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  1. This will suit a WRX V7 only. It is a G1 ecu and requires a serial link to talk to the PC. The PC software for this ECU is pre vista. I would suggest using a pc with XP. The ECU would have shiped with a good starting tune.
  2. Hi Nick Cameron asked me to take over on this one. From the details you have given it is all as it should / needs to be. The area to look at is signals coming from the CAS. We need to check that we have the 24 tooth trigger hooked into trig 1 and the single tooth / sync in to trig 2. And that the signals are actually there.
  3. A) Yep there sure is. You get a few extras but will require the XSLoom Have attached the instlation book.
  4. Simon

    and the price is?

    Give sales@linkecu.com an email we will get back to you within a day or two.
  5. Simon

    Which One???

    Speedworks in Palmerston North is going to be your cloest dealer.
  6. Simon

    heres an Idea

    Hi Paul We removed pricing to support our dealers. We much prefer to have people contact their local dealer. If you contact us via email we can then quote prices for you. sales@linkecu.com will be the one to use for this. Simon
  7. If you go into device manager and then to the hardware tab. Can you see any devices that are unknown or showing as Link ECU USB?
  8. You will need to bring it through the Knock Block as there is no hardware on the board to support knock. Simon
  9. Yes you will need. Readjust the thresholds. As the outputs will change.
  10. Simon


    Its going to be a case of visit the tuner that did it first time around or start from scratch.
  11. Best to get in touch with Ashley on this one. ashley@linkecu.com
  12. We can put it in the queue but it might be some time in coming.
  13. Simon


    Yep Dave is spot on on this one.
  14. The LS1/2 coils are a good pick if you are going to run 8 coils. Another option would be to go to a wasted spark setup using dual post coils like the early VR4's / Evos ran.
  15. On late firmware there is a PWM option on your aux outputs. Simon
  16. Simon

    Data logging

    As the Firmware for the G4 is geared to run on a very simillar platform, our goal is keep working on the G3 untill we have the promised features realeased. This will be when developement stops on the G3.
  17. It won't however this is still coming.
  18. At higher RPM the signal can sometimes drop off a bit but nothing to the extent of needing trigger levels that low. Really need to get the scope on there to look at what is coming into the ECU.
  19. Its something that is yet to be finished off for public release. It is in the pipe line though.
  20. For cost you are best to give sales@linkecu.com an email and they will be able to sort you out. The ECU its self is a G1 LEM with Version 5 firmware. It can happly run 8 injectors. and the coil pack arangement.
  21. The Knock Block is the better tuning tool. But if you just want something to let you know when something is up once tuned then the Knock Link is a good option.
  22. They switch to ground. With an injector connected you will see 0-12V switched. 0 volts when injector is open and 12 volts when its closed.
  23. Make sure you set up the triggers correctly. You will need to do the Test eccs function to check for the widest slot as this varies between engines. Simon
  24. You will need to keep using 3.35 for the time being.
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