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  1. So this is a new thing on the G4X you can tell it where to check the cam level / crank reference point. With the sync tooth set to 49 it will look at the level at the 49th tooth after the gap. We need to correct the help file for this
  2. The low value - Higher idle is only applicable on stepper motor idle control. This is due to it measuring the steps from fully open. On a solenoid that the Toyota has it will be a smaller number gives a lower idle.
  3. If the Di is in use already and is a needed input then you haven't really got any options as far as switched maps or lag goes.
  4. The factory ECU is using totally different hardware to the link. It also doesn't have the ability to use outputs for different functions. Due to the flexibility of the outputs on the Link we have to have flywheel protection on all Aux drives and this gives the path for back feeds.
  5. The firmware is part of the PC link tuning software download so as long as you have the latest G4+ PC link you then have the latest firmware ready to install to the ECU. Ill let @Adamw carry on with the rest.
  6. Simon


    We have a few left in the G4+ but once those are gone it will go to the X
  7. The BMW has built in igniters in the ECU, the stock coils do not have an igniter built in. The Audi R8 coils have an inbuilt igniter. To make these work you would need to wire in external pullup resistors and change the spark edge in the ECU.
  8. Check the firmware version you are running on. If not on 4.10.2 am upgrade will likely resolve that.
  9. Simon

    aem ethanol sensor setup

    So that is just the status. There is a dedicate Ethanol % runtime value and also Temp.
  10. Simon

    aem ethanol sensor setup

    Only check there is that there is a lock out for a little bit after start up. So would only expect it to read after a bit of running. Set up really is just turn on the Di to Ethanol Sensor and pullup on. And you have this done. Then it is just down to wiring and sensor.
  11. Simon

    aem ethanol sensor setup

    Have you had the engine running with sensor fitted?
  12. Simon

    cant connect to laptop

    Have you confirmed you have power to Pin 54 of the E36 ECU?
  13. That I suspect is as above but all packaged ready to go.
  14. Simon

    G4x Trigger Modes

    You will need to double click on Set Base timing to bring up the adjustments.
  15. When in calibrate mode the timing should be stable and not move. If you are seeing movement that would indicate something is not happy. Can please do a trigger capture with the Trig one set as reluctor and post here
  16. Simon

    Latest Update

    6.16.26 PC link and 6.16.15 FW are now available http://www.linkecu.com/pclink/Link Engine Management PC Link G4X Updates 13032020.pdf
  17. Simon

    G4x xtreme

    No set date. March might be a push.
  18. Likely fine, the bubbling on the micro is just the conformal coating.
  19. If you were to make a buffer circuit this is what we are doing on the plugins.
  20. Likely either the sensor itself, the gap is a bit big or the tooth material. But generally running a close gap is enough.
  21. Single tooth would work and location is not critical just avoid any happening at same time as gap on crank. Or can just leave stock and use the intake cam. One bit of advice is the signal strength on the CAM sensors is very poor and I would suggest closing the sensor to tooth gap as tight as you can.
  22. Head to the PC link help file and then Wiring Information > Output Wiring > E-Throttle > Generic Internal E-Throttle Wiring
  23. Simon

    ECU Hold Power Wiring

    Follow this diagram and all will work.
  24. Smart coils will have 3 or more wires and the resistance between power and signal will ne in the k to m ohms range. The coils you have will be fine if you fit an igniter in between the ECU and the coils. Trig 2 will often flash at cranking speed as it is only a single pulse in two turns of the crank. But basic set up should be I am not able to open your file for some reason.
  25. Are the coils smart coils that have the igniter built in? To check measure the resistance between the signal wire and the 12V supply.
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