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  1. Simon

    Lambda/AFR problems

    Check you have the latest PClink installed. To check you can go to help - About and confirm this matches the latest on the web
  2. No there will be no additions to the G4 features.
  3. I would say unknown at the moment. It looks to need a heap of current to operate so we would have to use a solid state relay as none of the ECU drives will do 20A There is also position feed back which currently we have no strategy directly for.
  4. suspect old firmware. Check firmware version and if old suggest an upgrade.
  5. Simon

    Rb20 cas

    When cranking do you see an RPM? The ECCS sync will no longer be applicable as the trigger mode is nolonger Nissan 360. If you have an RPM reading during crank then you will need to check and adjust the base timing as this could be way off with the changed trigger disk.
  6. No they are not able to be combined.
  7. The additional CAM sensors have to go to Di inputs we just look for a fixed voltage and trigger when this is reached. On a G4+ you would do a trigger scope to capture the waveform but you don't have that option on the G4 so would have to use an external scope. In the run times (trigger limits tab) you can see if there is a signal but not if it is correct.
  8. Yes the G4+ supports custom CAN so you can mix and match as you need. You can of course customise the parameters on the dash so you don't have empty spots with no data.
  9. If you login using the user name rather than the email address it will be happy.
  10. Check the system information as to the windows version. Or is it not happy as the file is a .exe?
  11. Simon

    Evo 3 plug in

    Comes in on the stock location on Pin 58
  12. Needs to be full windows based, one with a separate power supply for charging is going to be easier to work with.
  13. Points to take from this. Limits are prioritized. You need to be aware of cells you could enter into should something go wrong. We will work on documenting the limit priorities so there is a better understanding around how they interact. We are offering a tool for tuning and we do our absolute best to avoid issues and test the product extensively. However there is so much flexibility in the setup and possible applications that there is just no way that every situation can be tested or even thought of. There is a good family of Link tuners and users that will try there best to help, many of are in the business of tuning and are offing help free of charge and even at possible cost to them. Make the most of this and take the advice on.
  14. Simon

    Evo 3 plug in

    Its a dedicated channel so no need to set it up as such. Just a case of turning on the Knock control and then configuring
  15. Simon

    Trigger Scope

    Picking up an error or 2 on start up and stopping is normal. Its only if they count up during running that it becomes a concern.
  16. The factory ECU will have had an igniter built in. The Storm does not so needs and external one. You need one channel per coil.
  17. You will have to move the fault voltage as it will be reading full scale at start up. Set error Low to 0V
  18. You can ship to the UK office and then they will forward on to NZ. Just touch base with the UK team first.
  19. Is the logging set to log all the time or is it activated off RPM?
  20. We hate to see any engine destroyed. What we can certainly aim to do is document the way the limits interact better to try keep all informed.
  21. On the EVO 1-3 board there is additional circuitry on ignition drive 4 so with out modification it can not be used for ignition function. We can happily modify this for you if you wish.
  22. Hi Greg that likely going to have to be serial. Its pre 10000 serial which is our usual cut off. But if you want to try can there is no harm it will work or not.
  23. Hi CJ The Gear cut takes the higher priority over just about all other limits. A hard cut on the fuel will be higher priority so if you set the map limit to have the hard cut on then when it then hit the hard limit it would then over ride the gear cut. Regards Simon
  24. Yes it is able to, The ECU will need a hardware upgrade to allow can.
  25. Can you get a PC log all parameters and attach the tune
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