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  1. Simon

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    Not likely to cause an issue.
  2. Simon

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    Yep that will do as a start and we can do a trigger capture if needed to refine that
  3. Simon

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    Yep that is correct for the spark edge. You will likely have to change trigger set up to suit the AEM CAS
  4. Simon

    S15 plug in

    Jump on and download the PC link tuning software. The help file will have 99% of your questions covered.
  5. Check the ground and power supply to the sensor is good.
  6. Simon

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    Make sure to change over the spark edge too for the K20 coils.
  7. Can we get a copy of the trigger scope and MAP the 1JZ sensors don't often give trouble.
  8. Simon

    RPM errors

    That is a much preferred signal. I would be focusing on the tooth after the gap and checking it is crossing zero at the higher RPM
  9. Simon

    Link monsoon wiring

    If the loom was a match for your application it might be. I would be wanting to check what that wire is connected to though.
  10. Your crank polarity is incorrect which can effect the dwell which then might damage the coils over time.
  11. Simon

    RPM errors

    Your trigger 2 pulse does not look correct for a Reluctor sensor as it is only showing positive spike. Can you try it set to Hall/opto with the pullup on and grab another trigger scope
  12. Simon

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    Given it only happens with the extra advance I'm relatively sure it is a cross fire issue. Which is then giving noise on the triggers causing the dwell to miscalculate. Only other bench test would be to spin up the distributor in a lathe or distributor graph machine to check how It responds with no load on the ignition.
  13. Simon

    Link monsoon wiring

    That is a little bit odd not sure what that would be doing it is not supposed to be there.
  14. Simon

    Yaris coil dwell time

    Screen shot of Adams table
  15. The CAN on the G4 was not configurable unfortunately there is no way to add additional parameters
  16. Simon

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    You mention having an external MSD coil what igniter is being used to drive this coil? Can you also post a copy of you map/tune
  17. Simon

    G3 lem Tune file

    Yep just a case of re assigning the I/O to suit the wiring changes.
  18. Simon

    G4+ Supra 2JZ PNP

    There is no cuts or limiting out of the ECU so can rule out any limits. As CJ pointed out that ignition timing is odd and should be corrected. Fuel flow has been checked? Pump is running?
  19. That looks like the 12V supply to the injector is missing. Check at the injector plug you have a good 12V feed.
  20. Simon

    Unlock code help

    If you can provide proof of purchase and the dealer details we can help. Email in to sales@linkecu.com
  21. You will need a non driven speed assigned but this can be the same input as the driven.
  22. The DBW has to be controlled via Aux 9 and 10 which are not wired on that board. It can be done but we would have to hand modify the board to suit.
  23. If you check the figures in the actual tables if they are all as they were you will have no issue.
  24. Yes they are identical to the MAC valve. PC Link tuning software > Help > Wiring Information > Miscellaneous Diagrams > Wastegate plumbing
  25. Simon

    G4+ Supra 2JZ PNP

    Can you get a PC log of all parameters as well.
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