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  1. Yes it is able to, The ECU will need a hardware upgrade to allow can.
  2. Can you get a PC log all parameters and attach the tune
  3. Chances are the supply voltage is dropping low enough to cause the disconnect. You could check this by using the internal ECU logging to see if ECU stays live. The other can be noise off the starter causing coms issues and windows dropping the connection.
  4. First check for the Lambda status in the logging this might give some clues. But given it has been fine sensor is the more likely suspect.
  5. From our end the Analogue set up is preferred.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it as the correction was very basic. We no longer have the looms available but it would be relatively easy to get the connector and terminals.
  7. It might be as easy as sharing a Injector output. We do this on the GTR R34 to keep the center consul display happy. The catch with this is it wont scale for the bigger injectors. SO the next step would be to use a GP PWM and se the table up to span off injector duty.
  8. Hold the Shift key down when you click to open each table. This will then open in a new frame and you can drag the frames around to position how you wish.
  9. Simon

    Torque reduction

    Hi no there is no torque reduction request available via the user configurable CAN.
  10. ECU supplies the ground and the on state is ground.
  11. Simon

    Rb20 cas

    Yes they are all set to do direct spark and full sequential.
  12. Simon

    Tacho output on Ign #4

    Tacho will be fine on the ignition drive. The Dwell is calculated off the firing event and will vary a little as the RPM moves around. Unstable dwell can however also point to a trigger issue. If the timing is also unstable then likely a trigger issue.
  13. You will need to open that file in the G4+ software and then modify to suit the G4
  14. Simon

    Unlock Code

    Yep Brad is on the money leading zeros need to be left off.
  15. The coms issues come about when the TX and RX for the serial coms are connected to unused wires. If you wire in to the ECU on CAN 1 then use a CANF connector to wire to and only use CAN L and H and you will be fine. On CAN 2 there is no risk at all to effecting the USB coms.
  16. We are still delivering what we say its just unfortunate that for this application is not performing to a level you are happy with. Its not a bug as such as it is doing exactly as we have requested it to do. There are always areas to improve and over time this can happen. I'm just saying that it is not going to happen instantly.
  17. First step will be to get the PC link tuning software connected to check what the MAP sensor is reading at key on engine not running. Fault 10 and 11 both relate to AN volt 1. It is indicating its at either ground or 5V it cant be both at the same time so there might be a setting issue.
  18. Simon

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    Yep the I would expect to be a second harmonic sensor (assuming stock sensor) they changed over around 2000
  19. Simon

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    The later model EJs used a second harmonic sensor. The frequency will be up around 12kHz
  20. I passed through to engineering and they confirmed this is the case and is expected operation Unfortunately there is more to it and its not a simple change by any means. Unfortunately for the time being its going to have to stay as is.
  21. Given test mode is not happy that would tend to point to ECU damage. Best bet will be to get the unit in for service and we might then have some clues to the cause.
  22. Make sure you have spanned the TPS and set the base timing. Also make sure the MAP has been fitted to the AFM wiring. Then you should be able to get a clean idle by just adjusting the master fuel number.
  23. It might be pre PC tuning. Does the micro have a sticker on it with a firmware code?
  24. It would be possible to still read something but likely the span would not be correct.
  25. Simon

    G1 info

    Reload takes it back to as it shipped
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