Simon
  21. Out of both signals you should see a 0-5 volt square wave when the engine is cranking. Also check that you trigger mode is set to MX5. You can run a max of 22psi of boost on the internal map sensor.
  22. Latest firmware for the GTSLink is GTST this has the PC Tuning and some diagonostics.
  23. Or any of the other dealers from our dealer page http://www.linkecu.com/dealers/dealersaustralia
  24. You could try http://www.motsons.com.au/ or Dyno Performance U2/ 7 Geonic Crt, Underwood, Brisbane, QLD 4119 Tel +61 +7-3290 5555
  25. In that case the 3 bar delco map will be all sweet. Just remember once you sellect the 3 bar option you need to do a reload and retune.
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