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  1. Nope that is not an issue. I would use the offset figure with the engine at 2000rpm on test.
  2. Simon

    Low voltage at ECU

    In the ECU is it giving a low battery voltage or only the errors you showed in the first post?
  3. Simon

    E36 m3 turbo g4+ help

    Might be best to head back to the tuner as a first step. But post your map and take some logs and im sure there will be help available.
  4. Nope MGP is all you will need, Assuming MAP and BAP are functioning correctly
  5. It would use up the same amount of I/O as doing it internally. The ECU still has to have the 4 volt inputs and the 3 Aux channels in use for it to operate.
  6. Simon

    G4 Fury on Rx7 FD3S

    The catch with the ABS pick up is the frequency will be too high for the Di channels. You need much less teeth to keep the frequency below 500Hz at top speed. You can run a 5th speed input but its not needed as all functions will operate via the wheel speeds.
  7. Simon

    Low voltage at ECU

    If you are measuring that voltage drop across the relay and using the same ground for each measurement then it is not ECU related. There is something up in that relay area.
  8. Miss fire could be due to the crank polarity being incorrect. You need to swap the signal and ground at the sensor. Dwell will likely need to be lowered for the GTR coils. To arounds 2ms at 14V
  9. Simon

    G4+ Supra 2JZ PNP

    Can you post your map, Make sure all motorsport features are off gear cut and launch in particular.
  10. Simon

    Low voltage at ECU

    What is the terminal connection like on pin 5 of the relay if that was not making a good connection changing relay will have no effect as the issues is the actual terminal
  11. Simon

    Low voltage at ECU

    Check the voltage across the ECCS relay it could be the relay
  12. There is no trig 1 errors counting up during the log looks like a couple on start up but that is fine so I suspect the triggers are happy. What coils are you running as you have relatively high dwell numbers for a multi coil setup. Can you get a trigger scope capture at idle as well so we can check the sensor voltages and polarity.
  13. Simon

    Ecu logging conditions

    MAP of 0 is 100% vacuum A typical idle MAP would be about 60 It will activate what any one condition is met. Using a virtual Aux is handy if you want a bunch of and conditions. The PC logging captures the data just prior to your logging request so that you can catch an event even if you didn't start with logging on.
  14. Best to send an email to sales@linkecu.com and we can sort form there
  15. Pull the start up steps to a smaller number ( on these a lower number will give a lower idle increase)
  16. Most factory applications will have a suppressor on the power feed to the coils any factory one would be fine. (Its not really that critical) Oil pressure sensor should be fine assuming it is happy with a 12V feed. Regards Simon
  17. Is it a stock tach? Was it originally driven from an ECU
  18. Set the trigger 2 VVT to off (this is only used for fully variable cam control). Then use either cam level or cam x1, which ever gives you good stable RPM and not Trig 1 errors.
  19. If you are getting trigger errors its not going to be fine. There will be some timing scatter happening. Both modes could be used but Level is the better option as it allows the engine to sync in half a cycle. Make sure your trig 1 edge is set to falling Trig 2 vvt should be off and the Aux should be Cam switched for the cam control (No VVT settings should be in use)
  20. Nope you have to use drives 1-4.
  21. Simon

    DI wiring

    You can wire to 12V or ground and then just configure the DI pullup to suit. Pullup will need to be on for a ground switch and off for a 12V input.
  22. You should be following the power supply wiring information in the help file. There are a few variations depending on if you want to use ECU hold power or not. Head to the PC link help file then Wiring Information > Power and Ground Wiring > Power supplies
  23. Can confirm it is a V44 based unit so no Knock control and no E throttle onboard.
  24. Two sensors would be totally fine to that wire
  25. From a Trigger side the ECU is seeing a sensible RPM and no trigger errors during crank. There are no ignition or fuel cuts active so from the ECU I would say it is trying to fire the engine up. Can you confirm if you have spark at the plugs, And there is fuel at the injectors / getting into the engine.
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